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Elle stepped out of the taxi and paused looking up at the rain riddled sky. Her uniform was drenched. Being the child prodigy of the three offspring in her family, she was sent to a private school. She really was the best of all worlds; she had Nazz's style and charm, Ed's open mind, Edd's intelligence and nurture, and Eddy's attitude for balance. She grabbed her suitcases and headed for the front door. She hadn't seen her family since she was six 'that's about eleven years' she thought to herself as she rang the doorbell. "Oh my god!" she squealed as she flung herself at her twin brother. Eddy stood there silently in a state of shock "Uh? Can I help you?" he stuttered. "Don't tell me mom didn't tell you I was coming home, bro?!" she questioned still hanging on her brother. "Jesus Christ! Elle? It must have been a decade or somethin' c'mon in sis!" he grabbed he bags and disappeared. Eddy returned carrying a pink towel that had Elle written on it in gold script. "My favorite!" she screamed and again squeezed Eddy. By this time Double D and Ed had heard all the noise and left Eddy's room for the hallway "GUYS!" she ran over and hugged them both. Double D blushed and started sweating, he smiled confused. "Is that your girlfriend?" asked Ed pointing to the pink and brown haired girl in Eddy's arms "No Lumpy" yelled Eddy "this is Elle, remember? My twin sister? The smarty pants? We used to play with her when we were little?". Ed, realizing who she was, picked her up and spun her around "ELLIE" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Edd walked over shyly and gave her a long hug; he smiled "You've gro." He was cut off by Eddy "Hey sockhead! You're not marrying her so step aside!" Double D went red and turned around. Elle shot Eddy a look of disgust "you were saying Eddward" she smiled and put her hand on his shoulder "oh nothing". "Alright then! If my welcoming committee is done can I go slip into something dryer? Oh, and can you guys do me a big favor?" the Eds nodded obediently "I'm starving! Can you guys fix me up a lil' somethin'?" she smiled "my stuffs in my room right Eddy?" he nodded. As Elle made he way to her room she ran her finger underneath Ed and Double D's chins, she winked at Eddy "back in a flash".

The boy's mouths dropped as Elle entered the kitchen. She was dressed in a low-riding black and red plaid PJ pants, a black tube top that had 'PUNK' written in studs on the front and her pink and brown hair up in a messy bun. Double D tried to straighten his all black outfit, Ed drooled and Eddy stood in front of her. "Jeez, Elle. 20 minutes in the house and your already breaking hearts" he joked putting his gray hoodie over her. "Thanks big bro!" she smiled at the guys and went and collapsed on the couch "Just as I remember it" she called out. "Big bro?" inquired Double D. "Oh, I was born first, it's kinda a joke-y thing I guess" Eddy said staring over at the lounge room. "Eddy the toast!" Ed yelled "Oh nice lumpy burn the food!"
Double D was first. "Uh, hey. uh I made you something" he sat a nicely dressed tray on her lap " a wild berry smoothie, one platter of fresh fruit with whipped cream cheese, plus one platter of fresh vegetables and ranch". "Wow!" Elle said popping a piece of apple in her mouth "this is fantastic thank you so much" she pushed a piece of melon into his mouth. He blushed and muttered a "your welcome" as Ed entered. "Delivery!" he yelled handing her a glass and a plate, she took a sip of the drink "Mm. black cherry, my fav. How did you know? And buttered toast" Elle stared at the toast, then realizing how rude she was being said how creative. Eddy came in now holding a bowl and a can "Here you are, lil' sis. Chips and Pepsi" he handed her the chips and the soda "thanks Eddy!" she gave him a kiss. "Well" she started "I vote Eddward's." Edd interrupted "uh. you can call me Double D, every one else does" she smiled sweetly at him "Double D's the best for the Mental and Physical aspects of life. Ed's the best for the Emotional and Eddy's the best for the Social points" she smiled "so if I eat all of them, I have a well balanced meal. Hey? You guys wanna help me eat all this, lets call it dinner" she giggled.
When they were done they laid on the floor and talked about everything they had missed in each others lives. After an hour Elle closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. "Should we move her?" suggested Double D "Going up!" whispered Ed, who put her on the couch. "Look out Lumpy" Eddy put a blanket over Elle. The guys cleaned up and soon fell asleep at the base of the couch. Double D woke up with a start as Elle's head flopped onto his shoulder. She seemed to have squished herself between Double D and Eddy. Double D nervously put his arm around her and fell asleep again.

