He was absolutely perfect to look at. His dark hair tousled, and his features relaxed in sleep. He looked so peaceful; she almost didn't want to wake him up. She sighed deeply as she leaned over and brushed her lips against his forehead, smiling at how sweet he looked. She shook him roughly, which barely did anything as he was easily twice her size. She sighed nudging him firmly in the ribs. Still nothing, she nudged him again this time a little harder. He only groaned and rolled over. She laughed at the absurdity of it.

She leaned over him, "Darien wake up please." She said not unkindly. "Wake up!" She said a little louder, nothing, he hardly stirred "Oh for love of…" She muttered angrily. "WAKE UP!" she half screamed at him, he only mumbled something swatting at her. She stood there for a minute, wondering how to wake him. Well desperate times called for desperate measures. She leaned close to him, nibbling at his ear. She smiled as he stirred ever so slightly to the contact. She moaned softly, a smile crossed his face. Then in the sultriest voice she could muster, she whispered into his ear, things that would be considered illegal in some countries, things that she claimed she would do to him if he would just wake up!

"Umm…you're kinky…but I don't think our bed's big enough for that last one." He informed her in a groggy voice; he reached out and grasped her pulling her towards the bed and himself.

"Oh for the love of…Darien come on, get up!" She growled fending him off.

"I don't want to…" He murmured, attempting to kiss her. "You smell nice…" He added as he inhaled her sweet scent.

"Darien! Listen to me; you have to wake up…" She began.

"Why? I've got everything I want right here…" he informed her, as he began to plunder her sweet mouth.

"Because… you're…sister… is having the baby…" She got out between kisses. He froze for a second poised in between kisses.

"She's having the what?" He asked her not sure that he heard her correctly.

"The baby, your niece," She offered. He let her go then, scrambling of the bed and towards his closet.

"Oh my god, why didn't you tell me that to begin with?" He growled at her absurdly grasping at clothes.

"I tried Darien!" She glowered at him. "But you were a little to busy kissing me!"

"If you weren't so damn sexy we wouldn't have this problem…" He mumbled, the room was dark and he had no idea what he was shoving onto his nearly naked body.

"Hasn't anybody ever told you not to get a pregnant lady angry?" She demanded angrily, she was about ready to smack him upside the head.

"You'd think so, but no." He responded pleasantly, turning to face her, arching a mischievous eyebrow. He expected her to be pissed, but he got nothing even remotely lose to that reaction. She was in fact stifling giggles.

"Oh darling…" She couldn't hold it in anymore, and started to laugh uncontrollably. "Oh…Darien…that…is… a…really…sexy shade…" She managed in between huge fits of giggles. "It looks better on you…than it did on me…" He looked down then, and was stunned into silence, he'd mistakenly grab one of her maternity shirts; it was in the amiable shade of Hot pink the words "Baby on board" printed across the front. He grimaced as he began to undress himself again. She was almost doubled over laughing.

"It isn't funny; at least I didn't put on your pants or anything." He grumbled angrily.

"Oh love…I think you stretched that poor thing out…" She laughed pointing at the shirt that was easily twice its original size. He glared at her, the words were now bulbous and oddly shaped. He reached into his own closet then grabbing a tee-shirt, which he double checked to insure, was his own.

"Why don't you go wake up Sheila, instead of laughing." He asked grumpily.

"Oh I would, except she's at her sister's or have you forgotten?" She smiled deviously. "Aren't you supposed to be the night owl?"

"Aren't you supposed to be nice to your husband?" He responded. Internally he was trilled just for the sight of her. He loved this woman with all his heart.

"That's what they keep telling me," She sighed. "But then their not married to the devil in Armani." She smiled not meaning a word of it. Her whole world was that man standing grumpily glaring fire at her. Suddenly and rather unrepentantly he smiled beautifully. Extending his arms out to her, without even the slightest bit of hesitation she ran into his formidable arms. He held her close inhaling her sweetness. "Oh I Love you " She mused. He smacked her bottom lightly.

"Don't call me that, it makes me feel old." He grumbled in sham.

"But you are old, you're an old married man" She smiled deviously. "And don't you go forgetting that! You're all mine Darien." She informed him matter- of- factly.

"As if I could," He said smugly, he was a man loved and he knew it. "You know, Ayane is asleep…" He grinned, running his callused hands down her body, in that flimsy little white nightgown she favored.

"Your sister's having the baby!" She growled, only half protesting.

"So? It'll take hours before she actually gives birth…" He was starting to unbutton her nightgown.

"Umm…get going." She said pulling away sharply. She was barely in control.

"But Serena…" He grumbled taking a step towards her.

"If you come any closer Darien, I'll cut you off!" She warned. He stopped then frowning slightly.

"I'm sorry you'd what?" He asked, carefully guarding his privates, coyly.

