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Epilogue (II)

In a flash, the dark Force lightning flew at the Jedi siblings, ready to tear them apart and extinguish them. But in the same moment, a figure rushed in the path and blocked the deadly energy. Shinji gasped in shock. It wasn't Qui Gon this time.

It was his father…

Somehow, Gendo Ikari had rushed in the way of the lightning and took the blast himself. The lightning tore all over his body and Gendo shriveled to the ground, energy still rippling on him from Malice. The cries of agony caused Shinji to instantly spring into action, lightsaber out and attacking the Sith Lord. Malice was surprised by the young Jedi's suddenness and lashed back with equal ferocity.

"What is this I am sensing from you, my young Jedi?" he sneered. "Is this anger?"

Shinji didn't answer and Malice grinned at the implications of it. He knew about the Third Child's history and he knew that if anyone were more prone to the Dark Side than Rei, it would be Shinji. Rei had been a little difficult to break. After Xanatos abducted her from Nerv, he had Rei sealed up in a dark room with no food or water for nearly a month. At first, Rei had held on, using her strength to endure until help arrived. But as time passed and no one came, she began to break down. And it was at that moment that Malice chose to 'rescue' her. In her weakened state, he told her about the status of the remaining two Children and the exploits, leaving out the fact that they were searching for her too. Rei felt too weak to try and reach out with the Force and Malice promised her that he could help her so that she wouldn't be lonely any longer. The only catch was that she was to confront the other two Children. At first, that seemed like a simple request.

But when the Sith are concerned, there was always more to it…

Malice, under the identity of Keel, trained Rei in the ways of the Dark Side. Rei wanted so much to communicate with Shinji, but deeper she gone, the harder it became. Eventually, Rei became frustrated and with Malice furthering her teaching, she was convinced that she was doing everything right, but it was Shinji and Asuka who had abandoned her. In the end, her desperation had betrayed her and the lure of the Dark Side seduced her.

But enough of Rei. Shinji would make a far better Sith if properly…motivated.

"That's it. Use your anger. Let it make you strong."

Shinji didn't respond, but Malice felt the first flickers of conflict within him. Malice pushed back and swung his saber across. Shinji blocked it easily, but Malice simply laughed.

"Is that all you have? You must not care about your dear sister if that all the fight you have." He slashed upward, pressing Shinji back while continuing his dark influence. "Come. Strike me down. You know you want to. I can feel it."


Shinji suddenly backed away, rolled behind Malice and swung and his head. The Sith deflected the blow and caught another one incoming.

"I'll never turn to the Dark Side."

Malice narrowed his eyes. "So be it, Jedi. If you will not be turned, then you will be destroyed!"

Malice stretched his hand out, summoning his power to pull Rei's red lightsaber to his left hand. Igniting it, Malice suddenly unleashed an all-out assault on Shinji. Shinji deflected the blows as best as he could, but he was steadily loosing ground.


Rei was bent on the floor where she was before, watching the fighting unfold before her. She didn't know

It felt just like the early days of the predecessor. The second Rei... When she didn't know how to feel or what to feel. It was so…empty. The Dark Side had given her power, but she had lost everything else in return. 'What have I done? All because I couldn't control my fears?' Now, she was back at square one. She felt like…nothing.

She was nothing…Just a mindless doll…

"Are you going to sit there, or are you going to help your brother?"

Asuka came up from beside Rei, she too watching the fight and wanting to help Shinji. But the turbulence within Rei had not stopped and it had to be addressed.


Asuka frowned, feeling ready to go off on the First, but refraining from doing so. Rather she simply moved off, but not before picking up Rei's fallen lightsaber. The original one…

"You made a mistake. You have to get over it, that's all."

Rei stood motionless and Asuka sighed. She figured Rei must have been through a lot. If the dark Side seduced her, it must had been a whole lot. Still, what was done was done. 'Keep you mind on the here and now' Qui Gon had always reminded them. Returning her attention to Shinji's plight, she tossed Rei the lightsaber, letting it skitter across the floor in front of her while igniting her own.

