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"Daniel, Ritchie," Yuki said popping his head in the room waking the two nude lovers.

"What is it?" Ritchie asked rubbing his eyes grabbing for his glasses.

"You have to see the news, quickly!" With that, Yuki left. Daniel as busily pulling on his clothes, wide awake. Ritchie copied his movements and followed him down the stairs to the sitting room.

An artistic teen sat on the arm of the couch while Yuki stood behind it. Toya sat on the couch and yet another male was seated on the floor at the coffee table a book in front of him. All of them were glued to the TV. Ritchie paled when he saw the headline streaming across the bottom of the screen. 'Policeman Attacked and in Critical Condition'.

"The chief had little to say on what could have happened to Officer Foley while on patrol… The pictures were said to be too graphic for a general audience. We have no news as to how he's doing other than critical condition. His wife refused a statement and his son was not present to comment…" The woman said calmly.

"Probably having a hard time coping with such a hard thing… Imagine coming home from school to that…" Her anchor partner said before moving on to the weather.

"I told him that he needed to blend not stick out like a sore thumb," the artistic one said shaking his head.

"I'm more concerned for the young Foley," said the one from the table. Yuki looked at the pale Ritchie who seemed in complete shock. Daniel was cupping Ritchie's face, murmuring in a language that was more than likely long dead, not that the vampire cared.

"I think we all should be…" Yuki said. The three companions looked to the ready to breakdown Ritchie who allowed himself to be pulled into Daniel's arms.

"Shit," they said.

A door opened and shut loudly. Daniel growled low in his throat and clutched Ritchie tightly to him. "Everyone in one spot?" asked the man who entered the dining room, which was practically adjacent to the living room.

"You are despicable!" Daniel spat at him.

"Why the harsh words little one?"

"You do realize your activities got on the news, don't you?" asked the man from by the coffee table.

"Oh Erick! You wound me…" he said smirking at him. "What?! Before Toya was turned back in the olden days killings like that were normal!"

"He's not dead, you moron!" said the artistic redhead that stood up from the sofa's arm. "He's struggling to live! He's in a hospital and I don't know about Erick, but I sure as hell would rather forget the past before Father turned Toya!"

"You, Anthony," the offending vampire said getting into the redhead's face. "Are asking for me to hurt you…"

"I'd like to see you try, Stephan!"

"Both of you!" roared Erick making Ritchie jump slightly. "Get a hold of yourselves… Or I'll have Stephan to live with Duzell. Which, we all know will benefit no one." The two backed away from each other. Anthony turned to Daniel and Ritchie.

"I got a car, it's small, but I can drive you to the hospital if you like," he offered. Ritchie looked up at him then to Daniel. Daniel raised an eyebrow in question. Ritchie nodded to Anthony with a small smile.

"Thank you…" he whispered. The three headed out.

"He's helping a meal?" Stephan asked. Toya was at his throat.

"Ritchie is a part of the family in my book, and I bid you to remember that, Stephan as you are the reason he's to go to the hospital…"

"What?" Stephan looked at Toya blankly.

"That man you tried to kill was his father!"

"So intriguing these humans…"

"He's Daniel's…" Stephan paled.

"Daniel has taken the young blonde to his bed?" Toya and Yuki nodded. "He's marked him?"

"Twice," they said.

"He has to be stopped."

"Don't lay a finger on Duzell's youngest Stephan… He won't hesitate to hurt you," Erick said quietly. His pager went off. "Hmm… Seems I have a mortal to meet, I bid thee all farewell," Erick said heading out the door in a rush.

Toya and Stephan glared at each other a while longer before each turning and going a different way.

"Mom," Ritchie said slipping past the guards to hug his hysterical mother.

"Oh, my baby! Richard you're safe…" she said hugging him tightly.

"It's all right mom…" he whispered to her. Anthony and Daniel were permitted back by them. "How is, dad?" Ritchie asked.

"He's doing better…" she said quietly looking to the two who had brought her son. "You are…?"

