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Jadeite couldn't stop thinking about her. There was an image of her in his head; he was mesmerized by the princess Rei's pureness and beauty. He'd wondered if he would ever see her again. He really shouldn't be distressing himself about such ridiculous matters. But, he just couldn't prevent the thought of her! He didn't know what to do. He just went on, pacing back and forth in his bed chamber. He couldn't stop rubbing his temples for relief. He then plopped himself on his restful bed and starred at the ceiling.

"Will I ever see her again? What will come of it if I do?" Jed sat up and let out a big sigh. "What is with you Jadeite? Cupid has struck you with an arrow; what is more, you can't seem to draw it out of yourself."

Jadeite sighed and turned his head to his quite large balcony. As grin appeared on his face, he began to stroll towards and through the balcony's glass doors. Once he made his way towards the stone rail and rested his arms on the rail, he sighed. He then looked out beyond his land and to the starry night.

That's one thing he loved about Capri, Italy. His land was facing the opened sea and skies, which meant he could gaze at it just from this balcony as long as he wanted to. It was so peaceful and it had the most beautiful image and motion you could ever imagine. The gentle wind blowing in a soft monotone, and the air smelt of an incredible scent he couldn't quite point out, but he loved it. The wind was in perfect activity and the temperature was precisely grand in the night. Fall was always his favorite season. [1]

He then glanced through his sea-blue eyes up to the gleaming full moon. His highness, Prince Endymion, found love; would he ever be able to do the same?


There were two blonde's, hovering over the raven beauty. Giggling slightly and began to nudged the raven beauty on her arm. The girl just squirmed a little and after a few more nudge's the princess slapped the hurtful hands and dug her head under her sheets and pillow.

"Oh Princess Rei," one of the blonde's chanted, "time to awake. You have some explaining about what happened previously last night. Like how our link to each other was at lost and how we came apart during the transportation to save little miss speculate over here."

"What is that suppose to mean?!" Shot the blonde with the odango hair style.

"Oh, pipe down Selene! Someone may here you!" The other blonde whispered in a high tone.

"Well, what about you?!" The odango questioned with irate.

"The King knows I am here with Rei!"

"So what if he does?! It doesn't mean-" The odango-haired woman was then cut off by a pillow, flying through her and her friends face.

"Would you both shut up?!" Both blonde's turned to the raven girl in silence and full of questions; at lest Minako was. "Thank you!"

"Rei what happened to you last night?" Minako questioned in motherly tone.

"Who are you, my father?" You could tell Rei was annoyed. She was not a princess to wake with glee.

"Be serious here Rei. I freaked out once I realized you weren't by my side after the transport to, you know where, and thought that I had lost you."

Rei looked up into Minako's concerned blue-blue eyes. Such a considerate person. You just wanted to tell her everything! And you could without a care, as if knowing that whatever she say's, will come out right cause you knew that she was a capable, understanding person. Just then, the thought of Prince Jadeite cursed through her mind. He was one thing that she shouldn't and couldn't tell, especially in front of Selene.

"Nothing happened, Minako." she answered. "Nothing at all. I guess I wasn't concentrating hard enough, or something, you know? Once I figured out the second you weren't with me, I transported back here, waiting to meet you here again in my chamber. It's in the past anyways, so let's just forget about it, okay?" Rei said softly, fiddling with parts of her long, long hair. She hoped they believed her story. Hoped the situation could be forgotten. Why would Minako think something had happened anyways? She's right here with her. Is she not? But, maybe that's not what Minako was concerned about.

"Okay then. Subject over," Minako bent over the bed and gave Rei a warm hug and whispered in her ear, "until later." Minako let go of the embrace and starred a little longer at Rei. She knew there was something skeptical about Rei's short story; she wasn't brainless. She knew there were to be more facts and data to Rei's story. She just knew it as if it popped up to her face and yelled 'hello!' It might have been Selene. Yes, it was Selene. Rei doesn't want to say what she has to say in front of her moon princess.

