"Why didn't you tell me?!" Ritchie asked again when Virgil looked away.

"I didn't know how, but I was going to!" Virgil said looking back at Ritchie.

"When?" Ritchie asked him tears forming in his eyes. "When were you planning on telling me that you were a vampire, Daniel?"

"Please don't say my name with hatred…" Daniel whispered.

"I don't hate you. I'm angered that you didn't tell me!"

"What?! Would you have believed me?"

"It would explain the shadows and lack of sunlight exposure."

"So that proves it to you?"

"Daniel…" Ritchie said softly getting up and placing a hand on Daniel's cheek, gently. Daniel gripped the hand and searched Ritchie's eyes. "I still love you… I'm just hurt you didn't tell me… It's a little thing, but still a little important…"

Daniel nodded, tears forming in his own eyes as he pulled Ritchie to him. "Gods, Ritchie… You have no idea how long I've waited for someone like you…"

"Hundreds of years…" Ritchie whispered against Virgil's neck making the vampire shiver.

"Ritchie…" Daniel breathed tilting the blonde's head so he could kiss him again.

When they pulled back Ritchie looked up at him with a smile, and Daniel couldn't help but think that, it looked like Richard's smile. "Daniel?"

"What is it?" he asked still staring intently at Ritchie's face.

"Make me yours," he whispered. Daniel shook his head.

"I can't, Ritchie… I want to, but I can't…"

"Daniel, love me, that's all I ask. Love me enough to mark as yours completely… You did once, so forget about rules saying that you can't love, and just love me… I know you love me, so just do that…" Ritchie told him. Daniel's mouth sealed over his and he felt himself be pushed backwards onto the bed. Ritchie didn't know how they got their clothes off because they were so engrossed in kissing each other, but they got them off and let their hands roam over each other's bodies.

"Are you sure about this Ritchie?" Daniel asked him one last time. Ritchie was panting as he looked at the teen that was kneeling between his opened legs. He swallowed.

"More sure than I've been about anything…" he whispered roughly. Daniel leaned down and kissed him before entering him. Ritchie cried out into his lover's mouth as a wave of pain/pleasure washed over him. He whimpered as Daniel began moving, and soon he felt a piercing pain on his neck. "Daniel…" he whimpered again.

"Shh… Don't worry, it'll heal for the most part… The gashes will… and other mortals will only see it as a hickey."

"What about other vampires?" Ritchie asked as he snuggled against Daniel's warmth with a yawn.

"Like the other mark, it shows you're mine and if they touch you at all without your consent or in a sexual manner, they'll have to answer to my wrath…"

"Without my consent?" Ritchie asked looking up at him.

"Like if they wanted to use you as a, meal…" his dark lover whispered as if he was ashamed.

"But this shows they can't right?" Ritchie asked.

"As long as they abide the code, yes… And since mine is the only clan within miles, you have nothing to fear at all…" Daniel answered his arms wrapping protectively around Ritchie tightly. "I love you and I swear I will protect you…"

"I love you too Daniel…Wait, OTHER mark?!" Ritchie asked looking up at Daniel face. He looked smug and content with himself. Ritchie sighed and snuggled to him again. "Possessive much?" He smiled at the whispered 'always' that greeted his ears before sleep over took him.

"Toya… Daniel marked Ritchie…" Yuki said climbing up to the attic where Toya was riffling through things.

"I heard."

"What are we going to tell Erick?

"What else can we tell him but the truth? But Ritchie cannot go anywhere with out one of us with him now… It's not safe…"

"Why?" Yuki asked walking over to his lover. Toya pointed out the window. Yuki took off his glasses, they were for show anyway, and looked to where he pointed. "No… They've found us?" Yuki pressed into Toya's arms. "Iie[1], koi[2], they can't have found us! Tell me my eyes play tricks on me…ONEGAI[3]!"

"I have to tell Daniel…"

"Will Ritchie understand?"

"He understood enough to let Daniel mark him as his forever didn't he?" Toya asked climbing down the ladder. Yuki followed him and went back to bed shaking slightly. A hunter had almost killed Toya when he was to turn him. Yuki's hatred for the hunters rivaled his fear of them. Though at the moment, fear far outweighed his hatred, as he feared for Daniel. He was turned exactly one hundred years after Daniel, months after the Richard 'incident' to be precise. He harbored great dislike for the hunters even as a mortal without a vampire companion. They often killed innocents, much too often. They were going to kill him before he was turned. They were more than often despicable, the lot of them. Greedy men, and women now, who held no sense of soul or compassion or love. Yuki lay on his bed trembling as memories of his village played in his mind. He'd watched many people he knew die because they were just slightly different.

Yuki remembered the night Toya came to him. Toya had been looking for someone to feed off of when he'd found Yuki. Pale, innocent looking, feminine, willing Yuki. Daniel had said that Toya would only understand how he felt when he knew his lover was going to die… If he ever took a lover, that is.

