When the night was over, Clear honestly regretted it. She hated having to leave and return to her grand-parents house, to a room that wasn't hers, to a family that wasn't hers. She felt like Tod was hers...the first thing that she could all her own since her father had died and her family life had been shattered.

Clear quietly slipped into the house, knowing that her grandparents were surely already asleep, stepping up the creaky stairs as silently as she could. She locked the door behind her and dropped onto her bed, a big smile upon her face. As she lay, staring at the ceiling, she thought about how her date with Tod had ended and how she hadn't thought about Alex the entire night.

But now, here she was, thinking about him again. She wondered if she would have been as happy with Alex, honestly unsure of what the answer would be. What she did know was that she was happy with Tod, and that was all that mattered. She got the same fluttery feeling when she looked at him as she did when she had first seen Alex. Clear remembered sitting in the registration office, wondering if her life could possibly get any worse; she remembered her breathe catching in her throat when Alex had first walked into the room.

She had gotten the same feeling when Tod had kissed her, though it was magnified, with far more feeling. She had never felt like this before, but she didn't dwell on those thoughts. Moving to Mt. Abraham was beginning to prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Clear stood up, changed into her pajamas and pulled down the covers. Slipping into bed, she realized that she finally understood what people meant when they said that there were plenty of other fish in the ocean. Tod had been her other fish. 'Of all the fishes in the sea, they could not be happier then me,' Clear thought with a slight smile, turning on her side and burying her head against her pillow.

As Clear finally drifted off to sleep, she realized that the best part of waking up would be getting to see Tod again. He was someone she truly didn't think she could get enough of.

For once, life was good for Clear Rivers.


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