Contains SPOILERS to HP: OotP
Please if you see any mistake or misspelled word, let me know.

A little boy sleeps in a very small room
Dreaming that he flies on a magical broom
Where he can almost touch the cold blue moon
But his uncle, aunt and cousin think that he's a fool

Hogwarts was the only place were he felt at home
But now in the fifth book things got a lot worst
He's so weary, full of anger, hatred and resentment
I wish I could do something to make our hero feel better

Lord Voldything, like Vernon calls him, is back
The Dark Lord is ready to kill, destroy and attack
Dumbledore is ready to use his skills and wand
When the time comes, Albus will strike back

Meet new characters
Some good other bad
Ones full of anger
Others happy or sad

Deal with toad-like cruel Dolores
Also Grawp, Hagrid's half-brother
Loony and sweet Luna Lovegood
Cool Tonks and her funny looks

Discover the Order of the Phoenix
Love or hate wicked Bellatrix
Unravel the secret behind Mrs. Figgs
And meet Marietta, the silly sneak

Thestrals and Doxys
Puffskeins and Pixies
Department of Mysteries
Confusion, love and misery

Death Eaters on the loose
The prophecy will come true
Dementors out of control
What will happen to our world?

Our fate lies in the hands of the boy who lived
So, he has to be strong and overcome his grief
Use love and friendship as his strongest weapons
And show the world what he's really made of.

Live new adventures with Harry and the gang
And please don't forget Hagrid's pet, Fang
Leave this world behind you and forget everything else
Come to Hogwarts, feel the magic and make lots of friends