~~ Flashback of Yuki and Toya ~~

Toya was expecting a fight, usually mortals fought when they have the primal fear of being eaten. But Yuki… No Yuki was different. Yuki saw him coming and turned to him a soft smile on his face. Toya had stopped and glared in return. Yuki was not as innocent as Toya had believed, his words proved that.

"I know why you're here," Yuki had whispered to him so as not to arise any suspicion.

"Why is that, then if you know so much," Toya had spat to him. Yuki rose from his bed and walked over to him.

"You are here, because you were drawn here," he paused taking one of Toya's hands (Scaring him in all honesty as he never knew a mortal to do this. He'd always known them as being fearful of his kind.) and placing it over his heart. "By my heart's beating. Were you not?"

"In… In a way, yes. It was your heart that led me here," Toya had responded amazed by the violet eyes that looked up at him. They held no fear, of him at least.

"You're a vampire. Here only for that which you need, my blood, and I beg you to take it!" Toya yanked his hand back.

"What game are you playing mortal?" Yuki looked hurt.

"No game, immortal one… Not a game at all. I thought that perhaps you were the yami tenshi[4] that I'd seen in a vision. That you might be the one, who would take me away from this pain," Yuki whispered looking down. "I am sorry to have troubled you. You wished for blood…" Yuki undid the ties of his robe, exposing his neck and shoulders.

Toya cursed himself when his eyes found, not the vein he intended to bite but, the scars crossing and marring the flesh of his intended victim. Yuki's eyes remained closed as he kept his head bowed submissively. The violet hued boy shivered as Toya's almost frozen hands pushed the rest of the material from Yuki's body, completely exposing him. Yuki flushed, gasping in surprise as those cold fingers traced his scars.

"Your, tenshi," Toya whispered into Yuki's ear. "Why did he free you? From what pain do you wish escape?"

Yuki lifted his head to meet the coal eyes of his captor, as he had no ability to flee now, even in his room. "From my pain…" he whispered in return. "The sickness that is taking over my body…" Yuki looked away from the eyes that were watching him intently.

"Who gives you these scars, hikari[5]?" Toya asked his grip on the slight body tightening. The boy let out a whimper. "Onegai, I ask you to tell me and not make me demand truths by waking your house…"

Yuki looked to him trying to search the coal eyes but he couldn't. "Nii-san[6]… gives me many of them… Others still come from my, my…" the amethyst trailed off. Toya opened his mouth to speak when footsteps sounded.

"YUKI!" The boy froze. "If you're awake and plotting to run again…" a voice said from the other side of the door. Toya grabbed the robe and wrapped it around Yuki before fleeing the room. Yuki paled and gripped tightly to the vampire that held him before they stopped. They were deep within the estate, towards the guesthouses. Yuki was never more thankful that there weren't any guests. Usually, that was the only time his pain stopped was when he had people to serve.

"Who was that?" Toya demanded as he set the boy down on his feet again.

"My, my master…" Yuki said quietly. "I was brought here, from down in the village. I shall stay for a few more days, before he decides if I shall go back there, to my home…" Yuki did not look at all joyed by this.

"You speak as if you don't wish to leave his beatings."

"Iie! That's not it!" Yuki said looking to him eyes fearful. "He won't let me go! He… he…" Yuki shut his mouth and turned away from Toya.

"Iie, Yuki-chan," Toya said pulling the boy to him. Yuki stiffened and whimpered. "I don't intend to do you much harm. I shall only take the blood I desperately need, as I wish to see you again." Toya pulled the robe from Yuki's bruised shoulders and laid kisses there. "And I shall make sure that he does not use you again, hikari."

"I do not know of what you speak," Yuki said as his body went rigid.

"You lie, little one…"

"I am no child."

"That I did not say… I just said 'little one'. What are you to say to your master when he finds you in your room come the dawn?"

"I shall tell him I went to investigate a noise…"

"He won't believe you…"

"A new scar to add to the old."

"He shall pay."

"Why?" Yuki asked spinning to him. Toya pressed his hand over the boy's mouth. Yuki shut his eyes tightly, hands gripping the fabric covering the vampire tightly.

"Do not question me." Yuki nodded a tear forming in his eyes.

"Gommen nasi[7], yami kami[8]." Yuki whispered when the hand was removed.

"No tears, small one, for I've not hurt you," Toya whispered pulling the boy to him and brushing aside purple strands of hair from his finely sculpted neck. "This might hurt, but it shall heal quickly." Toya ran his finger over where he was going to bite.

"Onegai, be, be gentle please," Yuki whispered clutching to him, still not opening his eyes willing himself to calm.

"Hai[9]," Toya whispered kissing above the vein. Yuki jumped and whimpered pitifully as he bit down. The last thing he remembered was a pair of dark eyes watching him and a whispered, 'gommen'

Yuki listened to his master and mistress worry over the deaths that happened in village.