"Was I right all those years ago? Are you really a doll?"

Rei blinked, but no more…

Shinji continued his defense against Malice, but with the extra lightsaber Malice was overwhelming the young Jedi. With a crackle, he swung the first saber forward, knocking down Shinji's. He then swung in with the second in order to decapitate him. But Shinji wasn't out just yet and managed to dodge the killing blow and wheel around with a strike of his own. But Malice caught that one just before it could do anything.

"Young fool. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side."

Malice brought his second saber in fast to clash with Shinji's, literally hurling him to the ground and knocking the saber away. Malice whirled his sabers into a cross and raised them high over his head. Rei's head lifted slightly at the sight

"Now young Ikari. You will die."

The sabers flashed down on Shinji, but the boy was unharmed by them. That's because two more lightsabers had crossed before him to protect him. One orange-red and one blue…

"This makes us even, baka." Asuka replied.

Shinji smiled and called his lightsaber back to his hand. Malice whirled back as the three Jedi assembled together, lightsabers drawn and ready to fight. But more than that, Malice felt the purity of the Force within them, flowing like a steady current through the three in a power like he had never seen before. He was even surprised by the fact that there were no ruptures in it, especially from Rei.

Rei hadn't believed that she moved so fast. Asuka was halfway there, so that was understandable. But her…she didn't know. All she knew was that she had to defend him. And now, standing beside him, she knew she had made the right choice. The connection between them filled her, reminding her of what she had missed for so long.

The bond through the Force…

"I'm sorry, Shinji."

"It's okay. I'm just glad to have found you again."

Malice scowled at them as he slowly lowered the two sabers to his side. In a flash, he charged at the three, sabers slicing through the air. But just as fast, the three of them crossed their sabers to block the blow. The battle picked up with intensity as Malice battled with the three Jedi simultaneously. But he had underestimated the power of the three as they became stronger than anything he's ever faced before. It was more than just three-on-one. The way they moved, predicting each of their own moves fluidly. It was as if he was facing a single Jedi. Together, the three had become a force of unparalleled power.

But even they had a weakness.

Malice crossed his blades after Asuka struck out in attack against him. But while he did that, Shinji was moving in from the side to attack. In a quick reflex, Malice separated his sabers and moved to deflect Shinji's blow. With it deflected, Malice again moved in for the kill, only to be blocked by Rei. However, that was what Malice was looking for and he lifted his hand, causing Rei to choke under the power of the Dark Side. Rei staggered back, grasping her throat as she sought to breathe. Asuka and Shinji rushed to help, but Malice suddenly released her, only to lash out with a wave of the Force and hurl all three of them away. Malice grimaced as they fell; The Jedi Children had drained him severely and his move had strained his remaining power. He wouldn't stand for this. Since they wouldn't be turned, then he will rid them off the face of the planet. The thought made him smile and he looked over to his first victim.


Looking up for a moment, he lifted both hands toward the blackness of the ceiling. Cracks of light came through and soon, a large portion of the ceiling tore off. He looked down at the Jedi boy while positioning the debris over him.


Malice swiftly dropped his arms, causing the debris to follow fast. The scattered objects dropped in on the Third Child and it seemed that he would be crushed. That was until the debris…stopped falling.


Malice turned to the source; Qui Gon. He had revived from his earlier battle just in time to stop the debris fall and save Shinji. But he was still weak and just barely holding it up. Malice laughed at this display.

"And the valiant Jedi Master comes to the rescue." Lightning began to crackle in his fingertips. "But who will save him?" Malice pointed his fingers at him and the lightning began to swarm. Shinji began to revive, but by the time that happened, it would be too late. But at the very least, he would be able to avoid the debris. In any case, that would be it for Qui Gon. He looked on knowing what was to come, but braving it regardless. He had to face death whenever it came.

