A/N: Lorelai and Chris have been married since they were eighteen. Rory was born when Lorelai was sixteen and she has a twin brother, Blake. After they graduated Lorelai and Chris moved to Stars Hollow so that their kids could live away from society, but still be close enough to their grandparents. They live the life of people in society (wealthy, mansion, ect.) but just in Stars Hollow. When Rory and Blake were three Lorelai had another son, Shane. They have gone to Stars Hollow public schools their whole life and are best friends with Jess and Lane. The older Gilmores want the twins to start Chilton their Sophomore year.

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Educated with money

He's well dressed, not funny

And not much to say in most conversations

But he'll put the bill in all situations

'Cause he pays for everything


Rory Hayden rolled over, still half asleep, and heard her alarm clock go off. Annoyed by the high buzzing noise, she hit it, trying to find the off button, but ended up leaning over too far and falling out of the bed. Now she was fully awake and lying on the floor in a heap of blankets and pillows with the alarm still going off. Shaking her head, Rory stood up and finally found the off button.

Looking around she remembered something, Chilton. "BLAKE!" she screamed, running from her room on the third story to his across the hall. She pushed his door open and jumped in his bed. He rolled over, awake but ignoring her. She poked him in the arm, "Blake." he scooted farther away, "Blake." she poked him in the side, he still didn't move. "Blake!" he twitched, but nothing else, she sighed and pushed him off the bed. He hit the floor with a huge 'bang!' and his sister laughed.

"Shit Rory! I think you broke my arm!"

"Oh, don't be such a drama queen."

He smiled, "I like being a drama queen, it makes me feel pretty."

"I'm the prettiest twin."

"You wish."

"Nope, I know."

"Miss Rory, Mister Blake, your uniforms for school will be on the beds when you come back from breakfast."

"Thanks Angie." the head maid nodded and walked away.

"I'll race you down stairs."

"I'll win."

"You wish."

"No, I know."

"Fine, GO!" they jumped off the bed and sprinted down the hall.


Chris was reading some paper for work and Lorelai was pacing in front of the coffee maker dramatically, waiting for it to produce enough coffee. Without looking up he asked, "Where are the twins?" a few seconds later there was a loud 'crash!' as Blake tackled his sister and they crashed into a wall upstairs. Neither parent even flinched, "Oh."

The teenagers ran into the room, panting from the contact with a solid wall. "Rory won!"

"No she didn't."

"Yes she did."

"Lore, I watched them just like you, Blake won."

"Chris, the girl always wins, remember that."

"Hey! Mom, that's not fair!"

"Deal with it." Rory said, Blake stuck his tongue out at

her. "I will always win because I am the prettier twin."

"No, you're just jealous."

"Ha. Never."

"Denial, my friend, is not just a river in Egypt."

"Really?" asked Lane as she and Jess walked into the kitchen, "There's another place called The Nile?"

The other people in the room stared at her, "Are you seriously asking that question?" Blake asked her.


"Yeah Kim, there's another river called The Nile." Jess answered sarcastically.


He narrowed his eyes, "No, not really."

"Well, we know who the blond of the group is."

"I'm Korean."

"Yeah, besides, we've always known Lane was an airhead."

"Oh, that's nice, love you too, Rory."

She smiled and walked to the fridge. "What is my little sister doing?" Blake asked.

"I'm only younger by six minuets!"

"Hey, older is older. Jello?"


"You're eating Jello for breakfast?" Jess asked.

"Obviously." she handed him a spoon.

"Oh, I see how it is. Me and Blake aren't loved, is that it?"

"Yes. And you two don't like Strawberry anyway."

"It's strawberry?"


Blake walked to the fridge and got out another bowl, handing Lane a spoon and keeping one for himself, "Cherry."

"I like cherry."

"Yes, I know this, it's why I gave you a spoon."


The coffee maker beeped and both twins jumped up, racing their mother to the counter.


