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Chapter 1

It was raining. Weird for the planet Mars, but it was raining. The princess of Mars was at her window staring beyond the window and Mars it-self. She was staring at the planet that was called Earth. It was a rather interesting and yet a very unusual planet for her. It astound her how Earth accompanied so many elements on their little planet. Then she turned her eyes to the Moon. That put a smile on her face. It was wonder how her princess could fall in love so fast with the Prince Endymion of Earth. It was true love of course. Anyone could tell. It was just a matter of time before he. Rei took her eyes off the sight and to her bubbly friend, Minako, Princess of Venus. She was reading a novel.

"Minako what are you reading? You don't read."

"I do too read. And for your information it's the book of 'How to Love and Be Loved in Return.'"

"Interesting. Though you're a love goddess, shouldn't you already know?"

"Pa'lease Rei. I'm not Ami ya know."

"Never said you were. Just, what is the need to know about how to love and all that nonsense?"

"It's not nonsense Rei. It's truth. And besides, Lord Lucifer never seems to notice me and I'm trying to see what I'm doing wrong."

"Minako, your amazingly beautiful, perky and loads of fun! I'm sure he notices you. He's probably shy."

"Well if he's such a demure guy then what is up with him always exchanging words with the maids?"

"Maybe he wants you to get his attention and show you that he's charming. Maybe he wants you to be jealous. All in all, Lord Lucifer seems like a really nice guy just constrained. I've met him once and from my experience he's too dull for you."

"You've met him before? When did you meet him? Wait! Now I remember! No wait, I don't."

"It was when I was visiting you and you were in the throne room talking to your mother and while I was waiting, I saw him just wondering around the halls and I got bored and said 'hey' to him and then we started to talk." Just before Minako could open her mouth, Rei through her hand in the air. "And I'm sorry but he didn't say anything interesting about you. Like I said before. He's too dull. He wasn't at all interesting during the conversation I had with him and he just made me more bored. You deserve better than that." Minako's face went down then back up with a huge smile on her face.

"You know what, you're right. Lucifer is just too dull! I need someone that I could have loads of fun with! Lord Hesperus. He's cute and more of a night parting person anyways. He notices me! We talk! We have a lot in common!" Minako through her book and raised both arms in the air. "OOOH REI! IT'S TRUE LOVE!"


"Oh my goddess! He's the one! I can't believe-"

"MINAKO!" That caught her attention. Rei shook her head. It was funny how this girl could go from one crush to another. "I really think you need someone a little bit more serious, more mature, someone you could settle down with."

"Oh come off it Rei! We're young! We don't need to be serious just yet! You however are 'too' serious and mature! You need to loosen up! Party! Have fun! So stop babbling about my love affairs. You are the one who has beauty and always declining every chance of love!" Rei wanted to protest, but opening her mouth only let air in and out. Oh, how much she wanted to protest but her bubbly friend was right.

"S-s-so. I don't want to fall in love. I don't believe in it."

"But Reeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Pleeeeeaaaasssseee."

"Please what?" Rei was irritated.

"You've gotta fall in love! Haven't you've ever been in love? What about all those suitors? You're 'empty' without having your loved one."

"How would I be empty?" Rei was confused and irritated by her bubbly friend.

"OK. It's like dealing with geese. You know how on Earth they travel to south in a 'V'? Well, right now you're half of a 'V'. You're a diagonal, a slash or whatever. And your lover holds the other part of the 'V'. So like, geese can't fly unless they're in a 'V' or something like that. You can't live with-out your other half, your other side of the 'V'. Get what I'm saying Rei?"

"...Uh Minako, you really need to do something about that geese and 'V' thing and I don't need to love to live a good life. I like being independent and by myself." It was kind of uneasy to say this but Rei just had to get that love thing of her case.

"Don't you ever get lonely though?"

Rei turned around to face the rainy night of Mars once again. "N-no. Of course not." Minako could barely hear her friend. Rei did fall in love once. Secretly. He was her dream come true. One rainy night, just like this one, she found her prince charming confessing his love to another. After that, she ran and never turned back. She put it all aside. He never knew his feelings for her so it wasn't his fault really. But it's been done and over with.

"Rei, it doesn't matter love goddess or not. I'm your best friend and well, yeah it does matter that I'm the love goddess-"

"Minako, quiet."


"No, no Rei. I'm being serious, I-"

"Rei here."

"Well I know that!"

"Shhh! Yeah Ami. ugh really. and Minako will be there in a Ames. *sigh* That was Ami, Minako. She says that Serene is on Earth again, probably visiting 'Prince Endymion' AGAIN. I swear that girl, she's 18 and-and *sigh*. We need to transform and meet Makoto and Ami on 'Earth'."(1)

"Right! But don't think I'm going to let this conversation blow out the window."


Rei sighed. Minako was unbelievable. She loved her to death. As they called out their planet names and transformed, they soon transported to Earth. Once Sailor Mars was on ground level, she noticed that Sailor Venus wasn't with her. She called out her name a couple of times. She became worried. It was dark, only the moon was providing her light. She's never been to Earth and Venus was supposed to be her travel guide.

She transformed back into what she was wearing earlier, her lavender nightgown. It was better then her senshi uniform. She would be representing her senshi, planet, the moon, her princess and queen and if something had gone wrong then there could be war between Earth and the moon and it would be her complete fault! It would be better to represent herself as an un-known fellow person. Once she turned around and was just about to press the yellow button on the communicator, someone grabbed her from behind! One arm was around her waist, pinning both of her arms by her sides. The other arm was holding a sword, however around her neck, holding her in a head lock. Rei tried to struggle out of the holder's grasp but it only made her weak.

"Who are you?!" It was a very demanding males voice, but Rei refused to answer. She'd rather die for the sake's of it, although she hoped that wouldn't be the answer to this situation. All she did was whimper. "Not talking are ye'? You do know that you are on royal grounds and could be headed for that?" Soon, other guards came rushing out and took it from there. "Take her to the dungeon and I'll make sure his highness knows of her presence!"


(1) I had a reviewer saying that this confused her so just in case there are any other people confused at what just happened earlier in the fic well, Rei's communicator went off and Minako wouldn't shut up but Minako didn't know that Rei was on the communicator talking to Ami and Ami was talking back to Rei but I just didn't say what Ami was saying, just Rei's remarks. If you're still confused, just e-mail me. I'll be glad to re- inform you in a less confusingly way. ^=^

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