It was the Jedi way…

"The Sith have always been stronger than the Jedi. Know this truth in your…"


Malice's eyes widened and the lightning dimmed in his hands. Qui Gon looked on as a line of blood dripped on the floor from the Sith Lord's chest. Malice slowly turned around only for another shot to ring through the air. His last sight was that of the shooter before the bullet drove through his forehead. Gendo Ikari…


As the Sith dropped to the floor, Gendo too dropped the gun and his hand slumped down as well. Shinji got up just in time to see it and moved from under the debris, much to Qui Gon's relief as he lowered it to the ground. Shinji moved over to his father and rolled him over.


Gendo's eyes flickered open, looking at the fuzzy image of his son above him. Despite his revival, he knew that he was too far gone. The dark Force lightning had literally torn him apart and he felt his own life slipping away. But he didn't care. He had expected that he wouldn't leave here alive. But he was glad that he was able to accomplish his mission. He even got to see his son in a light he never expected. No longer was he the weak boy he always believed he could control, now he was a strong, noble man. More than he ever was or could be.


Shinji blinked at this for a moment, but that only until he realized that Rei was standing right behind him. Her crimson eyes simply stared down at him and for once, Gendo couldn't tell what she was thinking. Rei bent next to him, continuing to stare, but not saying a word.

"Both…look so much…like her…" he whispered in finality. His eyes lid close and he remained close. The two Children simply stared, their face blank and unsure. After a minute of silence, Rei whispered to Shinji.

"All this time…I still don't know…how I should feel in moments like this."

Shinji continued to stare down at him and softly spoke back. "I'm sorry, Rei. I'm…not sure…either."

Unbeknownst to both of them, a single tear trickled down the opposite sides of their faces…

The battle outside ended right after the fight within the citadel. Misato had managed to reorganize her forces with the help of some data that had mysteriously appeared, which displayed the core weaknesses of the MP Evas. She would have to thank Ritsuko later, if she ever found her. The fighting now over, Misato joined the Jedi on their way out, but found that they were carrying the dead body of Gendo. Days later, Gendo was buried in a funeral pyre next to the grave of Yui. Gendo had long told Shinji that Yui's grave was empty, so it seemed only fitting to them that he'd have no real gravesite either.

Let the Force take them as they will…

With Keel disposed of, the organization of SEELE was no more. However, in this, Nerv had found a new purpose in protecting others around the world from such threats and thus Nerv was reborn. It was now dedicated to saving the world once again, but this time, not with Evangelions and not against menacing angels. And as the backbone of it, a new program was instituted to serve to train recruits to go out and deal with the problems firsthand.

The Institution of the Jedi Order…

While Misato remained the commanding officer of Nerv itself, Qui Gon was given the task of training these students and teaching them about the Jedi way. With three Jedi already trained and potential students in the world, it was an assignment Qui Gon could not refuse.

It was his idea anyway…

When they returned, Qui Gon severed the ponytail on the back of Shinji's head, showing that he was now a full-fledged Jedi Knight. Shinji smiled at this, not out of pride, but out of honor. It took another couple of months before Qui Gon gave this same right to Asuka and then Rei, who had meditated some time to think about what had happened to her the time she was away. It would take her a good two months to get past her own inner demons, but Shinji was there for her.

Xanatos, Qui Gon's past student, returned to fight them. More importantly, Asuka, for severing his arm. Asuka met the challenge and they dueled, with Asuka coming out on top. However, rather than allow himself to be taken captive, Xanatos jumped into a chemical pit, leaving Qui Gon these last words.

"See you in the next lifetime, Master."

The last element of the Sith gone, Qui Gon continued his quest to find other Force sensitive people and train them as Jedi. However, he could not use the old ways of teaching here, so he improvised a new fashion of instruction, careful not to break the old ways off completely, but while getting around them at certain points. He had already bent one rule of the old code; to only take one Padawan at a time. But he had taken three under his wing, with few adverse effects. Still, he preferred it if his new proteges took it slow with one at a time.

And with this, the Jedi Order was reborn.

Years later…

Foreign Affairs Residential Area

"Well this is a simple assignment."