"Yuki," the lady of the house said as he placed her breakfast before her.

"H-hai?" he whispered kneeling on the floor.

"Child, you told my husband you heard a sound last night. You investigated it…" she said lifting his head with her fan. The master had left the room. Her face softened. "Did you see anyone, chibi usagi[10]?" she asked softly.

"Iie, Madame. I saw nothing… I fear my ears were foolish last night," Yuki whispered to her, bowing his head again. Ayumi did not agree with her husband of the treatment of the servants, especially Yuki. The boy was timid to begin with but beatings for a small mistake were indeed foolish.

"Arigatou[11]," she whispered to him. "Get the tea Yuki." Yuki got up gracefully and left to get the tea. Her husband came in an angry look on his face.

"Where is Yuki?" he barked out.

"I do not know, dear. I sent him for tea just now, I'm not sure how far he's gotten," she said sitting placidly watching the fish jump in the pond just outside the room.

"There are scratch marks on his door. As if someone were breaking it open to get in," he said glaring at the door waiting for his servant.

"Yuki said he found nothing, that could be what awoke him," she responded. Her husband was going to beat the boy. She knew it was coming, and she was powerless to stop it. She already had to watch him slap the poor boy across the face. All he'd done was say where he was when his master was looking for him, and it seemed the truth. Though, secretly Ayumi wished Yuki had an admirer who wanted to take him back to the village. She was going to release him, whether her husband wanted it or not.

Yuki entered and set the tea down on the table and rising to leave the room and wait outside of it as he was told when his master spoke up. "Don't go anywhere, boy." Yuki froze; standing still head tilted down as to not look into his master's eyes. Thus was how he was taught. "Who were you helping to escape last night?"

Yuki stayed quiet. "Miroku…" Ayumi started.

"Hush, Ayumi. Well, Yuki? Who was it? A lover? The cause of the deaths?"

"M-Master, I do not know what you mean…"

"Don't know? I know someone tried to break into your room, boy. Now tell me who as I know you know!"


"I said to hush Ayumi!" The woman snapped her mouth shut audibly. Miroku grabbed Yuki's robes and pulled him to him glaring into scared amethyst eyes. "Well? Are you to talk or do I have to beat it out of you?"

"I saw not a person nor a beast Master! I swear this! I looked but saw nothing! Onegai, believe me! I swear!" Miroku pulled him all the more closer.

"I shall ask again later, and THEN you shall tell me the truth," he said before flinging the boy from him. Yuki sprawled on the floor tears in his eyes as Miroku left the room. Ayumi rushed to the boy's side but he pulled away from her.

"Do you need anything, Madame Ayumi?" he asked getting to his feet.

"No, Yuki. I do not. Thus, today you may retire to your room," she said kindly.

"Begging you not think I am ungrateful," Yuki said bowing to her. "But I shall continue my tasks for today as intended."

"Very well Yuki… But, chibi usagi should you wish to retire, or speak with me, do not hesitate. You have my order if that makes it any better," she said before leaving the room. Yuki placed the dishes on the tray and carried them back to the kitchen. 'Oh, Yami Tenshi, could you not have ended this torture?' Yuki asked himself.

Unknown to him, Toya heard it. He'd never left a prey alive before, thus, Yuki's thoughts often interrupted his sleep. Toya sat up and prodded his younger brother Daniel enough to awaken him.

"What is it Toya? The sun is up you know…"

"And it shall not kill you, but I must ask, you have left a **cough** meal option alive before… Do you hear their thoughts?" Daniel blinked.

"You left them alive?" Toya scowled and Daniel waved the look away. "Honestly I wouldn't have thought you'd found one worthy of that… But yes, if the thought has enough emotion attached, you'll hear it. Why? Your mortal keeping up all day?" the African asked with a grin.

"He is not my mortal and I thought that the thought link was only a rumor, that's why I asked." Toya then went back to his bed and turned his back to the smiling younger vampire. Daniel chuckled and went back to sleep.

Yuki was wrapping his wounds, out near the guesthouses as he was walking towards the main house from his washing. Ayumi had sent her husband into town for two days. She had said he needed to gain more information on the deaths, and he needed a bit of a break. He had agreed but took the time to beat Yuki first. Ayumi had sighed and sent him to wash himself. Yuki was used to Ayumi's silent help, but most of him wished her free of her husband. Ayumi expressed once she didn't love him, she was married to him at the age of twelve.

Yuki almost yelped as he was grabbed from behind, only thing that stopped the noise was the hand over his mouth.

"Do you know, how much I despise daylight, Yuki?" a voice whispered in his ear.

Yuki shook his head but calmed enough his mouth was release. "Iie, I'm sorry… but I don't know why you are here…"

"I can't sleep with your thoughts running through my head as much as they are," Toya answered him. Yuki blushed a deep crimson. "Do you really wish him gone? Does your Mistress wish him gone? If so, I'll have him taken care of. I'd like to sleep peacefully tomorrow," Toya expressed, still a whisper in his ear. Yuki stilled.

