Arie: It's the final chapter everyone!

Pietro: And you're gonna also reveal your secret identit-


Pyro and Warren: Wha? What secret identity?

Arie: Uhh..

Pyro: You're not Arie?

Pietro: Only I know!

Warren: You're gonna tell us right Arie? Or whoever you are..

Arie: Of course!

Pyro: ... ya' betta tell me first luv!

Arie: Here's the last chapter!

Chapter Twelve: Don't Leave Me

She picked up the phone and quickly tapped in their phone number at the Acolytes' base. Belle held the phone up to her ear and noticed Warren, Rogue, and Kitty waiting happily for the big moment. Finally, someone answered the phone.

"Jah?" his voice was heavy.

"Piotr? Is Pyro there?" Belle tried to be polite. Not to be in any rush.

He paused for a moment. "He's not here."

"Ummm, do you know when he's gonna be back?" Her stomach started to churn.

"Next week."

Belle held the phone away from her as her eyes widened. "NEXT WEEK!? I CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!"

"He said that he's going on a mission with Gambit for Magneto. Figured it'd be best for him to let his thoughts pass."

She slumped to the floor, feeling sick and dumb. Tears threatened to fall at the bottom of her olive green eyes. When she closed her eyes gently, feeling defeated. Piotr finally spoke again.

"He called just two minutes ago. Said he's packing up with Gambit right now at his hotel."

Belle stood up quickly with a smile. "Really? What hotel?"

"The Radisson."

Belle dropped the phone and ran over to Rogue. The southern girl looked at her blankly until Belle snatched her keys to her new green mustang.

"Sorry Rogue! I havta borrow these!" shouted Belle as she raced out the door.

Rogue ran after her until the door slammed shut in front of her. When she stopped, she smirked then crossed her arms.

"Fine. But don't mess it up. Ah just got it outta the shop."


Belle hopped into the driver's seat of Rogue new green mustang. She started the car and drove off onto the road as fast as she could. The wind blew her hair back as she took detours and different lanes to get to the hotel.

"Red thunderbird. Red thunderbird. Dammit! Where is it? It has to be in the parking lot somewhere." She repeated frantically.

Her eyes darted around as she came across a street sign. Hotels and buildings surrounded the area, Belle grew even more confused. The mustang raced through rush hour. She sighed and picked out her cell-phone from her back pocket then dialed the number for the Radisson hotel.

"Radisson hotel, front desk, how may I help you?" asked a young woman.

"Hi, I was wondering if a room was checked out by a Mr. John Allerdyce or a Mr. Remy LeBeau."


"Yes ma'm." responded the woman. "A Mr. LeBeau checked out for them both four minutes ago."

Belle nodded. "Thank you."

She hung up and looked off the side. "He should be close if he had just left."

Belle swerved to the right lane and parked in a lot just several steps away from the main gate to the airport. She cursed herself and went back, driving to the gates.

She ran inside in a fluster. Hoping she would see any sign of the two acolytes. Dozens of gates stood with seats in front of them. Rows of seats with people sitting in them. She looked around. Scanning the area for Pyro or Remy. Nothing. No sign of either acolyte. Belle felt so foolish. She felt like she had just gone on a wild goose chase. The lamps were low as the sun was setting with streaks of purple, red, orange, and navy blue. Belle leaned against a cornered wall, watching the couples lean on each other. She sighed disappointedly and pulled back out her cell-phone to call her friends and new father to tell them the news. When she flipped it up, Belle started for the exit. She kept her eyes on the glowing screen, making sure she just wouldn't burst into tears if she saw another couple walk past. Suddenly, she bumped into someone, knocking her cell-phone right out of her hands. Followed by a sound like a book slamming to the ground, Belle dropped to the ground and snatched her cell-phone back and continued walking to the exit.

"Bloody 'ell! Rem didn't say dere'd be so many blokes 'ere walkin' around like mindless idiots!"

Belle grew more flustered. "Screw you!" she shouted back.

Suddenly, Belle stopped in her tracks. She turned slowly and nearly dropped her cell-phone again. She saw the guy ahead of her stop also. (Bloody hell? Blokes? What the hell?) Although he didn't turn, Belle walked over and smacked her cell-phone top on the guy's head. He cringed.