Asuka and Rei were sitting in one of the rooms of the large building. Their mission was to protect the son of the vice minister of western European (After Second Impact, Europe and the countries within changed, solidifying into two segments, west and east). It didn't seem like such a assignment for Jedi, but the Vice Minister had insisted on the aid of the Jedi, whom he had heard through his reports of their progress and hoped that their presence would ward off any possible threats to his family in the upcoming convention. His share of information was sketchy though and they had their misgivings about accepting it. But in the end, Misato and Qui Gon sent them out, with a note of caution. So long as their assignment went on, they would carry out their directive, one that Asuka was now having trouble with.

"I said, well this is a simple assignment."

Rei, who had been sitting near the window, answered her. "I heard you the first time, Sohryu." She turned to her partner and gave her a light smile. "Try to contain your boredom."

Asuka sighed and took a seat nearby. "Well you have to admit. This is tedious, especially for Jedi. Babysitting doesn't seem like a Jedi assignment."

"Perhaps." Rei agreed. "But this is our obligation."

Asuka held up her hand. "Don't even start. I get enough words of wisdom from Qui Gon and Shinji."

Rei turned away to look out the window again, but Asuka managed to catch another smile grace her lips. Asuka sighed to herself. 'Well, I guess it's meditation time.' In an attempt to practice her meditation techniques, Asuka would often take the time for it, but only when she was really bored or had nothing else to do. In this case, it was both. She guessed that Rei was doing the same thing right now, the First Child being an avid fan of meditation. But before she could slip into trance, she saw a vision of Rei jumping up from her seat. A nanosecond later, Rei did just that.

"What was that?"

"I didn't hear anything." Asuka replied as her eyes opened. But she rose up anyway, lightsaber in hand. Rei had sharper senses than most people and she who have never spoken out unless it was something out of the ordinary. Rei moved away from her seat and into the next room. The boy was still asleep in bed and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Except for the red dot that was creeping up on the bed…

In a swift reaction, Rei's sapphire lightsaber ignited and swung down over the beam. At the same time, a beam of light flashed outside and through the window, hitting Rei's saber and reflecting outside. Asuka moved in and grabbed the boy out of the bed.


"Don't worry!" Asuka shot back as she carried the youth out of harm's way. More beams fired from outside and Rei continued to deflect them. The window was shattered completely from the repeated laser fire and Rei continued to deflect them. But she couldn't do it from inside the house. She couldn't see the shooter like this. Asuka soon re-entered the room and together the two Jedi jumped out the window and on the leveled ground. As soon as they did, they were face to face with their assailant.

'An Eva droid!'

The machine continued to fire a slew of energy beams at the two. Both women flashed their lightsabers in defense and deflected the beams away. The droid continued to fire and Asuka redirected her saber slightly to deflect it back at the droid. The blast hit, but the machine took the shot and continued to shoot at them. The Jedi continued to reflect and the droid continued to fire at them, taking the shots all the while and regenerating from them.

"This isn't working." Rei said.

Asuka nodded. "Time for plan B then"

Asuka soon broke out of her defensive position and charged. The droid fired on her, but Asuka continued to deflect the beams as she closed in. Lightsaber high, Asuka slashed down on the machine. But the droid dodged aside and aimed the weapon at her again. However, it failed to notice that Rei had ran right behind Asuka until her attack and when the droid sidestepped, it left itself open for Rei's attack and was slashed in half.

"Well, that was simple enough."

Rei's attention however, was on the destroyed machine. "An Eva droid… Who would send this against the vice-minister?"

An attack by an Evangelion droid meant one thing; someone seriously wanted the vice-minister dead. But that didn't make sense.

Asuka narrowed her eyes in a frown. "I think there's something about the vice-minister that we don't know about. I better contact HQ."

Asuka pulled out a communicator and activated it. The mini-screen lit up, revealing a young man with glasses. He smiled broadly as he saw Asuka.

"So how's the lovely the duo of Fire and Ice?"

Asuka's frown deepened. "Save it stooge. This isn't a social call."

Kensuke sighed. "It never is. So what do you need?"