"I do not understand."

"What?! I offer you the freedom you desire and you don't understand?" Toya asked spinning the boy to him. Yuki flinched away from him expecting blows. They did not come. Toya's onyx eyes gazed intently at him.

"I am not the one who may decide. I have no power. The Madame is in charge, it is her decision as to what goes on in the house for two days," Yuki whispered.

"YUKI! Where ARE you?! You still have things to do! If you're dawdling, little brother!" Calls came to their ears. Faster than one would think, Yuki was left alone as his brother came up the hill. "Yuki! You're not doing as told!" his elder, Akito, hissed grabbing wrist and pulling him roughly towards the main house again. Yuki sighed inwardly and looked back to the trees by where he'd been standing. Would the vampire return tonight?

Ayumi watched, as Yuki seemed distracted. She'd asked him to come and sit with her, keep her company. He came, no questions asked, and sat in a corner, eyes on his lap.

"Chibi Usagi," Ayumi said looking to him. "Answer me this." Yuki brought his gaze to her. "Do you wish to return to the village?"

"I wish whatever the master desires," he murmured. His brother's harsh words rang in his mind.

"That is not what I asked. I asked Chibi Usagi, not Yuki the servant…"

"I want to go home Madame," Yuki whispered tears in his eyes.

"Your brother wishes to stay."

"It was his wish to come here to begin with," Yuki said emotionlessly.

"I want you to return home, before Miroku returns…" she said. Yuki gazed at her surprised. "Two sunrises is all you have, and once you leave, you should not come back unless I summon you, understood?"

"Of course, Madame Ayumi."

"Now, you should retire. You are distracted and the sun, it sets. We shall all retire early tonight and arise a bit late tomorrow!" she said rising. Yuki rose and followed her before going to his room. He felt happy as he changed into his night robes. He watched the night descend upon the estate before lying upon his bed, thinking of the vampire.

He was awoken, sometime later, by a sharp nip at his neck. He stiffened.

"Do not be frightened little one, for it is me," Toya whispered. "I sense contentment from you…"

"The mistress is sending me home," Yuki answered with a smile. Toya pulled the boy to stand.

"So your problem is solved then," Toya said. Yuki looked down. "I know you are sick… But it is with a cure, I feel it… You shall not be lost to the sickness." Yuki raised his head and his eyes locked onto onyx ones.

"You've come twice," Yuki whispered. "And I know not your name…"

"As it is, I should not tell you… As my Father, my sire, may punish me, but I see no harm as long as you keep it to yourself. My name is Toya."

"Peach blossom," Yuki whispered. Toya felt the color rise in his cheeks. Yuki nodded, as if approving the name, when he opened his eyes again, he was shocked at how close Toya's were to his. He went rigid as lips descended upon his own. He tried to pull back, fear over ridding his senses, but Toya held him fast. Yuki felt tears trail down his cheeks. Toya pulled back roughly before wiping at the trails.

"Why do you cry?"

"Because I do not want a promise that shall not be kept," Yuki replied closing his eyes tightly.

"What promise shall I not keep?"

"You shall leave. Leaving me here, in the village…" Toya at first didn't understand. "You'll use me, make me feel for you, then leave me here to wither away… My feelings for you distracting me and killing me more than any sickness could!" Tears were still slipping from his eyes.

"The only reason I would leave, was if I was found out… As of now… I do not wish to use you, or leave you. You intrigue me, and I shall not let harm come to you."

"You say that now, but I know… I'm mortal… And you are a dark spirit of the night. You shall have you fill of a mortal's flesh quickly, then move on to one with more life in it."

"Listen little one," Toya said fingers, turning cold, gripped his chin. Yuki opened his eyes. "You speak as if you have known my kind before…"

"You admit you'd leave me then."

"I meant, my blood! Beings same as I am, creatures of night, hunters of blood." Yuki shivered at the way Toya put it. "My sire taught me one thing, if you want something bad enough, take it. And I intend to take you with me when I DO leave…" Yuki turned a bright crimson.

"I-I…" Yuki's hand trailed up to Toya's face and touched it. "Then I am your servant, do with me as you wish, Yami Kami…"

"I intended on that to begin with, but your consent, makes it sweeter…" Toya said dipping down and biting Yuki again. He took just enough to make the boy disoriented. "When you return to the village, leave your window open, I shall come to you then. I shall mark you soon after," Toya whispered.

Yuki, in his haze, brazenly opened his mouth and uttered the words, "Mark me now, Toya."

"No, next time little one…" Toya murmured with a smile.

