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Summary: [AU] [UsaMamo] MGxHYD plot with a twist. Chiba Mamoru is a rich boy, a very rich boy who always gets what he wants. What will happen when he sets his sights on Tsukino Usagi and she sets her sights on his best friend?

Pairing: Definitely UsaMamo


Poor Little Rich Boy

Prologue: The Almighty Chiba Mamoru


They say that money can buy everything and anything in the world. Obviously, the fools that stated this never had enough money to prove their point, had too much to drink, were easily pleased incompetent dimwits, or… they never knew what true head over heels love felt like.

Unconditional and eternal love was one of the things that even the richest could not buy. Love had to blossom over time. The time it took for something as trivial as… say a money transaction was not enough.

Nobody can pick who they fall in love with. They just hope their counterparts will be everything they hope for and more. We all know that.

And yet sometimes fate plays a cruel trick on us. Sometimes fate lets us fall in love and then takes it all away leaving the star-crossed lovers in miserable pits worse than hell.

This is one of those times.


"Isn't this diamond necklace fabulous? Daddy bought it for me while he was in France," a girl with too much make-up cooed in hopes of making her companions jealous.

"I think my ruby earnings are much better. Rubies are worth the most, you know that, don't you Rei?" another replied snottily, twirling her hair.

The girl with the diamond necklace shrugged without a care.

"Oh, I know, that's why rubies are my favourite… see, my shoes are made of them… don't you just love them?" Rei replied, twisting her ankle so her friends could get a better view of her shoes.

"Hm. I think my shoes are more stylish. They're the latest Gucci right out of Milan. Daddy had them shipped over right after they were made,"

Usagi felt like puking but restrained herself and rolled her eyes at the intellectual battle of the wits she overheard.

Snob. Bitch. Snob. Ass. Snobby bitch.

She classified the student body at Azabu often, it was far more interesting then listening to their conversations.

"Watch where you're going, you bitch! These Gucci shoes are new!" screeched a girl by the name of Beryl, commonly known as Beryl the Bitch. Her dyed red hair reminded many of the snakes that the ancient mythological creature, Medusa, had called hair.

Beryl rejoined her group, all the while muttering about 'low class klutzes' who would benefit greatly from etiquette lessons.

Usagi held her tongue from shooting back a poisonous remark and wondered why she even thought about apologizing for bumping into the evil redhead.

'Don't say anything,' was her mantra these days. She retrieved her fallen notebook, and walked away from the confrontation scene.

It was her second week at the prestigious Azabu Academy, and already she was fed up with her classmates, teachers, and really the entire school in general.

Azabu Academy had only four types of students. Everyone could be referred to as snob, bitch, ass, or on those rare occasions, poor. Most times, people fit into more than one category. Almost never did they fit into the last group. And of course, there were the teachers. They were more interested in recent school gossip than the necessary lesson materials. Sometimes they were even worse than the students themselves.

She snorted.

"…a highly prestigious school that offers students the best of the best, my ass…" Usagi muttered to herself, reciting a line from the Azabu Academy brochure. She swore to herself that she would never fall for false advertising again. It was all Mina-chan's fault anyways!


Usagi spun around, spotting her blue haired friend. She waved to Mizuno Ami, an aspiring doctor. As always, Ami had an arm full of heavy books, her other hand held an open can of Fanta that still looked full. Usagi eyed it hungrily.

"Studying again, Ami? Why don't you just chill! You're already top of our year… have some fun!" Usagi scolded.

"You know as well as I do that I'll lose my scholarship if I don't…" the genius sighed as they walked down the stairs towards their Algebra class. She closed her eyes tightly and let the pain would ease away slowly.

Usagi pouted at her friend's grief.

Azabu's tuition was expensive. It was as expensive as well...a yacht, per say, a very large yacht that was richly decorated. Because of this only the very rich could afford to attend Azabu.


It was like a horror movie waiting to happen. Ami missed a step and tripped. She let go of her books and drink quickly to grab onto the railing. While she managed to stabilized herself with Usagi's help, her Fanta was nowhere near as safe as it's sweet liquid began spreading on the face of a handsome black haired boy.

The two girls gulped as fear spread through them like fire.

Chiba Mamoru was definitely not in a good mood as the can of pop splashed his head and clothes. One could tell by the vein popping out on his forehead, his deadly glare, his clenched hands, and the way his pearly white teeth were clenching together making and unpleasant noise that sounded quite like those that a canine would make.

"I'm so sorry, Chiba-sama! Please, please, please forgive me!" Ami's ocean blue eyes were nearing tears as she apologized to Azabu's most feared person.