"We need some data on Vice Minister Ackbar. Deep data."

Kensuke blinked, realizing what she was asking for. "I see. Anything in particular?"

"Whatever it is that would get him or his family attacked by an Eva droid."

"An Eva droid?" he exclaimed. "I'm on it. I'll contact you guys when I have something."

Two days later…

Entering the small isolated town, the two young men seemed passive in their walking, but in fact they were keenly aware of their surroundings. One wore dark blue robes and a hood over his head. The other wore plainer clothes, although he too had lower robe garments. Both had on concealed utility belts as well.

"Nice place. Kind of quiet."

"Yeah. It's the last place anyone would look."

Shinji and Touji strode into the town with a mission of their own. After Asuka's report, Misato dispatched a Jedi team to track down and bring the assassin to justice before he tried again. Shinji and Touji were chosen to take on the mission.

"Yeah." Touji seemed to keep his eyes ahead, but in fact they where searching around the environment. "It's just out of the way and big enough not to gain anyone's attention."

"Not to mention that it's only an hour's ways from the city where the conference it taking place." the robed Jedi added. "If the assassin were using an Eva droid, it would be easy just to send them in while they skip town. That would render them untraceable."

"Let's just be glad Kensuke is such a computer geek." Touji smiled.

Shinji smiled back, glad that Touji chose to come with him. Asuka and Rei were still out on their previous mission and Qui-Gon was busy with the trainees at Nerv. Touji was the only person who had sufficient training in the Jedi arts, even though he wasn't a Jedi. At least, not anymore. Formerly a Jedi Knight, Touji had decided to leave the Order. Qui Gon was sorry to see a talented student go, but the Jedi path was not for everyone. Besides, he had his reasons, the main one that Shinji was about to bring up right now.

"How is Hikari?"

"She's okay." Touji sighed. "You know her."

Shinji's head lowered within his hood. "I'm sorry to have worried her by calling you for this."

"She always worries. She just doesn't like to show it at times. Besides, she understands." The man smiled a bit. "It's funny. You sounded like before in the early years. You know, when you apologized for everything."

Shinji exchanged a smile with him again. "Old habits die hard, I guess."

Touji's gaze hardened. "Anyways, back to the mission."

"Yeah. Asuka and Rei were attacked by an Eva droid while protecting the Vice-Minister Ackbar's son. Kensuke discovered that Ackbar had some ties to SEELE, but broke away and hid. After SEELE fell, he emerged and rose to vice-minister. But it looks like there's someone left in SEELE that wants him dead. While Asuka and Rei are protecting the vice-minister, it's our job to find the assassin trying to kill him."

"Figures you wouldn't call me on an easy mission." A grin lit up on his face. "On the plus side, I can just imagine Asuka's face."

Shinji chuckled, too knowing the limited patience of the Second Child. Bringing himself back to the subject. "Kensuke tracked the droid's design to this location. We have to find the assassin before the conference the day after tomorrow."

Touji's eyes suddenly lifted for a moment and Shinji's as well. Touji sighed lightly. "It looks like he found us."

A large, burly man suddenly walked up in front of their path and turned to them. In his hand, hidden from sight was a gun. As they stopped, two others came up from behind them, armed as well.

"Let's keep this quiet, shall we?"

Shinji and Touji gave each other a glance before they lifted their hands in surrender. The men from behind moved in and checked them, removing their lightsabers and comms from their possession before ushering them into a nearby alley where a large truck awaited. The two were practically shoved in and the doors closed behind them. The engine started up and the truck rolled away to parts unknown.

"I didn't think it would be this easy."

The truck didn't go on for long as it stopped a couple of minutes later. The doors opened and the men dragged the Jedi out. They took a quick scan of he area. They were in a warehouse, empty and with solid metal-plated wall. They were led into a smaller area and then stopped. A door opened in the side and a single lean man strode out in front of them, wearing dark shades.

"So these are Jedi. Somehow, I expected better."

"Who are you?" Shinji asked.