"Then kiss me again, onegai!" Yuki asked him placing his fingers on the almost dormant vein in Toya's neck. "To remember your promise by…"

"No tears this time…" Toya whispered leaning down and catching the soft waiting lips. Yuki felt himself be lifted into strong arms, his own wrapping around Toya's neck. He felt his pallet beneath him and whimpered. Toya was hovering above him as the kiss ended. "Ready to sleep?" Yuki nodded arching his neck so Toya had better access. Toya bit down and drew Yuki into unconsciousness.

Things were not going well in the village when Yuki arrived. He found his childhood friend, arrested to be killed, tried as the vampire that was killing. Yuki had few words with him. A whispered 'ai shiteru'[12] and Yuki looked away into his uncle's arms. The man cared little for others but knew Yuki needed slight care. He only just returned and a friend was taken from him before his eyes.

Yuki lay awake that night, his window open. Toya arrived smiling to him and dropping a kiss to the spot he always bit. Yuki squeezed his eyes shut, otherwise unresponsive.

"Nande[13], my small one, do you shy away from my touch tonight?" Yuki ignored the question, closing his eyes so tight that tears leaked. Toya wiped them away, sitting up and pulling Yuki into his lap. Yuki was almost limp. "Nani[14]? What happened?"

"He's dead now," Yuki whispered, emotions dammed within him. Toya frowned, what was the light speaking of? "He's dead, because… Because…" Yuki trailed off and tried to push away from Toya, a great hurt had settled on his heart.

"Iie, my Yuki," Toya said, forming a tight grip on the boy in his lap. Yuki tensed.

"You killed him," Yuki said not looking to Toya, more as looking through Toya.

"What makes you say this?" Toya growled.

"Because of the killings, he was killed! They said he was the vampire! As children he would clean and wrap my wounds after I took a beating. Before my brother took me to the estate, he promised to protect me…" Yuki's eyes glazed over with tears and sadness. Toya was amazed. The mortal dared to blame him, yet not in anger, in complete despair.

"Yuki…" Toya whispered wiping away the tears that formed.

"His last words, were to me Toya!" Yuki sobbed, he buried his head in Toya's neck. "He whispered he loved me, and they killed him!" Toya let out a feral growl, holding Yuki to him. Yuki whimpered and moved to pull away.

"Iie, my Yuki," Toya said, as Yuki could see his eyes burning in his own mind's eye. "They have wronged you…" Yuki sniffled, fisting his hands in Toya's clothes. He wanted to ask what he meant, but… "And I shall not stand for it…"

"Toya…" Yuki breathed out tilting his head to look at his master's face. Toya captured his lips in a kiss. Yuki, tears leaking, responded almost refusing to breathe, as he didn't want the kiss to end. "Toya?"

"What is it my Yuki?" Toya asked him winning a gasp from the smaller boy as he nipped at the spot just below Yuki's ear.

"Mark me," Yuki whispered turning his head and catching Toya's lips.

"Have you lost your innocence?"

"Iie," Yuki said looking to him with serious eyes. "It's all I have to show from my work. I've not had that taken… I've had to, perform favors, but never that…" He blushed, a thin line of red tingeing his cheeks. Toya was about to say something when Yuki continued. "But I am more than willing to give it to you." Yuki's head bowed as the blush deepened. Toya kissed the flushed cheeks.

"So I shall mark you, completely mine, for eternity," Toya said undoing Yuki's robes and laying him on the bed.

"Hai, boku no yami tenshi[15]," Yuki whispered responding wantonly to his new master. Toya smiled to him kissing him again as if to swallow those words.

Yuki's uncle didn't ask him who his lover was, just gave him stares when people were around. Yuki seemed to avoid contact. Either this man was that possessive, or Yuki was hiding something far greater than his identity. Yuki passed like this every day. His old friends thought it was from the beatings he took. Never asking, what was wrong or why he never touched them. Yuki's secret relationship with Toya seemed to remain just that, a secret, until the mark on his neck was observed by his friend, Taichi.

"After what happened to Shin-chan, you take a lover?" he asked, eyes darkened with anger.

"I had a lover, for a while before that," Yuki lied.

"You can still face him after what happened to Shin-chan?" Taichi quietly raged.

"Taichi-kun, I didn't love him that way," Yuki said looking at the ground. "I didn't know of his feelings till…." Yuki stopped as tears tracked down his face. He looked to Taichi, who also had tears but a silent rage, not a true rage, a rage that had spawned from jealousy, but would never progress past heated words.

"He was waiting for you," Taichi said quietly. "He loved you since childhood… I was much too late to win his heart, and you have the audacity to have a lover and mock him?!"

"I do not mock him Taichi!" Yuki seethed.

"He died, knowing you didn't love him in return. He lived knowing you didn't love him in return, yet he thought that perhaps you'd have one night! One night, that I would NEVER have," Taichi seethed turning on his heel and walking away. Yuki returned home, to sob in peace. He was still sobbing when Toya came to him.