"Forgive my manners," Anthony said sweeping a bit of a bow. "My name, is Henry. This is my adopted stepbrother Virgil… He and Ritchie have been meeting up at the mall since we moved in practically," he said with a wink to Ritchie who smiled kindly to him.

"Thank you, for taking care of Ritchie…" she said shaking Anthony's hand.

"Not a problem ma'am and we'd be more than willing to put him up for many a' night if'n you need to stay here," he said. Ritchie took one look through the glass at his father before turning around while Daniel was horrified. No wonder he was so afraid when he first became a vamp, he had that sickening thing inside him…

Anthony pulled Ritchie to him and patted his back. "I'm sorry little one… I don't know what got into him…" Ritchie looked up at him with a stony face. The three soon left, as Sarah Foley could no longer stand to watch Ritchie in the pain she was in. Anthony promised he'd take care of Ritchie and they were off. They were in the car, sitting in silence till Ritchie broke it.

"Why did Stephan chose my father to attack?"

"I don't know, he might have just been close at hand…"

"What's wrong Ritchie?" Daniel asked, looking away from Anthony to Ritchie's troubled face as they pulled into the drive.

"Part of me wishes he'd die now," Ritchie answered. Daniel pulled his lover from the car and into an embrace.

"You don't mean that…"

"I think I do."

"Why?" Anthony watched with interest.

"Because, it might as well be all the beatings he gave me at once… And then some… Karma says you get it back in three-fold."

"He's making sense," Anthony defended the blonde for a moment before Daniel glared at him.

"I just don't want him to find out about you, and sell you out or something," Ritchie said curling into Daniel's warmth. The African lifted him into his arms and carried him inside the house and up to guestroom.

Yuki met Anthony in the kitchen. "Well?"

"Stephan did a number all right," Anthony said taking an apple and beginning to peel it. "Be glad, Young Yuki that you were not around when we were that grotesque… You are much too fragile to handle it…" Yuki smiled to the artistic Italian. "Where is Erick, I can't smell 'im…"

"Went out to meet his 'mortal', soon after you left," Yuki grinned.

"Oh YES! That professor or whatever right?" he asked the violet haired vampire, who nodded. "What WAS his major anyway?"

"I think it was history…" Yuki smiled pulling out a teacup and filling it from the ever present warm-water in the kettle. He put a teabag in and sat down at the small kitchen table on the other side of the door where Anthony moved with his apple. "Which means they have a lot in common…"

"You, Yuki, are not suited for sarcasm… Your face is much too innocent," Anthony said picking up the paper. "Stephan made the paper too? I'm amazed with all this fancy, technology that people still read these…" the elder vampire muttered.

"I think that's more of a reason for me to use the sarcasm. And yes, several people still read the paper… After all, you can only get funnies in the paper…" he said smiling.

"Honestly though Yuki, I want your opinion…"

"On what?" Yuki asked after taking a sip of his tea.

"Well, seeing as how you are the most inclined in this house, the one who best listens to the wind and the other signs… Is, well… Is Ritchie actually Richard?" Anthony asked leaning forward.

"I can't tell you for sure as I never met Richard," Yuki said staring at his tea before looking to Anthony, who was one of the four who cared for Daniel. The other three being Toya, Jianliang, and Erick. "But I think he might be his reincarnation… He is much too attached to Daniel… And Daniel refused to even learn the seduction enchantment spell… I remember Duzell speaking of it while I was learning magic…"

"So you think, that Ritchie attached to Daniel, er, Virgil, because he subconsciously sensed it was Daniel?" Anthony asked biting into his apple.

"Don't quote me, but I think that might be it…" Yuki affirmed.

"Remarkable…" Anthony spoke before the back door opened and two sets of feet entered. "Yoho, who enters?" Anthony called.

"Please Henry, act more like your age," Erick said entering with a very attractive young man. He had dark brown hair that hung towards his eyes, which were a dark blue. "George, this is my brother Henry," he said gesturing to the redhead who extended his hand to shake.

"Pleasure," George said.

"Same 'ere," Anthony mentioned.