"Tell me one more time why we transferred to Chilton six weeks AFTER school started."

"Well my darling daughter, your father and I put things off constantly." she looked at the two in the mirror.

"Yes, I know."

"And, well, we forgot about the application until two weeks ago."


"Yes, we thought so too. Now, when you take over the school and make all the Freshmen bow down before you, it will be more dramatic, because you came in late."

"Why do we want the Freshmen to bow down before us?"

"You're older. Besides, you are the children of the legends Christopher Hayden and Lorelai Gilmore. It's your right to protect the Hayden title and take over the school."

"But mom, we hate Hartford kids, they're annoying and spoiled."

"Yes, well my darlings, complain to your grandparents, not your wonderful parents. It wasn't our idea." she pulled into the parking lot and turned to them, "Have fun, and Blake, please don't get in a fight."

"I don't get in fights."

"You were suspended three timed last semester for fighting."

"Well, I didn't start them."

"That's nice, have fun. You have to talk to the headmaster."

"You're not coming in?"

"Ror, look at me. I can't talk to anyone in there looking like this."

The twins looked over her outfit, pink tye dyed shirt and all, "Mom, you have thousands of dollars worth of clothes, you couldn't find anything else to wear?"

"This was the only thing that was clean!"

Blake rolled his eyes, "Mom, the maids wash about six lodes of clothes a day, how could that possibly be the only clean thing you have?"

"Don't ask me, now go, you don't want to be late."

"Right, bye mom." they said in unison.

"Goodbye my babies, I will see you at three thirty."

They climbed out of the car and walked into the building, where there were numerous couples making out. Some were on the hoods of cars, other leaning against walls. Some girls were throwing themselves at guys, batting their eyebrows, skirts hiked up and tight or undone blouses. They might as well have had 'Gold Digger' across their foreheads in bright red.


"You can say that again."

"Wow." Rory rolled her eyes and looked at him.

"I was being sarcastic."

"I wasn't."

A teacher walked by, "Um, excuse me."

He turned at her voice, "What can I do for you Miss..." he trailed off.


"Miss Hayden. What can I do for you?"

"Could you tell us where the headmaster's office is?"

"Certainly, you go to the Anderson building and it is the fifth door on the left."

"Okay, thanks."

"No problem." he walked away and left the confused teenagers standing in the busy hall.

"Um, which one is the Anderson building?"

"This way, I saw it when we came in."


"Mister and Miss Hayden." the old man said as they sat in the chairs in front of his desk, "Children of Christopher and Lorelai Hayden. Two of the best students to ever enter our doors. I hope that the two of you will prove similar."

Rory nodded, "So do we sir, so do we."

The man nodded, not catching her sarcasm, and continued, "And by the looks of your grades, you seem quite capable of it. Of course, you must understand that Chilton will be much more difficult than your other school, Stars Harlem."


"Excuse me?"

"You said Stars Harlem, it's Stars Hollow...sir." she added as an after thought.

He nodded, "Right, Stars Hollow, anyway, here are your schedules, books, and locker numbers." he handed them the papers, "And I should warn you, not all succeed. Given how late you two have started, you may not succeed. If you are not completely dedicated, you are likely fail here at Chilton. Remember that."

They looked at him, wide eyed, was that a threat or a warning? Blake recovered first, "Um, thank you sir, we will." They left the office as quickly as possible.

"Well, that was pleasant." Rory said sarcastically, "He practically told us that we would fail. Real nice administrator."

"What's you locker number?" Blake asked, looking at the papers in his hand.

"Um, 2947. You?"


"So, I'll see you in, wow, first, third, lunch, sixth and eighth." she said, looking at their schedules.

"Later Ror."

"Bye Blake."

She walked slowly down the hall, looking for the right number as Blake rounded the corner.

He walked down the crowded straight, scanning the top lockers, which had the odd numbers, even on bottom. "4045, 4047, 4049, 4051, 4053," he stopped and spun the combination, taking the books out of his bag and relocating them to the locker. Half way through, he heard three guys talking next to him.