She tried to help him clean up, but Mamoru slapped her hand away fiercely.

"Don't touch me, you dirty orphan!" Mamoru yelled, trying to keep his temper in check. Clearly, it had already failed.

Ami's eyes watered even more as he mentioned her lack of relatives.

Mamoru Chiba, along with Furuhata Motoki, Tsuji Nathan, and Jadeite Johnson, a.k.a. E4, were the sons of the richest families attending Azabu.

And along with that money came power, unbelievable amounts of it. Students and teachers alike feared the four boys because of all the power they possessed. Basically, they were gods. Their word was law.

"Chiba-sama, please! I did not mean for that to happen. I am so sorry! Please do not force me to transfer!" Ami pleaded as a river of tears erupted on her porcelain skin.

"Sorry? SORRY! Sorry won't clean my clothes or my hair!" he yelled, sneering at Ami as one might look in disgust at cow dung they had accidentally stepped in.

Ami shivered under his cold glare.

Usagi looked on helplessly thinking of ways to help her troubled friend.

Amongst other things, E4 were notorious for making 'peasants' transfer to other schools because the so called bothersome 'peasants' were a nuisance, and didn't deserve to be in the same vicinity as themselves or breathe the same precious air because of their lack of status in society.

"Mamoru, that's enough." Motoki softly spoke in a fierce tone trying to cool his friend off.

"Do you know what you have done? This is a new Armani shirt! You stupid clod," Mamoru yelled on, disregarding Motoki's request. His voice getting louder every second and his always cool dreamy midnight blue eyes were coming close to shredding Ami apart with a simple gaze.

Usagi tried very hard to keep her temper in check. Really, she did. Usagi even bit her tongue to keep her from saying anything to the taller and most likely stronger upperclassman. Don't say anything, she screamed in her head, I cannot afford to get into a war with E4.

"You dirty peasants are all the same. You can't do anything right!" Mamoru shouted nastily hands clenched tightly at his side.

Usagi tried very hard. She did. But Chiba Mamoru was such an ass and so, like a balloon pierced by a sharp pin, she burst.

"Listen, you JERK," Usagi began loudly, interrupting Mamoru's tirade. Ami turned her head in amazement. "Ami has apologized repeatedly! Why can't you just accept her apology? It was an accident! AN ACCIDENT! Do you understand the meaning of an accident, or are you too stupid?"

Mamoru snorted unpleasantly. "I'm more educated than you'll ever be,"

"In your wildest dreams, Chiba-baka,"

Mamoru's beautiful eyes became razor thin. "I don't have to dream about it, Odango Atama,"

"Don't you dare call me that!"

Mamoru smirked. "I'll call you whatever I want, Odango, and you can't stop me,"

Usagi glared but was over taken by a shrewd smirk. "Fine, then why don't I call you a dirty little arrogant ass?"

"Why you little peasant! Do you know who you are talking to, little girl?" Mamoru sneered, "I'm Chiba Mamoru! Don't you dare think you are better than me!"

"Ooooh, are you really the Almighty Chiba Mamoru? Really?" replied Usagi, her voice oozed sarcasm and lacked the stars that all other females (and sometimes males) possessed in their eyes when they met Mamoru.

Mamoru enraged released a threatening growl that Usagi paid no heed to.

"Well, I'm Usagi, and spoiled rich brats like you make me want to puke!" She stuck her tongue out at him must like children did in primary school.

"Usagi, don't make this worse..." Ami begged, not wanting to cause trouble for her friend.

Usagi just gave her timid friend a small, knowing smile, and continued her tête-à-tête with Chiba-baka. Neither was backing down.

"Is that so?" the handsome boy in an eerie tone. It was the first time Usagi had heard him talk so softly.

"It is." She replied firmly with a smirk.

"What makes you think that I would care what a puny peasant like you think?"

"Because you're a self-centred jerk that likes to be praised,"

The words hit home. Mamoru was furious, and the only thing that kept him from hitting Usagi was his three best friends, who each held him back as best as they could.

"Mamoru, you shouldn't hit a girl," Motoki pleaded.

Jadeite and Nathan nodded their heads in agreement.

"Mark my words, Odango Atama, you'll regret the day you crossed Chiba Mamoru's path!"

He stormed down the hallway angrily. Jadeite and Nathan followed their fuming leader with a perceptive grin.

However before following Mamoru, Motoki shot a look of apology towards Usagi. She was surprised to say the least.

"You okay, Ami-chan?" Usagi asked, concerned and trying hard to forget her recent conversation with E4 and the worries of the battles ahead.

"I'm worried more about you, Usa-chan…" was her only reply.


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