"Syris Deacon. A man whose life you ruined." The two could just sense his enmity as he continued speaking. "If not for you Jedi, I would be part of the council."

"You mean SEELE?" Touji questioned.

"Exactly. The power would have been mine, until you came and destroyed it. But I intend to revive SEELE and continue its projects."

"Do you even know what SEELE was about?" Shinji now said. "They were planning the destruction of the world just to gain power."

A deep frown furrowed on his shaded eyes. "Save your lies and half-truths. I just wanted to see what was so special about you Jedi Children and from what I see, your reputations are exaggerated."

'Time to get to the heart of the matter' Shinji thought. "If you hate us so much, why are you trying to kill Vice-Minister Ackbar?"

Rage flared from Deacon. "He was a deserter and a coward. And we don't allow desertions among us." Having enough talk, he signaled his minions. "Kill them."

The guards raised the weapons high up and aimed them at the two. But in the second they took aim, the Jedi had dashed down low and out of the way. Touji reached both hands out and snagged the captured lightsabers with the Force while Shinji rotated to their sides and lifted his hands, using the same tactic, only to push the guards down to the ground. The leader in panic pulled out a control device and activated it. On the command, five slits opened from the warehouse walls and out stepped five Evangelion droids, each armed with energy rifles. Touji tossed Shinji his lightsaber and ignited both of his, golden in color. Shinji caught his saber and ignited it just as the laser fire erupted and came at them. The two Jedi closed in on the group of machines, deflecting the fire as they approached. Shinji deflect another beam and then shot his saber forward, impaling the first droid. Meanwhile, Touji spun around and slashed off the legs of another one, shot his arm back and stabbed into the third one. Simultaneously, both Jedi whirled around, severing the heads of the droids and stabbing them through, finishing them off. Nearby, the leader was in complete shock at the speed, the way the Jedi moved and destroyed his machine forces so easily. Without thinking, he turned and made a run for the gate outside, only to have it close in front of him by some unseen force. Turning around, he found the two Jedi were right behind him.

"You are under arrest for the attempted assassination of the Vice-Minister."

With their mission complete, Shinji and Touji returned to Nerv and reported the news. The vice-minister and his family arrived safely to the convention thanks to Asuka and Rei, who had to fight through a group of Eva droids in order to arrive safely. Deacon was arrested and imprisoned for his crimes and the Jedi women returned to base, after have the thanks of the vice-minister.

The Jedi would go on to other missions, other fights for peace and order. Qui Gon continued his training for recruits, but aside for himself and the Children, there were very few to teach them. But time didn't matter. He would take things slowly in order to bring the Jedi order to this world. But then something unexpected happened.

Another from his past arrived…Someone he never thought he'd see again…

Nerv, Jedi Training Circle


The sound of the kendo sticks cracked against each other as the two students circled each other. Around them, several other students of various ages sat around the ring, with Qui Gon standing along with them, watching the progress of the two in the ring. So far, they were doing well, beginning to tap into the Force to stretch out with their feelings and anticipate their opponent's move. In no time, he would entrust them to construct their lughtsabers as he had allowed a limited few to do when they reached a certain level of attunement. Qui Gon soon stepped into the circle and the combatants backed away from each other and sat down with the others.

"You two have done well. You have learned how to stretch out with your feelings and connect with the Force."

One of the youths raised their hands and Qui Gon nodded to him. "Master. I could just see the movements of Kenji in my mind."

The other one, a girl name Alicia nodded. "I could too. It was a little weird."

"That's good, both of you. You've taken your first steps into a larger world. There is still much for all of you to learn, but with time, patience and training, you'll will get it."

Qui Gon made sure to complement his students, but at the same time, he made sure to remind them that it would not be easy and that it would take time, especially since many of them were in their pre-teens. But he was only training them to be potential Padawans for Shinji, Rei and Asuka, and they in turn to train others. It was a start, but he would manage. The Force would guide him.

"Hello everyone."

By the now-open elevator, Misato had arrived in to see the class. The students turned and all said hello to her.