"I dunno, Summer is hott, but have you seen that new girl? Rory, I think. Damn, blue eye, pale, thin, but a GREAT body. Shit, I wanted to do something naughty right when I saw her, I bet she has a boyfriend though." Blake's blood pressure rose.

"Turner, I saw her too, and she's way out of your league. I heard she's a Hayden. Ever heard the stories of Lorelai Gilmore?"

"Who hasn't heard if her and Chris Hayden, the original king and queen of Chilton?"

"Yeah, wild women, but bad ass guys who'll kill you for looking at them. I heard she had a brother, I'd be careful."

"I don't give a shit. She's probably wild in bed. Hey, you, new kid or whatever, I've never seen you before. What's your name?"


"Right, Blake, have you seen the new girl?"


"What do you think? Looking at me, how long will it take for me to tame her?"

"Damn, I hate Hartford kids." was Blake's answer. That is, until his fist flew to the boy's face.

"SHIT!" he swung at Blake, hitting his square in the jaw, and the fight began.

Tristan was talking to Landon White when he heard Nathan Turner yell a few yards down the crowded hall, but ignored it, some chick had probably kicked him in the balls for being a jackass. And he deserved it, being the major pain in the ass that he was, Tristan hated him. But when he and Landon heard the sounds of a fight, they went to see what was happening.

He was amused by the sight before him. Turner and someone he didn't recognize were in a major fight, attracting quite a crowd. The other guy was winning, but it didn't sit with Tristan when Cole Jones, one of Turner's cronies, began to walk into the ring. Two against one? That just wasn't fair. Most people at Chilton frowned upon the new kids, and found it funny when one got in a fight. Most of the time, Tristan figured that if someone got in a fight, they either deserved it, or had started it, either way, it was their job to finish it. But an unfair fight? That just wasn't right. What gave him even more of a reason to interfere was the fact that it would be two of his enemies he was fighting, so everyone wins.

He dropped his bag and stepped in after the boy, Cole was behind the new guy, ready to hit him in the back, when Tristan tapped his shoulder and he turned. His eyes were wide and his jaw dropped, not the best thing to do, seeing as how Tristan's fist met his jaw with a loud 'bang!' it wouldn't break it, but he would have trouble eating for a few hours. Jones reeled in pain, but got his footing back and struck Tristan, hitting him in the chin. He cracked his jaw and smirked before his fist landed in Cole Jones' stomach.

Blake had just been hit in the nose. Nathan hadn't been very lucky with the shot, so it wasn't too hard, but it made him bleed from his right nostril. But he got revenge as his balled fist made contact with the side of Turner's mouth. This was nothing compared to some of the fights he and Jess had been in. Once he broke a kid's nose, Jess had before too, but neither of them had ever gotten injured badly. A few moments ago, he'd noticed out of the corner of his eye, one of the guy's friends get punched by a blond guy. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the guy was helping him, and he needed to figure out who he was.

"All right, break it up, break it up!" a teacher said loudly. When that didn't work, four male administrators came out, one grabbing each of the boys' arms and breaking them apart. They stared daggers at each other as they were let to the principal's office.

Rory was walking around blindly, trying to figure out where Blake was when she heard two girls talking excitedly.

"Yeah, and then Tristan jumped in when Cole went after the guy."

"Nathan and Cole are idiots. Who threw the first punch, Louise?"

"The new guy, what's hid name? Blake? He was really hott too. But watching him AND Tristan, I thought I'd die of happiness."

"Did they get sent to the principal's office?"

"Of course."

"Why did they start fighting anyway?"

"Nathan said something about some girl. Blake's sister or girlfriend or something. Anyway, have you seen Travis Holdren's new car? I think I might do something to get a ride in it."

