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Continued (As soon as they left Double Ds room they heard a scream from outside. The boys flew down stairs to find..)

Elle riding around on Ed's back. "Whooo" she shouted again "hey guys!" she was laughing hysterically now "Whoa boy, here's good" she slid down Ed's back and pulled him over to the guys "Wow! That was so much fun! Who's next?" she giggled putting her hands on her hips "Oh c'mon, I might be Eddy's twin but I'm not as tall.. or as fat!" she laughed as she tackled Eddy, who caught her and tickled her. "Oh, Double D! Dig the liner dude! Way hott!" Double D blushed and started sweating "Chill dude" she said brushing her fingers from the back of his chin to the front and then pulled Eddy up "Piggy-back?" she asked as she got on his back "Hooray! C'mon guys show me around! Where's Nazz?" the guys all looked at each other "what?" she giggled nervously "Double D why don't you explain?" Eddy suggested putting Elle back down "Man that must have been the shortest piggy-back in history!" she sat on lounged on the step below Edd. "Well" he began "Nazz and Kevin started going out for real last year. You know Nazz, Kevin and I are older than everyone else right?" he asked Elle "well now I do" she replied batting her eyes at him. "Alright lover boy, you were saying?" Eddy glared at Double D and waved his hand in front of Elle's face "Yes, anyways, to put it short, she's getting her third abortion" Elle's mouth almost hit the step she was laying on "Oh my god! Poor baby! Oh god. not 'the baby', I mean her.. Jesus that was awkward "she stared into the distance "she's not saving herself?" the guys shook their heads "Well.. truthfully? Neither am I" she put her hands up as if to shield herself from Eddy "Please don't let Eddy hurt me!" Eddy just shrugged "Good you're ok with it. I thought you would've killed me or lectured me.. which would've killed me anyways" she giggled "IDEA!" she yelled making the Eds jump in their seats "we have a pool. We have water. Its hot outside and I'm in the mood for Marco Polo. IT'S SWIM TIME!" she tagged Ed, Edd and Eddy "Catch me if you can!" she giggled and ran off. Of course Ed instantly ran after her. Eddy slowly got up "C'mon Double D, no resistance, no pain" he grabbed his friend and dragged him into their backyard, where Elle was in the act of pushing Ed (fully clothed) into their pool. "Gotcha!" she giggled. Double D and Eddy backed up as she approached them; they knew she knew their weaknesses. She smiled sweetly and double D and them planted a small kiss on his cheek, which made Eddy red with 'older-brother-protectiveness'. She then turned to Eddy and handed him a $20. While they were both dazed she slipped off their shirts and pushed them into the pool. Elle positioned herself to take off her shirt. Double D almost fainted; Eddy covered his friend's eyes. She laughed at them as she pulled off her shirt revealing a black bikini top, Eddy sighed hard. Elle then took off her pants showing a pair of short black shorts, she span around, showing off the word 'GOTH' written in studs over her butt. She ran and cannon balled into the pool. They all laughed as she rung the water out of Double D's soggy hat. "There we are" she smiled as she flopped his hat backward. Ed splashed Eddy, causing him to instantaneously dunk Ed. Double D still stood there with his hand on his cheek. Elle sighed at him and grabbed Eddy's shirt. As she tied it around Edd's eyes she called out "Double D's first cuz he just stood there!" she span him around 3 times. "Uh, Marco?" he said kinda nervously "Polo!" called everyone back at him.

And so this continued until it hit 3 o'clock, Ed and Eddy got hungry and went inside to get something to eat. "C'mon Double D, you know you wan me. come get me!" Elle was sitting on the steps, he jumped toward her. But not knowing the stairs were there, tripped. Elle, luckily, caught him, their noses squashed against one another. Double D instantly yanked the shirt off. He and Elle were locked in a stare. Abruptly, Elle pulled him into her and kissed him hard. She put her hand around on the back off his head, he sat next to her and put his arms around her. They both wanted to deepen the kiss. Suddenly, Eddy appeared "Double D!" he shouted almost dropping the pizza. Elle and Edd pushed away from each other, Elle's black lipstick was allover Double D's lips. "Uh, its not what it looks like?" stammered Edd "oh I know what it looks like!" Eddy had sat down the pie and was coming toward the two "Eddy don't to anything stupid" she pleaded as Eddy lifted Double D outta the pool with his new found strength "It really wasn't what it looked like.. uh.. Double D was.. drowning you see and.. um.. I saved his life!" Eddy was glaring at Edd "Um, yeah" Edd coughed pretending to spit out water. "Hey guys, I gotta go home, we're visiting my grandparents, so see ya!" "Bye Ed, have fun!" Elle waved. There was a long silence at the pool after that. Double D broke the silence "Um, this is uncomfortable" Elle got out of the pool, and hooked arms with the guys "why don't we eat something?" she suggested. Elle served everyone pizza. While she was eating she noticed Eddy had been staring at Edd the whole time. When she was done she took the plates, handed out Pepsi's and excused herself. When she returned they were shaking cans of soda and spraying them at each other "Smart guy huh?" "Only when your around Eddy!" "A party and I wasn't invited?" Eddy tossed her a can of soda. She shook it up and sprayed the guys all in one shot. The guys quickly got her back for it.

Authors Note: Sorry guys I just really really really wanted to use that line lol! Anyways CONTINUE!

They sat there laughing soaked from head to toe in stickiness. Elle went and got into the hot tub, the guys soon followed her. She washed off their backs and Double D washed hers. "No making out while I'm gone!" Elle and Double D smiled embarrassed at each other. Eddy went inside, as soon as he had done this Elle scooted over and sat on Edd's lap. She put her arms around his neck "You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now" "I think I have a rough one" he said pushing a lock of pinky-brown hair out of her face. "Hope I didn't miss anything" Eddy called out, Elle jumped off Double D's lap. Eddy threw towels at them "why thank you Eddy" said Double D wiping his face. Elle and Eddy burst out laughing "What.. what?" asked Edd frantically. Elle used the corner of her towel to fix his smeared eye liner. "Oh" he blushed. Elle turned around and took off her bikini top and slipped on her tank. "Built in bra" she said, relieving Eddy greatly. Elle rapped her hair up in a towel and opened a soda as she ran for the phone "Hello? Elle speaking" she paused and nodded "Yes sir, I'll make sure he does." Elle paused again "Alrighty, mm hmm, yup, ok, buh-bye" she walked out side and lay back on a lounge chair closing her eyes. Eddy coughed and rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, Eddy your boss called and said that if your not at work in 10 he'll fire you" Eddy's mouth almost hit the floor "DOUBLE D! YOU GOTTA LET ME BORROW YOUR RIDE!" Eddy got on his knees and pleaded. "Please, please, please? I forgot all about work, please?" Eddy started dragging Edd out to the street "hey.. uh.. aren't you forgetting something?" Elle said taking a sip of her pop. "Oh yeah, Double D go to your room and don't come out until I call you" he grabbed the keys from his tall friends hand." Elle sighed "not that I mean your beautiful, almost matching, body art!" she threw their shirts at them "Thanks lil' sis" she said giving her a kiss and running out the front door. Elle looked around at the various Pepsi cans scattered across the pool area "great leave me alone!" she went inside to change.