Hey everyone! I just got done watching X-Men: Evolution "On Angel's Wings" and now I'm totally obsessed with him. As much I'm obsessed with Pyro and Pietro! I now have three favorite hotties. *sigh* well I decided to create this story so then I can take a short break from my other one(s). So here it goes!

~*~ Locked Gate to Heaven ~*~

Chapter One: One of My Kind (Prologue)

Warren Worthington III walked through the streets with his trench coat as usual. He looked through a diner's window. Seeing the families' Christmas sprit brighten with every smile. But what made Warren notice first was the children. A mother of two daughters smiled as they drank their sodas while cherishing their memories. Warren sighed, knowing how lonely it can be in his home, without anyone to talk to. His mother was always concerned about him, always saying how he should come home or go out with friends a lot more often. But he couldn't, knowing work was always on his desk. Warren cracked a smile and walked on further, remembering how rude it was to stare. The streets were paved with trickles of snow as the street lamps were decorated with wreaths and colored lights of the rainbow. He stopped in his tracks when something caught his eye. A girl with shoulder length brown hair, a suede beige coat, a black turtle neck, and dark green loose jeans rushed out her house in tears. Warren turned to her house and saw it bursting in flames. For some reason, everything was quiet. He rushed over until the girl until she thrusted her coat off. Warren froze at what he saw. It was a girl with a pair of white wings, exactly like his, flapping wildly. She wrapped her coat around her arms and flew into the air, hoping to escape. Warren watched her as she continued to cry, and glide through the air. Warren knew he had to do something, the fire department was already there so he removed his coat and flew into the air, following the girl.

I linger in the doorway

Of alarm clock screaming

Monsters calling my name

Let me stay

Where the wind will whisper to me

Where the raindrops

As they fall tell a story

"Wait!" shouted Warren. But the girl flew on. He still couldn't believe his eyes. A girl exactly like him, was flying away from him. He shook his thoughts away and flapped his wings faster to catch up with her.

In my field of paper flowers

And candy clouds of lullaby

I lie inside myself for hours

And watch my purple sky fly over me

The girl landed on a building, still wiping her tears away. Warren landed just several feet away from her, slowly walking towards her. The girl turned to her side then saw him coming towards her. Alarmed and scared, the girl started to run towards the end of the building.

Don't say I'm out of touch

With this rampant chaos - your reality

I know this well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge

The nightmare I built my own world to escape

Warren tried to race to the girl, but she had already jumped off of the building. He reached the edge, and saw a quick flash, followed by a swift strong breeze. He grew even more determined to catch her. Warren raced off the building and continued to chase the girl down.

In my field of paper flowers

And candy clouds of lullaby

I lie inside myself for hours

And watch my purple sky fly over me

Suddenly, the girl sighed as her wings began to weaken. Warren swallowed when the girl slowly came to a stop and started to fall straight to the ground. He rushed down, reaching his hand out to the tired girl. Her eyes were gently closed as her hair flew back. Quickly, Warren went under and grabbed the girl in his arms. He flew over to the building they were last on and placed her down, waiting for her to wake up.

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming

Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights

Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming

The goddess of imaginary light

The girl's eyes slowly opened to see Warren. She shot up immediately, breathing hard. Warren had never seen someone so beautiful before. The girl had olive green glittering eyes, dark chocolate hair that curled up at her shoulders.

"Where am I?" she looked into Warren's blue eyes then grew frightened. "Who are you?!"

Warren smiled. "It's okay. It's okay. I'm-"

"Wait." The girl moved a hair strand out of her face and looked at him with a bright smile. "You're the Angel from the Brooklyn Bridge incident!"

Warren sighed quietly, ashamed of what had happened that day. "Yeah. Umm, I was wondering, what happened.? At your house."

The girl quickly broke out of her happiness as her expression quickly turned to sad. She stood up, flapping her wings, ready to take flight again. Warren stood up, holding down the girl by her shoulders.

"The fire department is already there."

"But my grandparents need me! They're in the fire!"

The girl started to cry again, crying in Warren's arms. He suddenly knew that from that moment on, a beautiful friendship was created at that very moment.

In my field of paper flowers

And candy clouds of lullaby

I lie inside myself hours

And watch my purple sky fly over me

Hah! I'm getting to like this story! *sigh* Hmm. I think I better go join Pietro, Pyro, and Warren out for some pool. They're getting impatient. So I'll write later! Reviews and comments! Please and thank you!