Qui Gon gave her a quick glance before returning his attention to his class. "Now remember. Work on your meditation and then return for evening class. You are dismissed."

"Yes, Master."

The students rose up and bowed to him and after he returned it, they all scattered off to their own directions. Misato waved to a few of the departing ones and Qui Gon stealthily made his way over to her.

"I'm beginning to think that you enjoy doing that."

"Doing what?" she asked innocently.

Qui Gon narrowed his eyes. "Challenging my students."

She smiled at him, continuing to play innocent. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"You're not a very good liar."

The students found the head of Nerv as a friendly person to all of them, but more so the male members and she knew it. In times of training, she would sometimes become a distraction for them. Even though Qui Gon taught them focus, some impulses were harder to ignore and Qui Gon was annoyed by it at times.

"You sound like Kaji." she pouted.

"Doesn't mean I'm wrong."

Misato held her hands up. "Take it easy. A little crush never hurt anyone. Didn't you ever have a flame for someone, Master Jedi?"

Qui Gon became silent and judging by the look on his face, it wasn't anything pleasant.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"No. It was a long time ago." The saddened gaze left his face and returned to the normally serene look he usually wore. "And I have my duties here to keep me occupied."

"You sound like Ritsuko." Misato sighed. "A total workaholic."

Misato had made contact with Ritsuko a year ago, but she had yet to actually meet her friend. After her disappearance from the attack from SEELE, Misato had been searching for her. But as her duties took precedence and her search kept turning up empty, Misato began to believe that her friend had disappeared off the face of the earth. That was until Ritsuko contacted her via e-mail, telling Misato to stop looking for her. Misato didn't understand why or how Ritsuko even knew that, but Ritsuko said that she had her reasons. From then on, Ritsuko would contact her by computer, usually about some disturbance or possible trouble in the world that she had to look out for. Ritsuko also wanted to remain anonymous and Misato never informed anyone of her presence or help. Only the four Jedi knew about it and they swore to secrecy.


A voice came over the comm Misato was wearing. Picking it up, she answered.

"What is it?"

The voice came back. "I have a visitor for Qui Gon down here."

Misato gave Qui Gon a strange look. Normally, Qui Gon introduced any new students to her before taking them in. "A visitor? Who?"

"She won't say. She refuses to give her name. Just that he would know her."

'She?' Misato grinned at the implications of this. 'Finally, some teasing material for him.' Trying to keep herself serious, she spoke back. "Let her come up here. I've got to see this." Realizing that her grin was still etched on her face, she turned to the Jedi Master. "Well, it looks like the lonely Jedi's story is coming into a little focus here."

Qui Gon was a little confused by this announcement. "I'm not sure. I don't…"

The elevator soon approached, but what silenced him was what he felt. There was a strong surge in the Force, a verge that was approaching them. 'I would know her?' Qui Gon didn't know what to make of it, but whatever it was, he would soon find out. The elevator opened and the guard stepped out, with their guest beside him. Qui Gon's eyes were wide with shock as he saw whom.

"Jedi Master. The least you could have done was invite me to your little gathering here."


The woman smiled. "We meet again at last, Qui Gon Jinn."

OMAKE (I would have thought up more, but I just couldn't think of anything. Imagination overload, I guess)

Misato head to the refrigerator after a long day of work. Without a second delay, she grabs a beer and plops down in her seat. Pen-Pen hears her entry into the house and pecks her to get her attention, but Misato does not move. The penguin continues to peck her and frustrated, Misato sits up to shoo him away. But in that moment, her eyes lock with his and she stops and becomes still. The penguin cocks its head slightly and Misato rises up from her seat and moves back toward the kitchen.

"I will get you your fish."

"Whark, whark!"

"And the rest of my beer."

Pen-Pen squawks jovially and follows her to the refrigerator where she had already unloaded both the fish and the numerous cases of beer. Shinji and Asuka, who were in their rooms at the time, watches the scene and glance at each other.

"The Force is strong with this one." Shinji mumbles.

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And may the Force be with you…