Disclaimer: It's fanfiction, thus, not mine.

Notes: My first

Summary: Obi and Qui meet a new kind of alien.


by Spencer

Fire and smoke bled into his vision, twisting and bucking into a nauseating swirl of danger. Pain throbbed through his skull, but was drowned out by the persistent pushing of the force. Danger!

Obi-Wan quickly pinched his eyes shut and centered himself as much as a slight concussion would allow. Once he was calm, sea-green eyes re-opened to take in the situation. Their ship was damaged . . . severely, and large fires were rapidly devouring the cabin. Qui-Gon was . . . Master! Obi-Wan scrambled to his feet, weaving unsteadily as he shuffled toward his Master's fallen form.


Qui-Gon's large form was being pressed under a piece of fallen wreckage and the Master appeared to be unconscious.

/Master, can you hear me?/

The Padawan dropped to his knees beside the fallen Jedi, desperately hoping for some sign of consciousness. He could feel Qui-Gon's Force signature glowing brightly, but the fires were creeping closer and before long the smoke was bound to overwhelm the life support systems. They would suffocate on their own ship.

Obi-Wan coughed and pulled a sleeve across his nose and mouth.

/Master, please . . ./

The debris was much too large to move by hand, had he even possessed the strength to stand, so the boy focused on the Force, trying desperately to levitate the massive chunk of metal and wires away from his Master's body.

/. . . I need you./

He could feel the Force flowing around them, trying to tell him something important, but it remained just beyond his reach. The rhythmic pounding in his skull kept scattering his concentration and dizzy spinning wouldn't let him focus his energies on the debris.

As a violent coughing fit seized his body he was thrown roughly from his tenuous meditation. Tears burned in his smoky eyes as he laid down with his head beside his Master's. Qui-Gon was trapped, the Force was elusive, but at least the air was clearer down here and he could think more clearly. Blue-green eyes scanned the cockpit, searching for anything that might help them.

Suddenly his gaze was drawn to the far corner. There, obscured by smoke and shadow, something moved. For a moment Obi-Wan froze, believing his eyes to be fooled by some trick of the dancing flame, but the figure moved again, firelight glinting off polished metal. Squinting through the orange darkness Obi-Wan could make out a strangely elongated humanoid figure creeping cautiously through the rubble that had once been their ship. He recoiled slightly, shifting back to protect his Master, but the Force reached out with a nudge of reassurance. A small spring of hope rose within him at that. Even through he couldn't grasp the Force, it could still guide him. The shadowy figure drew closer and Obi-Wan prepared himself to do whatever was necessary to defend his injured Master.

His face! Faster than his Jedi reflexes could follow, slender metallic fingers had emerged from the smoke to gently cradle his cheeks in their warm grasp. A smooth silver face then appeared before his own and a pair of large silver eyes gazed intently into blue-green. Obi was held still and speechless as an awe-filled voice said, "I can feel you." A warm smooth forehead was pressed lovingly against his own, lightly nuzzling the surprised boy. This tableau remained, time ticking by interminably, until another coughing fit shook Obi-Wan from the gentle caress.

The creature stood, looked around, and lifted Obi-Wan in thin metal arms.

"Wait!" he managed to choke out, voice raw and rough. "Help my Master." The creature - droid? - stopped, lowered Obi-Wan back to the floor, and turned to rip the heavy debris away with one delicate arm. She knelt by the unconscious Jedi and glanced back to Obi-Wan before lifting his large body easily into her arms.

"Wait here," a firm voice admonished before they vanished into the smoke.