Eddy woke first. He turned over to see his best friend and his sister cuddled up to each other "DOUBLE D" he yelled waking everyone up "that's my sister for fucks sake!" he grabbed Edd's hat and pulled him toward the door "But Eddy . I" Double D tried to explain "Both of you leave! I'll come by later!" he scowled at Ed and Double D as they trudged out the door. "What was all that about!" she yelled at Eddy and threw his hoodie at him as she stomped into the kitchen. "Where's Mom and Dad. they didn't even say Hi before they left?" she teared up a little. Eddy came into the kitchen and gave her a hug "they never do, but we'll stay up and hang with them when they get home tonight" she smiled "can I make pancakes for breakfast?" Eddy nodded getting them some juice.
When they were done eating, Elle escaped to get dressed while Eddy cleaned up. She returned in a black-zip-covered skirt, pink fishnets and a silver tank top. "Do you own pants?" teased Eddy "Actually, Yelly McLouderson, I do" she stuck her tongue out and disappeared. She came into the kitchen then dressed in big baggy black pants like Double D's, but she was wearing two overlapping studded belts and there was little criss- crossing chains hanging everywhere. "Uh. nice?" he said as he left to get dressed. When he got back they left for Ed's place.

Elle and Eddy got to Ed's house and Eddy put his arm around Elle. "Ed!" yelled Sarah as she answered the door "Your dorky friends are here! Hey, who's the chick?" said Sarah, checking Elle out "Wassup?" said Elle sticking her hand out to the thirteen-year-old. Sarah just yelled at Ed to get upstairs and ignored Elle's gesture. "Hey guys" Ed stood there in his undershirt and jeans "My mom washed my shirts with Sarah's pink stuff so all I got is this" he looked down sadly. Elle put her arm around Ed and shut the door "that's alright its cute".
Elle and Ed talked about Horror movies the whole way. "You know Elle, you look just like the princess outta 'My Castle was Taken Over by Mutant Ninja Lizard Zombies'". "Wow? Really? Thank you Ed!" she smiled at him and he blushed. "Alright you movie loving losers, I'm gunna go get sockhead, you stay here" Eddy turned to go inside "Oh and Ed. Stop flirting with my sister." Eddy got to the top of the stairs 'what's that?' it got louder as he continued down the hall way 'Loud music? Yelling? Have Edd and his Dad been fighting again?' he got to Double D's door, it was coming from inside. Eddy opened the door enough so he could see in. There on the bed sat Double D facing the window with papers all around him, he had a knife and was scratching at his wrists with it. Suddenly, Eddy fell forward and knocked the door open. "Eddy. I. how long have you been sitting there?" Double D dropped the knife. Eddy walked over to him. "Edd not again" he held his tall friends wrist and pulled down the sleeve uncovering lots of thin cuts in his arm. Ed came in then "Uh, guys Elle says to get downstairs cuz her legs hurt" "Tell her I'll give her a piggy back ride" Ed disappeared back downstairs. "And what's this?" he examined Double Ds face "Eye liner?" he picked up the knife "This is because of Elle isn't it?" Double D looked at the ground "Look, I know you have a thing for her, even when we were little, and every guy probably will, minus Jimmy. I mean, fuck, even I feel weird around her! I've never kissed anyone so beautiful. Not that I'm into incest, cuz that's just sick and wrong! Plus she just falls outta nowhere and acts like she never left!" Eddy paused and coughed "but that's beside the point. I guess I'm trying to say is don't change yourself for her, she'll accept you anyway you are." Edd stared out the window dreamily. Eddy told Double D to stop flirting so much and to "take some of that eyeliner off". "What's up with the eye liner anyways?" he elbowed the older teen in the side "C'mon lets go" as soon as they stepped out of Double Ds bedroom they heard a scream from out side. The boys fly downstairs to find.

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