* Chaos in China! *

Lu Bu looked out the window of his palace, watching the rain beat down the windowpane. In the dimly lit room, books were scattered about in no particular order. Maps and diagrams littered the tables, and various papers were left crumpled on the floor. Lu Bu gently unfolded a letter for the sixth hundredth time, so that he can once again read what Diao Chan has left him.

Dear Lu Bu,

You fought with honor against Dong Zhuo. Although I'd love to stay with you, and enjoy the rewards of our victory, I must leave you. I may never see you again, but please, do not look for me. I'm afraid that it will only tear you apart because you'll never find me, no matter how hard you try. Lu Bu, all I can do for you know is to follow your heart. Follow your dreams, Lu Bu, and become a great ruler. Please, Lu Bu, do so if not for the kingdom, then for me. These people have faced enough tyranny and are in desperate need of peace. Although you'll have to change your ways of a warrior, Lu Bu, your genius will help you see the road to a peaceful glory. Good bye, Lu Bu, and follow your heart in times of need.

-Diao Chan

Lu Bu took a deep breath. 'Diao Chan,' he thought. 'I know naught why you had to go, or where you are now, but my heart tells me to follow you. And, I will heed to its calling. Diao Chan. I would follow you to the ends of the earth, and farther if necessary. But I have no lead. I've been in check with all the kingdoms, but I don't have a clue. I've even checked with the rival kingdoms. Except.' Lu Bu shot up from his chair. He knew whom he had to see, even if he wasn't exactly pleased with it. "Zhou Yun!"

Diao Chan stopped her red horse, named the Rose Rabbit. Actually, the Rose Rabbit was Red Hare's mate. She soon found a river, and took the mare for a drink. Diao Chan sat back and thought about the situation. 'Okay. There is a curse following me, and Lu Bu is in danger. Plus, I. Oh, great, I can't admit it to myself! I. like him. There. So I have to run away. Good grief, Diao Chan, why does trouble always follow you?' She heard a rattle in the woods. She turned around, and falls unconscious. There, a short red-haired man in green stood, holding a giant box of Lucky Charms. "Opps, those aren't the crazy pests after me Lucky Charms! It's a Lu Bu officer! Oh my!" He picked her up and ran into the woods. The Rose Rabbit chased the strange man, thinking that he was a moving stalk of grass.

Diao Chan awoke to a pair of great big green eyes, whose owner promptly fell on the floor, victim to a groin kick. "Ouchie." Diao Chan looked around. 'Where am I?' Lucky got up. "Okay, that hurt. Now, what the hell are you doing in my woods?" Diao Chan stared blankly at him. "Yours?" Lucky paced back and forth. "Yes, mine. Can I help you?" Diao Chan nodded. "Yes, do you know where The Namans live?" Lucky stopped walking, and turned around. "Yeah, but they have the people of heaven there. Trouble them, they'll trouble you." Diao Chan nodded. "Yes, thank you very much. I should get going. Good bye." Lucky started. "Hold on a second!" He held out a needle. "You'd be great for experiments, wouldn't you?" Diao Chan's eyes widened and she ran out the door and into the woods. "Rose Rabbit!" The mare heard her master's call. Rose dashed to Diao Chan and Diao Chan jumped on. They ran of into the woods, getting away from a mad man with a Lucky Charms box. Lucky's cries were sounded behind them. "PLEASE COME BACK! YOU'RE THE 16th PERSON TO RUN FOR IT! IT'S JUST ACID AND LEMON JUICE!"

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