So this is how it ends, this is how it began: Chapter 5: Missing You

I woke up the next day just a little bit happier than the day before. I couldn't help but feel that Rei was smiling somewhere, not mad or angry. her faith and waiting for me. Thinking about that I got dressed (once again to my difficultly, remember the cast?) then brushed my teeth. I got done brushing my hair; I no longer put it in the buns, but kept it down. Almost 10 minutes later I was on my way to school on a sunny, but rather cold morning.


School was bearable, and people still were talking about the cafeteria incident. I past Molly in the hall and said hello then made my way to my locker then homeroom. Another 5 dull minutes past before the bell rang for first period. I made my way to the back of the classroom and took a seat. That's when I noticed we had a new student, a sort of tall blonde stood in front of the class smiling. "Class, I would like to welcome our new student, Mina." Said the teacher. A few people said hello, and a couple others smiled at her. She didn't seem a bit afraid or 's brave. "You may take a seat to the right of Serena, Serena can you please raise your hand?" I did as the teacher asked and Mina made her way through the different desks and sat next to me. My teacher turned around and began his lesson. "Hi Serena, as you can see I am new, would you mind showing me around at lunch?" I smiled at Mina, she seemed rather nice. "I would love to Mina; I am pleased to meet you." Mina returned my smile and we both turned to face out teacher and listen to the lecture.


Almost 5 hours past before I was out of that hell hole on earth. But for once it was bearable, Mina was funny girl. She had just transferred from another school in town. And I was soon found out she was in the same study group that Amy invited me too. So when I left school that day, only to find Darien waiting for me outside his I couldn't help but be happy. And I knew that Rei understands and isn't mad or anything, isn't that the great thing about best friends? So while in the car, our nice blue sky turned into blizzard central. I mean it was SNOWING like there was no tomorrow. "You know Serena, maybe we should just go back to my place. You can call your mom and everything, just so we aren't out in this case it gets worse." I sat there for awhile in the car before answering. "Ok Darien, where do you live?" I asked him while staring out the window. There were many people running around trying to do Christmas shopping, that's when I and I were going shopping when it happened. My eyes filled up with unshed tears, and I had a feeling Darien knew what I was thinking because the next thing I know he's holding my hand saying. "I'm sorry Serena, but it will eventually get better." I stared forward in disbelief. "How can anything get better Darien? What makes you think things we be alright." I asked him, anger flowing through me. I felt the same way as I did that day I bet up Beryl. I tried hard not to blink, knowing the tears would spring out if I did. Life way cruel sometimes, at right didn't seem like anything could make it get better.

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