Wyn 3

Obi-Wan woke to pain. His head hurt, his throat hurt, his chest hurt, his skin hurt, even his hair seemed to be aching where it stood from his head. /Master?/ He tried to crack open his eyes, but brilliant blue light stabbed straight through the slits and into his skull, sending a lightning bolt crashing around his brain. It was almost too much to bear as the sweet numbness of oblivion drew near, but soon the light dimmed, and the Force revealed to him another presence nearby. He may have only become a Padawan recently, but all initiates in the Temple were taught how to take care of themselves in strange situations. It was one of innumerable small steps toward missions and Knighthood. Thus, Obi-Wan's training would not allow him to sink back into helplessness without at least knowing who was his companion, and if possible, where was his master. /I'll find you, Master./

He determinedly forced his rebelling eyelids open again, but this time the light was a gentle blue glimmer, just enough illumination to reveal the surroundings without hurting him. The room was small, with reflective metal walls, a chair, a desk, and the bunk on which he was laying. A thin figure stood by the door, and as Obi-Wan focused his blurry eyes on her he recognized the droid from before.

"You saved us." His voice was a dry croak, and as soon as the words left cracked lips he began to cough. Singed lungs felt full of sharp sand as choking sobs racked his body, and when a supporting embrace was offered he accepted it, curling against the cool metal chest. He also felt a questing tendril of force energy being waved in his direction. This he accepted as well, using it to fuel his depleted strength and begin to heal the burns within his throat and lungs.

Once he felt a bit stronger and the coughing had ceased, he pulled away to look up at the droid beside him. Now kneeling beside the bed, her elongated frame still held her head above his own and he was struck by the pearlescent shadows of her large oval eyes.

"Thank you," he mouthed, wary of trusting his voice again. He felt her smile, then felt a burning curiosity overwhelm her.

"How do you do that?" she asked, urgency pulling her forward to him.

"Do what?"

"You . . . you touch . . . everything around you . . . with your soul. I can feel it. You touched me. How do you do it?" For a moment Obi-Wan didn't understand, then a long ago lesson returned to him. Many cultures, usually those without much Force sensitivity, referred to a Force signature, your place and identity in the universe of life, as a soul.

"I've always been able to feel it, like you, but they teach us at the Temple how to use and strengthen our abilities in the right way. I am a Jedi." He said it with pride and was a bit surprised at the lack of recognition from the droid.

"Jedi," she murmured, then a torrent of strange symbols cascaded down her eyes, glowing a light aqua against the dark gray orbs. Obi-Wan was entranced by the shifting patterns, watching quietly as the creature tried to 'remember'. Finally she looked up and the display ended. "The Jedi are peacemakers, traveling throughout the universe to help those in need, often believed to have mystical powers which aid them in their quest." The description was a bit naïve, but Obi-Wan nodded and smiled.

"Right, except that we don't have special powers, we are just taught to use the Force."

"The Force?" He noted curiously that her eyes flashed a bit of deep purple when she was confused.

"The life force that connects and surrounds every living thing. It is everywhere, eternally, and if you listen to it, it can help you to accomplish great things." She still seemed confused, and he realized that he was sounding a bit like a certain green Master back at the Temple, so he opted for a different method. "Before, you let me share your . . . your soul, to heal myself. Would you do it again?"


"Then just watch and feel what I'm doing." He shut his eyes and slowly let his senses wander all around him. He could feel his Master nearby, had been able too since the first bit of healing had restored a fraction of his strength, but he still couldn't pinpoint his location. He felt the droid holding another tendril of Force energy toward him, this one much stronger than the first, and he took grateful hold of it. The pain and confusion in his head had lessened a bit, but was still hindering his concentration, so he let a bit of energy go to that healing, then he set out to find his Master. /Master, can you hear me? Are you awake?/ He could feel the man's presence, alive and well and very close, but the persistent spinning in his head just would not allow him any precision control. He threw more energy into healing, but knew with disappointment that a concussion would take a bit longer than this to heal properly, even in a healing trance. Despite the stream of energy from the droid, his strength began to falter, and he fell gently from his trance. /I promise I'll find you, Master. Don't worry./

Obi-Wan opened disappointed blue eyes to find the droid's face a mere inch from his own. "You are unhappy?" Obi sighed.

"I wasn't strong enough to find my Master." A dark rusty shade bled through the gray orbs as the droid pulled away.

"Forgive me, I have been too eager at your expense. You are still unwell and should be resting." She stood and turned to go, but was stopped by the boy's hopeful voice.

"How is my Master? Where is he?"

"I believe he is well, but still unconscious. Would you like to see him?"

"Please," Obi-Wan answered with relief.

Obi-Wan threw off the covers and sprang from the bed, only to be assaulted by a crushing dizziness which dropped him promptly to the floor. The droid gently picked him up, cradling him in her arms as they traveled down the hall. Qui-Gon was resting only a few doors down, still unconscious as she had said. Now Obi was close enough to check his health through the Force, and was relieved to find that he was not in any danger. He would probably have a nasty headache when he woke, and a lot of bruising on his legs, but nothing more serious.

Obi sat on the bunk beside him and carefully brushed long peppered strands away from his Master's face.

"May I stay here?" he asked. "When he wakes up he'll need my help into a healing trance. I shouldn't leave him." The droid nodded and disappeared into the corridor, leaving the Jedi alone. When she returned a moment later her arms were full of blankets. She carefully laid out a bed on the floor beside the Master's bunk and helped Obi-Wan into it.

"You must rest too. You are not yet well." Obi-Wan nodded, already feeling the pull of sleep on his senses. His eyes followed her to the door where she turned. In her eyes he found a glimmer of blue as she spoke. He barely caught her words as he drifted to slumber.

"Do not worry, I will watch over you both."