Rei stood up. "I need some air. Excuse me."


"Princess . . ."

"Who's there?" No one but herself knew of this place. Who could this trespasser be? Where could he be? She turned her head, searching for the figure. She knew it was a male's voice and it was very manly indeed.

"Don't be frightened young one."

There was silence. Rei slowly moved her hand to the side and prepared to transform.

"Didn't think you were the only one who knew of this place, did you?" The voice whispered huskily. "I come here often. I knew of this place for years, not many, but few. I've seen you occasionally here. My, my, you were, and still are, lovely."

She heard a snap and twisted her head abruptly to the sudden sound of a stick breaking in two. She then noticed the shadowy figure began to approach slowly, taking it's time. That was her queue. She reached out for her transformation stick but couldn't find it. 'Great!' she thought sarcastically, 'This is really becoming a pain in the shin! This better not become a recent problem in my life.' She began to walk backwards slowly, preparing to run for it.

"As I said, don't be frightened. I imply no harm, whatsoever."

'Like I'm taking any chances!' she thought it would be better to not say anything else or wait for another response. She turned rapidly and headed for the palace! She ran as fast as she could. Her turns were sharp and her arms began to hurt dearly; using her arms to move branches out of her way, at a fast speed, were hurtful. She didn't bother to look back and just subsequently, her bottom was on the ground after running into something broad.

She looked up absently to take a quick look of what she ran into. It was the same dark figure she encountered with earlier. She shot her foot out and lashed out the figure's left leg. There was a loud screech and Rei knew by the loud thump, she successfully knocked the figure down. With a satisfied grin, Rei was back on her feet and was once again on her way to the Martian palace.


Out of breathe. Lying on the grassy ground; trying to catch a breather or two. Could not move. That was the first time in a long time that she has moved ever so rapidly. It was worth it; that was all her mind could tell her, 'It was worth it.' What the hell could be happening to her now? First the earth incident, then forgetting to 'pack' certain items and now what more, a stalker?

She sat up and over looked herself. Her long scarlet dress now was no more scarlet-long but grassy-green and ripped up to her knees. There were other rips at her sides and her right strap was torn off. Hair was messy and was covered up with a dreadful odor! She picked herself up and walked towards her 'secret' way to the palace, just on the other side, which led from the outside to a spiral stair case and then on to her bed chamber; only the royals knew of this.

The first thing she'd done was head straight to the bathroom. Normally she would have had one her maids help her wash up but the last she wanted to do was answer Marcie's -her nosey maid- questions of her 'astounding' appearance. That woman.

"Just what I needed." She sighed as she rested in her fairly large tub. "Hmmm," she began to wonder aloud, "I wonder where Minako and Selene have gone off to?" She shrugged the thought off and began to wash. Her pace was becoming slower and slower. Her eye-lids were closing little by little, and soon, still lying in the tub, she was fast asleep.


[1] I really don't know what the temperature is like in Italy. I'm bad at History and Science (two worst subjects; I hate them!), so I wouldn't know what the temperatures would be like in Fall. Just bare with me and think of it as America's Fall like Europe's Fall, okay? I just know that Fall is my favorite season (Used to be summer. It changes back and forth like a yo-yo ^_^) because -in my opinion- of the winds peaceful activity and the perfect temperatures.

Sorry this was so SHORT and BORING (except for the fact I added some creepy guy), but I need a good opening for the next chapter. The next chapter should be longer and reveal a few suspicions and maybe a little more romance; in other words, MORE INTERESTING. I'll just guarantee that the next chapter will be out in less than two weeks and it would be much longer and WAY more interesting. You readers read "As the Tears Fell," by MCRK, ne? Probably so, and because of that fic, I'm depressed. I love her fic so much. *tear* It brings all certain different types of tears. You know tears of sorrow, happiness, lovingness and SO many more. Oh yeah, ideas and suggestions are appreciated, thanks!