"Yuki-chan?" Toya asked pulling the teen into the shelter of his arms. It had been a month since he'd taken Yuki and marked him as his own. And the child had turned that of 17 years, and Toya knew he could not call him a child or a boy any longer. He was almost a man, and Toya treated him as such.

"I-I don't want to mock the memory of Shin-kun!" Yuki sobbed.

"How do you mock him?" Toya asked. He knew where this was going, someone had upset Yuki.

"Taichi-kun, saw the mark, and he said I mocked Shin's memory by taking a, **choked sob**, a lover," Yuki explained. Toya frowned down at him, not understanding how that was so. "Because, Taichi loved Shin-chan, he holds his memory tightly to him daily… Shin loved me though, and longed for, **sniffle** a night, just one. Taichi is upset that he'll never have that night, and he never would because Shin was waiting for me," Yuki prattled on. "And he says that taking a lover, that by being able to face you, I'm practically laughing in Shin's face…"

"Oh my Yuki…" Toya whispered to him as Yuki calmed in his arms. "Would you have done things differently if you knew of Shin's love?"

Yuki froze in Toya's arm. Would he have done something different? No. He loved Shin as a brother, never a lover. He loved Toya, the dark being that came to him at night, who would come and touch him just slightly but that would make his heart jump.

"Yuki?" Yuki didn't hear he was busy in his own mind. He was madly in love with Toya, though he was a vampire… It was practically forbidden. "YUKI!" Toya hissed in his ear. Yuki jumped and blinked and blinked at Toya who had a stormy look on his face.

"I'd do not a thing differently," Yuki said calmly as he touched Toya's face. "I was yours before I met you, and I have not a quarrel with that…" Toya calmed down considerably. He slipped his hand beneath Yuki's robes and made him arch and moan. He grinned getting Yuki frazzled before a bite was much better than a calm one for Yuki would respond to the bite with more fervor.

Then, the sickness hit. Yuki was practically bed-ridden for four days out of seven. Taichi was the last of his friends to be executed. Yuki had rushed over with his little bit of strength and hugged him.

"When you see, Shin," he whispered. "Tell him, that I'm sorry. But I don't want him to wait for me, for I won't be there soon." Taichi had looked to him with tears in his eyes. "You're both like brothers to me, and I wish you happiness with each other. I know you're good for one another…" That was Yuki could say before he was pulled away by a man.

"Show no sympathy to a vampire!" he had hissed.

"He is not a vampire, he is a mortal soul," Yuki whispered turning away as the deed was done. He'd gone home, only to leave, flowers in hand, to the cemetery. He knelt by his friends' graves.

"Gommen, my friends. I could not protect Taichi from their bloodlust…" he whispered, placing the flowers on them. "Even a true vampire, is no where near as cruel, as a human on a rampage…" Yuki didn't know that his uncle heard him. "I know… I've seen the kindness… But don't worry about me," Yuki told them. "He promised to protect me, as I am his…"

That night, Yuki's uncle did not leave his nephew's side. Yuki felt dead inside when he could not see his Toya. Toya said he'd never come if people were there, for he feared he's loose control of either his anger, or his hunger.

Toya scowled at the man sitting by his Yuki. He watched the whole night. Yuki's sleep was ridden with nightmares, and Toya's heart wrenched. He also felt guilt; there was NO cure for what Yuki suffered, yet he knew the boy would not be lost…

"So that's the elusive meal?" Daniel asked perching on a branch near Toya.

"He's attractive, I'll give you that much Toya," Jianliang said from beside the African.

"Shut up," Toya growled possessively.

"Toya, we came because Duzell fears you've made us known…" Daniel said quietly.


"Well, besides that handsome young fellow who was slain this morning as a vampire," Jianliang spoke quietly but off-handedly, "There's a man who was supposedly giving information to the leader of that sickening mob."

"What man?" Toya asked fangs bared in anger. He'd tear him apart. Daniel and Jianliang looked to each other before pointing to the man beside Yuki.


Yuki suffered through the day, miserable. His uncle slapped him around, saying degrading things. His brother visited and contributed to the pain, mocking Yuki's state. Worse of all, he was taken to another home in the village and questioned about what he knew of the vampires. They asked if they'd killed them all, if Yuki knew where they hid, how they picked their food, why they chose the village, how his friends were turned, if he himself was a demon as well… Yuki endured the torture they gave him, but steadily maintained that he knew not of what they spoke. Yuki's uncle helped him back to the house and locked him in his room. Yuki lay shivering, fear racing through his veins. He knew they were going to kill him, and he'd never see Toya again… It wasn't FAIR!

"Onegai, Kami… Don't make me leave him," Yuki whispered towards the sky out his window.

"Yuki!" The voice was urgent and Yuki stirred from the nightmarish dreams he'd been in. "Yuki, wake up! Onegai, this is important, love!"