"And my adoptive brother's fiancé, Yuki," Erick said gesturing to the violet haired one who set his teacup down to shake his hand.


"Hai, the same here," Yuki said with a smile.

"Where's everyone else?"

"Virgil and Ritchie are upstairs, as the poor blonde is still very distraut," Anthony said.

"Buko no koibitto is up in the study writing on his book, and bakayaro netsumi is out… Yamero for that!" Yuki answered.

Erick glared at the two while George had to resist the urge to chuckle. The young man who had come to his lecture and had immediantly caught his eye (especially with staying after and shyly asking if he'd join him for coffee and perhaps discuss the topic further) a about two weeks ago had mentioned when they met at the café today that his cousin who was living with him, his brother, adoptive brother and mentioned adoptive brother's fiancé was causing some household arguments. A big argument by the man's glaring and silent ranting and all around complaining. George had taken his hand and assured him things would be fine. It appeared as if no one else in the house had forgiven him.

"Don't kill me for asking, Onii-san," Yuki said being slightly formal. "But what brings you two by here?"

Erick blushed adorably. Yuki couldn't help but think he was playing into the adorable inexperienced student role a bit too much. George's arms slid around his waist. "Not much…" he said which translated to 'If you two don't let me get a good make-out session at the LEAST, I'm going make sure you regret it for the next ten years!'

"Well then, I think I'll take Toya-chan his tea," Yuki said standing and sliding into the kitchen.

"I better go check on Virgil and Ritchie… See if they need anything," Anthony said around his apple as he got up and left as well. Erick was silently pleased.

"Those two words can cause them to move that fast?" George asked kissing Erick's neck. "You have more authority in this house than you think Aaron…" Erick blushed more as George placed a light kiss on his lips.

"I don't think they did it for my sake to be honest," Erick said with a giggle as he pulled George towards the living room and shutting the doors. Yuki peeked towards the door from the kitchen while Anthony hung back on the back staircase. As soon as they heard a breathy yelp, they giggled and went to do as they said.

"Tell me about your clan," Ritchie said as he and Daniel lay in bed, curled up to each other.

"You don't remember?" Daniel asked threading his fingers through blonde hair.

"No… I'm sorry… I barely remember anything," Ritchie told him.

"Well… Duzell is the Vampire who turned me… The sire of most of the family. That being Erick, Anthony, Toya, Stephan, Jianliang, Isabelle, and Catherine."

"Weren't there more?"

"Yes." Ritchie felt Daniel wince. He was about to tell him it was okay, that he didn't need to know but Daniel continued. "We lost one as we were fleeing England, another two in France… We lost one in both Italy and in India… We lost two in China… Then we gained Yuki… We waited several years, hundreds of years. We returned to Japan, and Jianliang chose Takato as his mate. Takato, blinded by love, at first glance of Jianliang, practically threw himself at him begging him to change him the moment he found out, fearing his being a mortal would forbid them to even see each other. He was half right. After loosing so many, Duzell became somewhat over protective…" Anthony, who had stopped at the door continued to listen to Daniel speak to Ritchie, who seemed to listening intently.

"So Duzell, wanted to prevent Takato and Jianliang from being together?" Ritchie asked.

"He wanted to forbid it, but once a mortal is willingly marked," Daniel said smiling kissing both marks on Ritchie, "Not much can be done…"

"Why is that?"

"Because it is common knowledge among those who abide by the code, that the vampire shall take the marked with him wherever he may flee, or turn him. The choice is up to the marked, but they are completely bonded to the vampire…"

"You'll never be without me again," Ritchie whispered kissing Daniel soundly causing the other to moan.