"Wat da 'ell was-" The guy's sharp voice turned normal when he saw Belle. Her lip was under the other a bit as her eyes glittered wildly with tears pouring.

"Belle..?" he asked quietly.

She immediately thrusted herself into her lover's arms. She finally caught St. John Allerdyce. He wrapped on arm around her as the other stroked her silky dark chocolate brown hair.

"Why'd ya' come all the way 'ere?"

Belle looked up at him with her eyes still pouring tears.

"Because I love you too." Her voice cracked. "I realized that I did. I was just so flustered and confused that I... I didn't know what to do!"

"How'd ya' get 'ere?"

"Rogue's new mustang."

Pyro just smiled.

"Desperate luv? Takes a lot of guts ta steal that sheila's car."

Belle then cracked a smile as he wiped a tear away. She rested the side of her head on his chest, just below his neck and gently closed her eyes. Letting more tears skid down her flushed cheeks.

"Don't leave." She mumbled.

Pyro glanced down. "Leave? I wasn't gonna leave! What made ya' think that?"

Belle arched an eyebrow and looked at him. "One is the airport. The second is that when I called to tell you, Piotr picked up and said you were going on a mission for a week."

He laughed a bit as Belle stepped back once then crossed her arms.

"Okay Allerdyce. Explain."

His laugh slowly disappeared into another smirk. "I was going to. But when I got to the airport, Magz called me and said I only had ta pick up a pizza. Said he cancelled it because of his new plans."

Belle laughed a bit, feeling embarrassed for getting all dramatic. Then Remy walked up in between them carrying two pizza boxes that were warm, with the smell of cheese drifting around.

"Remy's ready. Remy don't wanna look like a pizza man." He said stupidly.

Pyro shrugged and snatched a box from Remy. He opened it and looked at it strangely. Belle walked over and examined the pizza with him.

"What's wrong with it?" she asked.

"Magz should know I don't eat pepperoni."

Belle quickly kissed him and started to follow Remy. "Guess I learned something new."

Pyro glared at her playfully and followed.


"So dis is Chere's car. Remy's is betta." Announced Remy as he dropped the pizza box into the back seat of Pyro's thunderbird.

Belle sighed and got into the driver's seat, starting the engine. Before she left, Belle got out of the car and walked over to Pyro's side of the car. (which is the driver's of course) She leaned over as he shifted the gears.

"So, since we just met up, you wanna hang out somewhere?"

Pyro smirked at her. "Tonight we're playin' poker. Wanna come?"

Their lips met as they lightly kissed. A cold breeze made Belle shiver excitedly. When they moved apart, belle raced back into her driver's side and pulled up next to Pyro's car.

"That was for good luck!" she shouted.

Pyro arched an eyebrow. "What's da good luck for?"

A screeching sound was heard as Belle drove on ahead. Pyro grinned and started racing beside her. Belle looked over and smirked, waving her hand at both Pyro and Remy.

"Cuz you're gonna lose this race and poker!"

She drove on faster as the acolyte did. "Ya' keep thinkin' that luv! Maybe you'll actually stand a chance at beatin' me!"

They raced down the highway. Leaving nothing behind except their cars' skid marks and smoke trailing behind. The sun was just showing off the cliff, trailing in front of a starry black sky. Nothing would've been better. Too bad the police are on their tail!

Arie: That's it! The end! Fin!

Pyro: Aren't ya' supposed ta expose yourself now?

Pietro: Expose? As in-

Arie: NO! You disgusting sex-craving monkey! Not that kind of expose. **clears throat and spins around**

Warren: Well?

Arie: **dresses into an olive green turtle neck and black stretch jeans and white new shoes** I am Belle Worthington!

**Jaws drop**

Pyro: **runs over to Belle** LUV! I KNEW IT!

Pietro: No you didn't. You were already going out with her.

Pyro: Shut up. Who asked for your opinion anyway?

Warren: You're my daughter?

Belle: uh huh! **blank stare** DADDY!

Pietro: Okay well, since "belle's" busy with her boyfriend and father.. **looks at them disgustingly** I'll end the story for her. The end! There! Hah! Reviews and Comments please and thanks!

Belle: That's my job!