"Hmm…" Yuki opened his eyes and they focused on Toya. "Toya-chan?" He nodded as Yuki sat up painfully. His eyes narrowed on the blood seeping from an open wound. "What are you doing here?!" Yuki asked eyes widening. "If my uncle finds you, he'll kill you!" Toya pulled Yuki into his arms.

"Your dark angel rescued you from pain, ne?" Toya asked him. Yuki nodded the pain fleeing his aching body while he was in Toya's arms. "He took you from this place and showed you new things, replaced your fears with hopes, and he loved you, correct?"

Yuki again nodded, closing his eyes. He felt himself being lulled into peaceful sleep by Toya's voice and he felt calm and protected while in his arms. He snapped awake when Toya nipped his neck, holding his wrist out before the two of them.

"I want to make you mine for all eternity, Yuki," Toya whispered in his ear.

"I am yours, for eternity and on," Yuki breathed out stonily as if Toya had forgotten the mark on his neck.

"No, little Yuki, not like that," Toya said bringing Yuki's pale wrist to his lips. "I want to turn you. Take you with me!"

"Then take me! Toya, they want to kill me…" Yuki said pressed his face into Toya's neck.

"They shall not," Toya told him. "You have another sunset before they try… That's the way it's happened. Each time we found out, it was too late for us to help them…"

"You wanted to help my friends?" Yuki asked looking to Toya amazed.

"Hai, we did… Their innocent blood might as well stain our hands…"

"But the ones you…" Yuki trailed off. He knew that Toya's clan killed many for food.

"That, is a different matter. And we never take someone who is completely innocent," Toya whispered.

"Then why did you come to me?" Yuki asked, fearful he'd done wrong.

"You, were meant to be mine, that is why I found you and not another member of my clan," the dark one explained. "Now, you must rest…"

"But, you need my blood…" Yuki whispered tipping his head for Toya to access. Toya's lips brushed the mark before searching out Yuki's own.

"Not tonight," Toya said.

"You'll feed off another?" Yuki asked, looking hurt. Toya shook his head.

"Iie, no other as long as you are mortal," Toya said nipping Yuki's lips. Yuki moaned against him, pulling himself as close to his vampire as possible. "You are my link to life… I shall be your link to the freedom you so desire…"

"In your arms, I have that freedom," Yuki replied, eyes shining with hope. Toya kissed him again.

"I'll see you come moonrise tomorrow," Toya whispered, setting Yuki down on the bed and leaving. Yuki fell into a peaceful sleep; neither knowing his uncle listened to the whole conversation.

The next morning, Yuki was dragged from his room, in a short, black robe. He struggled as much as he could but his weakening body protested after a while. He was thrown to the ground in the middle of town.

"Yuki!" The boy looked up and saw Ayumi in the crowd, held back by Miroku.

"Sush Ayumi, he's a demon don't talk to it!" Miroku hissed to her as she began to sob.

"You are the young boy Yuki," asked a voice. Yuki turned to see a man in long robes. He looked like he would have been a wise old man, had he not gone insane.

"That is my name, I shall not deny that," Yuki said.

"You have a dark presence within you…"

"I think you sense that darkness from yourself!" Yuki yelled. "Killing innocent people, just to satisfy someone when there is a death?! What kind of monster are you?!"

"Silence DEMON!" the man yelled taking a staff from one of the men who followed him. "You are charged with murdering the souls of innocents and corrupting people within the town with your evil ways!"

"WHAT?!" Yuki asked paling. "Killing? I can't hurt anyone!"

"SILENCE!" Yuki eyes began to tear as he was bound. "Your death shall cause the other vampires to flee!"

"I'm not a vampire! I'm a mortal!" Yuki said desperately as he was slammed to a wooden pillar and tied to it.

"You are," the madman said pointing his staff at Yuki who flinched away fearing it would hit him. "And we shall leave you here tonight, so that when your sire comes to save you, he too shall die!"

Yuki lost all color in his face and his eyes went distant. 'Toya! NO!' he screamed in his mind. His mental body was thrashing about trying to get rid of the ropes, while his physical body was too busy sobbing.

"Gommen nasi, boku no tenshi… I couldn't protect you…" Yuki whispered brokenly to the ground. "Taichi, Shin, I think I'll be coming to check up on you soon…"

Toya woke with a start. Daniel, who'd been having terrible images of Richard, was curled up beside him. He too stirred. "What is it, big brother?"

"Otouto-chan[16], Yuki's in trouble," Toya said getting up and pulling on heavy robes that practically covered all of him.

"You're going out there?! There's mob waiting to find us!" Daniel said jumping up. Jianliang woke from his own slumber and glared at them.

"Some people sleep during the day you know," he muttered.

"Toya wants to go out and help Yuki! He fears he's in trouble!" Jianliang, who had not taken a lover in several years (almost seventy- where as Toya had a lover whom he never bit about eighty years ago), shoot up in bed. "You don't suppose the hunters want to…." The three brothers looked at each other and paled. The hunters were leaving him there for the night! That's how one of their own was killed in China for he was not careful. Toya scowled at the look he was given as he pulled the hood of the robe over his head.

