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Blood. He could smell it… Hear the heart pounding wildly in someone's veins. Determination laced the smell. Cat like eyes scanned the surrounding darkness for some sign of the beating heart.

The teen came to a stop panting, resting his hands on his knees.

"Man, now the old man is sure to kill me it's so late!" he groaned.

The eyes on him narrowed. Blonde hair over greenish eyes and a beautiful smile.

"At least he can't get mad at me for doing something I shouldn't have… Not like I went to that club," the blonde muttered. He reached for his bag when he felt the gaze piercing through him. "Who's there?" he demanded turning around looking for some sign that someone was there. After a few moments he turned back to his bag but was grabbed from behind. A hand clamped over his mouth while the other wound around his waist. He began to struggle only he stopped when the voice whispered in his ear.

"Stop that now… It'll only get you hurt…"

Behind his glasses the teen's eyes squeezed shut forcing tears down his cheeks and onto the chillingly cold hand that covered his mouth.

"Now, what is your name little one?" the voice whispered carefully lifting his hand away from the other's mouth by less than an inch.

"Ritchie…" he whispered biting his lip. He shivered when he felt the person's breath on his neck causing his skin to rise with goose pimples.

"Mmm… Nice name," the man behind him responded, smiling. Ritchie knew he was smiling because he could feel it on his neck causing him to shiver but this time not exactly in fright. "And why are you out this late, Ritchie it's almost the witching hour…"

Ritchie didn't answer but leaned back a bit into the body of his captor whose smile only widened while tightening his grip on the blonde's waist. "Answer me Ritchie," the voice cooed to him making Ritchie's mind cloud up a bit.

"I had been practicing…" Ritchie said quietly.

"But it's almost midnight little one," the voice whispered in Ritchie's ear, moistening it slightly. Ritchie couldn't answer as the cold hand that had been over his mouth stroked down his face and neck. "You shouldn't be out alone," he whispered. "Come with me…"

Ritchie snapped out of whatever trance he'd fallen in at the last three words. 'Come with me.' "I-I can't… My parents are probably all ready wiggin' out cause I'm this late," Ritchie started to pull away but the grip on his waist spun him around to face his 'captor'. He looked like he was only about Ritchie's age except of definite African decent. Those eyes though, seemed to glow with their own light. A cold hand caught Ritchie's chin while the other gripped his waist again pulling Ritchie a little closer than he was comfortable with. He'd just met this really, different teen and it wasn't like he was at the club he'd been sneaking off too… There well yeah he got this close to guys, but they were usually dancing and most the time when they tried to make out with him something didn't feel right so he'd tell them to back off and they would. Ritchie had a feeling this guy wasn't going to listen to him if he tried that.

"Are you that worried about what your parents think? They already don't approve of the path you've chosen…" the dark teen said.

"How… What are you talking about?" Ritchie asked turning pale but still able to have a most colorful blush on his cheeks. The dark teen's eyes fixed on the blush intently making Ritchie gulp involuntarily.

"Tell me little one, what your father said when he heard from a co-worker that you were going to that club… What was the name? I think it was Secret Knights…. What did he say little one?"

Ritchie tore away from the grip and looked down, wrapping his arms around himself trying hard to hold back tears at the memory. His father, who he'd looked up to his entire life, had called him lower than everything on Earth because he'd been there… at a gay bar… It wasn't his fault; it's just what he was… He had walked around with a large bruise as well for about a week because of it too… Not that his mother tried to stop him. He made something up about getting in the way of some tough guys who were picking on some other kid. He wasn't exactly in the best of moods so people bought it easily. Even Frieda who just couldn't seem to take the hint that he didn't like her.

"I know what it feels like… I'm not here to judge you little one."

"What do you want from me then?" Ritchie yelled at him before finding himself being kissed by the mysterious teen.

"You." Ritchie blinked at the statement. He backed up slightly from the teen. "I want you. I want you to come with me and stay with me for as long as you want but I want you to at least come and see what you could have… I want you to be happy, but most of all I want your love…" Ritchie was wondering how this happened… it seemed so weird. He couldn't get it to fall into place. "Please…" he whispered running his fingers along Ritchie's cheek.

"I… I'll come," Ritchie said grabbing his bag and moving back to within the circle of the teen's arms. The darker one smiled leaning up to capture Ritchie's lips again when Ritchie stopped him.

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"You never told me your name," Ritchie said studying the boy's face in the moonlight.

"It's… Virgil," he said with a smile trying again to claim Ritchie's lips, which he was granted to do.