Rory's eyes widened and she cursed under her breath, ten minuets! They'd been here ten minuets and he'd already gotten in a fight! Over her. She had to admit, even though he'd been sent to the office, it felt good to have her brother fight for her. And who was Tristan? She asked herself as she ended up in the Anderson building.

They were let out of the office with three days of detention and a warning that if they fought again they would be suspended. "You're lucky those teachers came out and saved your asses." Cole said to the other two.

"What the fuck Turner? Go look in a mirror, even though they broke it up, we beat the shit out of you two!" And it was true, they'd definitely come out on the bad end of the fight. Blake had a bloody nose, but that was all. Tristan had a bruise on his cheek. But Turner would have a black eye, he had a split lip, and his nose was bleeding heavily. Jones had a huge bruise on the side of his face and was bleeding in his mouth from where he'd bitten his tounge while Tristan punched him.

"Whatever Dugrey, and what the hell, what's your name? Blake. Why did you jump me like that, you jackass?"

"You know how you three were talking about the Haydens? The 'wild women and bad ass guys who'll kill you if you look at the women'?"


"Yeah, well, you just got your ass kicked by one of the 'bad ass Haydens'."

Tristan laughed as Turner's eyes widened in shock and he paled.

"Yeah, talk about my sister again, and you'll be lucky to walk away without going to the hospital. You're a lucky son of a bitch. Once my friends and I broke a guy's jaw for talking about her and another one of our friends. So you better watch your mouth, Turner." After that, the two other boys walked away quickly, terrified that they now has a Dugrey and a Hayden against them.

Blake turned to Tristan, "So, I'm Blake Hayden. You're?"

"Tristan Dugrey." they shook hands.

"So um, why did you help be back there? It's not like you know me or anything."

"I'm not usually one to interfere in a fight, but Jones was coming up to you from behind, and that's just wrong."

"Well, thanks, I would have the shit beaten out of me if it wasn't for you."

"No problem. Judging by the way you handled Turner, you could have taken both if he'd come from the front."

They walked in comfortable silence for a while before Blake said, "So, what's it like?"

"What's what like?"

"Growing up in society."

"Fine, I guess. Not many real friends, but the few true ones last forever. What's it like growing up away from society?"

"Nice. Quiet, at least in the town where I live. Very small. A lot of good friends."

"So, that little love fest started because of your sister?"

"Yeah, he was talking about her and I got pissed."

Tristan laughed, "I give you props, man. You're the new guy and you beat the shit out of a popular for something you believed in. You have my respect."

"You've got my respect too. You helped me when you didn't even know me. You just knew that it wasn't a fair fight. I give you props."

They came around a corner where Rory was, "BLAKE! My favorite twin brother in the whole wide world!"

she said, hugging him.

"I'm your only twin brother."

"True. But still, you're my favorite."

"Well thank you."

"You're welcome."

Tristan stared in awe at the girl in front of him. She was definitely good looking. He could see why Turner wanted her. She had the 'untouchable' look down pat. The whole, unknowingly seductive vibe radiated from her. But she still had a strange innocence about her, as if she'd never been kissed.

"Tristan, this is my little sister,"

"By six minuets." she interrupted.

"My little sister by seven,"


"By six minuets, Lorelai Hayden, Rory for short. Ror, this is Tristan Dugrey, he's the reason I'm currently breathing."

"Well, thanks for being the reason my brother is currently breathing." she said, holding out her hand.

He took it and kissed between base and middle nuckles, "My pleasure, Mary."

She looked at him strangely, "Rory."


"Why Mary?"

"You look like a Mary."

"Right." she tried to pull her hand away, but he kept his hold on it. "I need that back."

"Can't I keep it for a little while?"

"I would really appreciate it if I got it back now."

"Well that's no fun Mary." but he let go anyway.





"Class, unless we want another detention." Blake reminded them.

"Right, class. Fun." Rory said dully.

"It will be with me there." Tristan said, flashing his perfect smile.

Rory groaned, "Yeah, right."


And all of these boy and all of these girls

Are losing their souls in a material world


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