"I haven't finished yet," Daniel said, obviously making Ritchie hold off on his advances. "But after Takato was marked, Duzell tried to form a loop-hole in the code, all to protect the clan. Toya and I weren't exactly pleased with it but there wasn't much we could do… Jianliang however vowed before Duzell and several mortal passerby, it was sunset by the way, that he was in love with Takato Matsuda and he'd die several terrible times over, I'm sparing you his harsh wording by the way love, before he'd allow himself to leave Takato behind willing. He'd never leave him, for in death, which was a shock to Duzell as no vampire speaks of themselves dying, the second time I mean," Daniel said as Ritchie giggled. "For in death he'd still be with Takato as he was his heart and no other could ever come close to filling the void in his soul as Takato did. And all Takato had to do was smile at the sky for being blue, which is a statement for any of his… He's very… oh, what word do they use, GENKI! That's it… He's very genki and won't shut up… Got used to it only after twenty years… But of course wind of his disturbance, went right to the bakery where Takato lived with is family.

They were nice people I assure you, but narrow minded as a Roman Catholic is about the interpretation of the bible," Daniel said rolling his eyes. "They were devastated that their only son had chosen a male as a lover, let alone who would openly declare eternal love in the middle of the street!" Ritchie frowned. "I know it sounds like your father… I still damn the man though he's helpless in a hospital… Anyway they forbid Takato to so much as speak the word 'Jianliang' if they could, they would have told him not to think it." Daniel sighed, a smile coming to his face. "SO! Jianliang and I decided that there was no reason to make them into Romeo and Juliet, we'd recently seen it in Britain, so you can imagine us sneaking out of the house to find out what Takato really wanted and finish this crazy drama. We'd have never done it without Yuki and Anthony's help… Toya and Erick were a bit preoccupied with Duzell at that moment. So the two of us, snuck out of the house and down to the bakery Takato lived in. He lived on the second floor, same as his parents. He however was hanging out his window, looking down at the street, tears streaming down his face muttering something about dying.. Jianliang whistled to him and Takato smiled down to us. Bearing in mind that his parents are asleep we ask him if he wants to come with us and he says of course. I stop him however when I say 'No, we mean permanently. We're leaving tomorrow night…' Takato paled and looked over his shoulder at what I'm guessing was his door. He turns back to us and nods, a tear tracks down his face. He gathers a small bag of things, leaves a note and jumps out the window into Jianliang's arms."

"You're simply a wonderful spark of juvenille delinquency," Ritchie said sarcastically with a chuckle.

"Well, I just wanted Jianliang happy. After all, I was still waiting for you to reincarnate Richard… And it was TORTUROUS," Daniel said and Ritchie giggles madly. Anthony didn't want to know what caused him to laugh so much. "But back to Takato and Jianliang, which Takato still calls him Jenrya as that's how they say it in Japan so you can chose either to call him by it's the same thing," Daniel explained. "Takato smiles to me as he's only really met me maybe twice at this point. He's a very sweet and optimistic kid I have to give him that… Don't look at me like that Ritchie he's younger than me I retain the right! I could technically call Yuki a kid, but I don't, as he was a year older than I was when he was turned."

"Not to mention that Toya would have your ass!" Ritchie giggled.

The phone rang and Yuki picked up while Toya kept his eyes on his lover.

"Mrs. Foley?" he asked identify the voice.

There was a long pause and Yuki paled before thrusting the phone at Toya and running out of the room. "Ritchie!" he yelled running right into Anthony. The Italian steadied him as he banged on the door. Daniel opened it, Ritchie at his shoulder.

"What is it?" the blonde asked.

"Your mother called… It's your father… He's awake… And asking for you…" Ritchie paled and his grip on Daniel tightened. The dark vampire turned and embraced him.

"I'll start the car!" Anthony said heading for the stairs.

As Ritchie and Daniel came down the stairs, a rumpled looking George and Erick came out of the living room.

"What's going on?" Erick asked as Yuki stood on the stairs, Toya's arms around him.

"He woke up… Ritchie's a bit undecided on how he feels… He hurt him badly, but Virgil is not letting him ignore this. He is his father, and he needs to see him…"

"Wait, is that the Foley kid, the son of the officer that was attacked?" George asked looking shocked. Erick nodded leaning against him. "Amazing. He's one strong kid…"

"That he is," the three said watching through the window as Virgil helped Ritchie into the car and then climb in with him to continue holding him.

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