"I have to speak with Yuki. I have to find out how to save him," Toya said with aggravation. "And if you're not going to help, get out of my way!"

"Right!" the two younger vampires had said pulling on their own robes. Daniel was the hardest to conceal but he was still going to go with them. They were able to approach Yuki, who whimpered. He'd been beaten till his face was bloody and bruised. Toya knelt beside him; Daniel and Jianliang kept an eye out.

"Little one," Toya whispered. Yuki looked up.

"Yami tenshi! You must leave! They'll find you!" Yuki whispered through his swollen lips.

"How often does someone check on you?"

"I'm not sure, why?"

"I'm getting you out of this of course," Toya said starting to untie the knots of the rope when Jianliang whistled. He looked just as a man stabbed his shoulder with a stake. Toya let out a hiss of pain his fangs coming out slightly.

"You try to help this demon monk?" the man asked. It was Yuki's uncle.

"He is no demon!" Toya hissed to him.

"You're his sire!"

"Uncle, no!" Yuki whispered as his uncle called for others to come. Daniel knocked him out with a brief motion. Toya was pulled away from Yuki, who was bawling. Daniel started to stop people from coming too close, which was a help to Jianliang, who was a busy trying to stop a couple of real crazies from killing Daniel and Toya.

Toya looked at the man who pulled him away. He was ugly and fairly old looking. He was heading for Yuki with his staff raised high. "IIE! YUKI!" Toya started for them but man brought his sharp staff so it went through Toya's stomach, slowing him down. "Iie, don't lay a hand on Yuki, or you shall pay!" Toya muttered. Yuki was sobbing.

"Oh, KAMI! Are you all right?! Please tell me you're all right, love!" The man took Yuki's distraction to his advantage. He made the same wound on Yuki as he had on Toya. Yuki gasped and gurgled slightly trying to breathe. Toya roared in a rage and with one smooth motion, he had broken the man's neck.

Toya slashed the ropes and took Yuki's wrist in his hand.

"Toya…" Yuki whispered, as Toya bit down on his wrist pulling some blood into his mouth. "Ai shiteru, boku no yami tenshi.." Yuki whispered. Toya bit his tongue and let the blood mix before kissing Yuki and getting him to swallow the mix.

"And I love you, which is why I won't let you die!" Toya whispered to Yuki, who grasped at him as his wound began to heal. The dark teen picked up his lover and left with his brothers to return home and pack up a few belongings before leaving.

"Toya," Duzell had said as they headed away from the village, he was assuming the Yuki with closed eyes and content smile was asleep. "Next time you wish to turn someone… Do it in a more, peaceful way…"

"I didn't have a choice… I didn't know if he wanted to be turned till it was almost too late Father," Toya returned, his grip on Yuki tightening.

~~ End flashback ~~

Yuki had fallen asleep as he remembered those things, only to be awakened by a nip at his sensitive neck. "What caused those sad faces my Yuki?" asked Toya who was holding him now.

"Memories…" Yuki answered snuggling to Toya. "You don't think that it should be forbidden for a mortal and a vampire to love, do you?"

"If I did, would I have you?" Yuki smiled at Toya's answer.

"Probably not, but I was asking more for the sake of Daniel, as he is younger than we are, in appearance… Yet still very reckless," Yuki was reasoning as Toya nuzzled his neck.

"And hot headed and temperamental… OH! And we can't forget that he holds a grudge…"

"Just because he felt upset over the fact that you saved me when he couldn't save Richard," Yuki said giving his lover a look. "And the fact that he wouldn't speak to me correctly for months, doesn't mean that he holds a grudge."


"Really." Yuki said snuggling to him again as Toya kissed his neck. "Understood?"

"Yes… and my answer to your question is this. As long as it's true love between a mortal and an immortal, I don't give a damn. But if one is using the other, I'll get cranky." Toya chuckled to him. Yuki rolled his eyes as he drifted back to sleep.


End of the chapter! ^_^

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2- Koi = short form of Koibitto which is like a lover… or something like that. It's an endearing name for someone you're intimate with… (Japanese muses: -_-;; oy vey)

3- Onegai = please

4- Yami tenshi = Yami means dark/darkness and tenshi means angel

5- Hikari = light

6- Nii-san = Big brother/ older brother

7- Gommen nasi = I am very sorry

8- Yami kami = as I said, Yami means dark. kami means God/gaurdian spirits or spirit

9- Hai = yes

10- Chibi usagi = little bunny

11- Arigatou = thank you

12- Ai shiteru = I love you

13- nande = why?

14- Nani = what

15- hai, boku no yami tenshi = yes my (masculine possessive to be precise) dark angel

16- otouto-chan = little brother/ younger brother

17- baka = stupid. Or idiot.

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