Shadow Hearts: Sequal

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Shadow Hearts:Sequal



One cold foggy night,a girl with braided lightish blonde hair,with sparkling

crystal blue eyes was looking out the window past a down

spiked brown haired boy who was peacefully sleeping against her.

She was on the train with the slumbering boy,travelling back to her

home, where her mother was waiting for her."Alice...?"...Alice

jerked her head to the person who said her name,and smiled as

she sees the boy with brown hair rubbing his eyes had

amber brown eyes that Alice was always drawned into."Why are you awake

at this time Alice?"He asked curiously."I could not sleep."She answered shrugging.

"Yuri..."Alice began."..Hmm?.."Yuri looked down at her."...Uhmm..nevermind.."She sighed.

"..Are you sure? Ya know you can tell me anything babe."He said giggled,

and nodded,her eyes gleaming with trust and honesty."Of course."Yuri smiled slightly and

looked out the window."It sure is foggy tonight..."Started Yuri,since everything

went nodded."Yes,very..I wonder why?..It may be the climate here...

in this location."She shrugged,and also looked out the window."..Might be..Maybe

when we get to another location,there might be no fog..then we can see where we

are."He continued."Yea..."Suddenly,the train stopped,and it seemed like the fog

was getting foggier and passengars in the train started to

stood up."Whats going on?" Yuri also stood up."I have a bad feeling about this...

"The conductor of the train walked in."Everyone calm down!We are having

slight seems that the it is too foggy to see where to go next,but

also the train cannot move,it may be engine trouble,but not to worry,everything

will be you for now."He said with a calm voice and walked back

out to see if the person who was fixing the engines figured out the problem.

Yuri and Alice sat back down."...Weird.."Alice murmered as she looks out the

window again,but her eyes widened once she sensed an incredible powerful

aura from outside."Yuri! I sense something evil and powerful aura from outside!"

Alice tugged on Yuri's hand and stood up running out the train doors,dragging

Yuri with it coming from?"He asked her looking around seeing nothing

but fog."Its very near..."Alice's eyes widened in panic."Yuri! We must protect

the people in the train!"Yuri grabbed her shoulders and shook her lightly.

"You have to lead us to the monster first!"Alice looked around in the fog ,

and pointed straight north."Its coming towards here."Without answering,Yuri

ran to that direction."YURI! We must not run far from the train! Or we'll

get lost in the fog!"She yelled out,and ran after stopped and smirked

as he cracked his knuckles and rolled his head as he sees a shadowed figure

walking towards came from behind Yuri panting,but was prepared

for the shadowed figure as she held her bible in a fighting shadowed

figure started to laugh. as it came into view."You think you can beat me my dears?

...Pathetic..."The voice widened his eyes as he saw the enemy clearly.

It was a "her".She had midnight shoulder lengthed hair with blood red streaks,her

eyes bright yellow..more like the color wore black clothes and a necklace

draped around her neck with a green sparkling pendant.'Alice is right..She's very

strong..."Yuri thought."Who are you?" Alice asked with a firm girl smiled

evilly."What a pretty girl you are...I am Milia,Mistress of hell,and i shall rule

this world,once i get the 5 most important items,I shall be unstoppable with my dear family

."Milia laughs grinned."HA! Fool,dont bother trying."Alice

glared."Dare to stop me?" She scowls bursted out laughing."

almost happened once,and look? Somone has stopped it from happening."Alice nodded again.

"Go back to where you came do not belong here!"Milia growled in fury."Feel

my wrath!"She hissed coldly as she raised her hand and cried out "Revelation!" Alice and

Yuri winced as they got hit by then opened her bible and said a spell for

blessed shrieked,wrapping her arms around her face as blessed light struck

her,Yuri smirked as he easily fused in Czernobog."Heres a taste of your own medicine!

Revelation!"He shrieked again,but laughed insanely wincing."FOOLS!You

think you can beat me that easily?!"Her eyes starts to glow red, as her green

pendant glowed furiously."DETHAMENSION!"She yelled out pendant

seemed to draw black energy,then suddenly,it blasted the energy towards them.

Alice and Yuri painfully fell down ont heir knees,and hit the ground lying helplessly

..."Alice.."Yuri whispered as he shakily brought his hand over everything turned black.


Alice opened her eyes,but squinted from the bright light

of the felt something warm on her hand,and turned

her head to the side to see Yuri's hand over seems

like they were both very clothes were in tatters

and they had a few burns and carefully stood up

wobbling and raised her hand to her forehead to block the

sun out of her eyes.'What happened?...'She looked around.

They were in the same place,she could see train tracks,but

no sign of the train was nowhere to be was no

Milia."...What the hell happened?!.."Yuri painfully

stood up and wobbled next to Alice seeing something different..

"...It seems like Milia did not kill us but planned something in

mind..."Alice looked at Yuri."...Maybe...We're just going to

have to find out what."He smiled weakly and

took out her bible .She opened it and said a spell for arc on

both of them to heal fully."Thanks Alice..Lets go to Shanghai

to visit pops and tell him what happened,maybe he'll know this

"Milia."Yuri said looking at the direction to Shanghai.

Alice nodded."Lets go."And they both travelled to shanghai." sorry...please wait longer.."Alice said in her

mind and followed Yuri from behind.

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