The City of Perpetual Rain

Author's Note: I do not own FF9, because if I did, Freya, Amarant, Beatrix, and Steiner would have had bigger roles. I'm a big Steinatrix fan, but this takes place before she realizes how she feels about Steiner. Takes place in Burmecia when we see Kuja for the first time… drool… The result of some insomnia from hell (not to mention a pent-up urge to write a lemon). Flames will be used to cook marshmallows!

Who was this gorgeous stranger? This was so unlike me! I knew exactly why we had traveled here, but all I could think of was the silver-haired man conversing with Queen Brahne. Was this man the reason I could not focus on what they were discussing as I stood idly by? Although I knew full well that it was against my duty as the queen's knight to act upon such thoughts, I could not help wondering how it would be to take him where we would not be seen and make love to him in the raging downpour.

The man with the long silver hair introduced himself as Kuja. When I had a closer look at him, I noticed he had startling blue eyes that I could gaze forever into.

Zidane and his meddlers were hot on our trail (Zorn and Thorn had informed me of that), so it was only a matter of time before they discovered us. I wanted Kuja. It's now or never, I told myself.

I tried my hardest to suppress the look in my eyes. I doubt that it worked because he had the same look as he gave me the once-over. I did not care, as we both wanted the same thing.

During a pause in the conversation between Kuja and the queen, I summoned all the courage I had and spoke up. "Kuja?" I said, trying my best to calm my nerves. "Could I have a word with you? In private?"

"Certainly, General Beatrix," he said cordially.

I excused myself and led him away. "Right now," I said once we were out of earshot in as husky a voice as I could manage, "I am simply… Beatrix." It was all I could do to take my eyes off him. I seriously wondered whether he was a figment of my overactive imagination.

I found some grass. Perfect, I thought. I pulled Kuja close and ran my fingers through his beautiful hair, employing the same husky voice as before. "I'm going to skip the preamble. I want you, Kuja." I pulled him closer still. "Right now." I unsheathed my sword, drove it into the ground, and looked directly into his deep blue eyes. Before I could make another move, he kissed me. I returned it tentatively at first, then with increasing passion. He was the most incredible kisser I had ever experienced. My desire for him was on the verge of reaching a fever pitch.

Soon, our equipment lay in a heap on the wet grass. The rain beat down upon us as we made love. Kuja was the first man I had ever been with, and he was an excellent lover. I desired him far more than any other man I had ever met in my life. I momentarily forgot where I was as he brought me to climax within ten minutes' time. He was not far behind. Afterwards, neither Kuja nor I wanted to return to reality. I knew not whether things would last between us, nor did I care. This moment was ours.