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Neon Jedi Evangelion


Shinji Ikari was walking alone through the streets of the city. School had ended a half an hour ago, but he was still alone. Asuka had gone with Hikari to her house which he found himself extremely lucky for. Asuka had been in a bad mood this day and he sure as heck didn't want to be on the receiving end. Not that that mattered since he was always on the receiving end of the redhead's wrath. Misato was to work all day at Nerv, Kensuke had gone out of town to visit some family relative and Touji had to go to the hospital to visit his sister. Someone who was hurt because of me. It was my fault. Always my fault. Me and the Eva. Shinji was so wrapped into his thoughts that he didn't notice a truck was approaching him while he was crossing the street. When he did notice, the monstrous vehicle was bearing right down on him. But in a blur of motion, he was pulled out of harm's way and the truck passed by. Shinji turned to look at his savior. It was a man, well aged, but not enough to be considered elderly although he had a few locks of grey hair. The man's frame was somewhat large and imposing as he stood up with Shinji.


The man replied softly, "What do you have to apologize for?"

Shinji lowered his head, "I wasn't paying attention and the truck almost hit us."

The man looked at him a little strangely before answered, "There's no need for apologies. Just be careful, Shinji Ikari."

Shinji blinked and he looked up, "How do you know who I am?"

The man gave a ghost of a smile, "You are the pilot of the Evangelion 01."

Shinji nodded sadly, "Oh. Of course. Well I should be going. I'm sorry to have caused you trouble."

"No trouble at all." The man seemed to consider a thought in his mind and Shinji began to worry a bit. However...

"Actually, do you mind if I walk with you for a while?"

Shinji's nervousness grew. He didn't know this guy and he was asking to walk with him? But Shinji looked at his eyes again and saw no real signs of danger. In fact, he saw only sincerity and kindness. And...he felt something about this man. Something that he couldn't put his finger on, but enough to fell that he could trust this person a bit.

"As you wish, sir."

The man gave warm, more open smile, "I'm sorry. My name is Jinn. Qui-Gon Jinn."

"It's...nice to meet you, Qui Gon-san."

Misato walked into the apartment building. Fortunately for her, a most unusual event had happened. She was actually able to leave work early. Apparently, work at NERV had gone really slow. Even Ritsuko had minimal work to do. 'Although I'm sure she'll find something to do.' Finding the apartment empty, she wasted little time in heading to the frig and grabbing a can of beer. As she did, she began wondering about her two wards. Asuka, she knew was with her friend Hikari. Misato smiled slightly as she took a gulp, 'No work and no Asuka. All I need is Shinji around and this could be a real vacation.' Speaking of Shinji, she found that the boy was not in his room. Which meant he had not returned home either. Misato began to worry a bit. It was unusual for Shinji not to be home now. Normally after school, he would either be with his friends or home doing some chore. Misato shrugged and took another gulp. 'I worry too much. Shinji is just fine. He probably just went for a walk.' But despite that and the beer entering her system, she couldn't pry loose the memory that she had encountered at work today.


His results show that he's slowing down rapidly.

Well, he is getting better, so it shouldn't be a trouble.

No, but I've examined his test yesterday. The rate for him to reach it is deteriorating. If this keeps up, he may start decreasing at the same rate.

What do you want me to do about it?

I don't know. Talk to him. Try to find out what's wrong.

This is Shinji Ikari we're talking about here. What isn't wrong?

I don't need to hear this. Just help him. The Commander is already beginning to get on my case about this.

Talk to him.' With Shinji, sometimes it was easier said than done. But she'll get on it when he gets back. 'In the meantime, I better get another drink.'

"So young Ikari. What brings you out here all by yourself?" Qui-Gon began.

"Well, school ended an hour ago and I just went walking around."

"Don't you have any friends?"

"Yes, but they were occupied with things and I was left by myself."

Qui-Gon noticed a hint of sadness in the response. "Family?"

"I'm not sure if it could be called one, but I believe it could be called a family. My real family..."

Shinji couldn't bring himself to continue and simply shut up. The older man looked down at the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder. Shinji almost flinched by the contact, but beyond that, was undisturbed.

"You're like that a lot, huh? Alone."

Shinji gave a slight nod and Qui Gon continued to stride, "You've seen many things. Many sad events."

Shinji didn't reply, but his silence was answer enough.

"A person like you shouldn't hold on to so much grief."

Shinji looked up at Qui-Gon again. He didn't even know why he told this man that, but it was comforting to know that the man seemed genuinely concerned. Something about him felt strange, almost like an inner glow. Whatever it was, Shinji didn't feel as nerve-racked as he normally would around people. Still, this man was a stranger to him, and thus Shinji was cautious.

"Well, it is getting late. You should head home now, Shinji."

"Oh, yeah. I guess I should." Shinji turned his head down to the street going in the direction of his home and then back to Qui-Gon. "It was nice talking to you, Qui Gon-san."

Surprisingly, Qui-Gon bowed to the youth as well. "The same with me, Shinji-san. Perhaps we'll meet again."

Shinji nodded and walked off to the side of the street. As he did, Qui-Gon watched him until he disappeared before whispering to himself.

"The Force is strong with that one. We will meet again."