"Oh for God sakes! I'll cut you off from Serena loving!" She said having noticed the little motion he made. He gasped out loud, grabbing at his chest pretending to fall over.

"Oh my heart…Serena quick you'll have to resuscitate me!" He said falling flatly onto their bed.

"Oh no!" She said in sham horror. "Hey mister do you have candy in your pants?" She asked putting on her best childlike voice.

"Come and have a look." He dared.

"Darien!" She half screamed in surprise as he grasped her and pulled her onto of him.

"Couldn't resist ha?" He asked grinning manically. "I know animal magnetism and all that."

"Yah something like that," She glowered at him. "Darien your sister…" She said helpless as he began to kiss her all over again. "Please…" She mumbled, but she didn't know exactly what she was saying please to anymore.

"This is one time D.V time wouldn't be a bad thing." He commented turning her on her back, still devouring her mouth. He had unbuttoned her dress down the front and was busy stroking her, feeling her soft silky skin. She was lovely, the most beautiful creature, her big blue eyes were almost completely dilated from what he was doing to her. And just when he was about to explore her more intimately, a knock on the door followed by a wailing little girls voice promptly sounded.

"Just in time, the Daddy-can't-get-action patrol," he grumbled releasing her and adjusting himself. "I love that little girl, but some days…" He mumbled unhappily walking towards the door, he turned first to make sure Serena was properly covered up before unlocking the door.

"Daddy! Uncle Jaden's on the phone…he's very angry." She said handing him the cordless whipping her sleep tired eyes. Darien took the phone and his daughter into his arms.

"Hello Uncle Jaden," Darien said comically.

"Don't you Uncle Jaden me! Where in the seven rings of hell are you?" He growled. "You had better be half dead or else dying!"

"Surely she's still in labor…" He grimaced wondering how much time had gone by while he'd been busy with Serena.

"Yes she is, but the baby's almost here…I told her to call your stupid ass when she went into labor, but no she makes me call you just before the baby's here! Damn you and your stupid Darien Volpe time!" He was actually yelling.

"Jaden, you're her husband I'm just her big brother…" He didn't understand why the big man was getting so angry about him not being there.

"They had to sedate her a few minutes ago Darien! They're afraid they might lose her and the baby, my brilliant wife decided that it wasn't important to tell me that this was a trouble pregnancy!" He growled furiously. "Get your brunette idiotic ass down here!"

"Oh dear god…" He mumbled feeling totally ashamed of himself. "Where's Kasumi?" He asked lost for anything else to say. Jaden sighed deeply.

"With us, there wasn't time to get a baby sitter or anything, she went into labor and half dragged me to the car, I should have known why she was so anxious." He sounded distant and hurt.

"Jay, everything will be okay. My sister is a fighter, and if my niece is anything like her, everything will be fine." He promised, "I'll bring Ayane and Serena with me too, to keep Kasumi occupied." He offered. Clearly Jaden would much rather be in the delivery room with his wife, but he probably couldn't not with a little child with him.

"That probably is a good idea; they won't let me in there with her…" He mumbled sadly. "Hurry up Darien, please for the love of god don't use D.V time!" With that he hung up, Darien turned nimbly to look at Serena.

"Get dressed, Ayane you too, we have to go to the hospital, double time." He said firmly. Taking charge becoming the man Serena loved so dearly. In half the time it took for him to say the words Serena was across the room and in sweats, and out the room dressing Ayane. He in the meantime rushed down and grabbed some snacks and like for his niece and daughter.

In less time than he could ever remember taking to go somewhere, they were out the car and rushing into the hospital. It didn't take long to find the appropriate waiting room and anxious Jaden sitting with his head down and daughter asleep in his lap.

"Hey." He said unable to even muster the strength to sound even remotely okay. He looked beaten. Darien ached for him, he didn't know what he'd do if it were Serena in Rei's place. "Kasumi," he shook her slightly. "Look who's here." He said halfheartedly. She looked up and smiled tiredly at her father, and then over at her cousin. She half jumped out and ran over to Ayane. They embraced and giggled innocently talking far to fast.

"Why don't we go get some jello or something girls?" Serena offered both girls lit up like spark plugs.

"Yah!" they chorused grinning from ear to ear, Serena held their hands and lead them towards the cafeteria. As soon as they were out of ear shot Darien turned towards his brother-in-law.

"Alright, any news?" He asked solemly.

"No, they took her to surgery a few moments ago, their working on the baby right now as well." He commented hollowly. "They won't even tell me what we had." He said sadly.

"I thought you knew, wasn't it a girl?" He asked confused.

"We thought so up until the last sonogram, they said they couldn't tell, and that the first doctors were probably wrong, they think it might be…a hermaphrodite." He said looking away as tears fell haplessly from his eyes.

"Would that matter?" He asked concerned.

"Yes! Well not to us, but God Darien, think about the life we'd be bringing our child into. How cruel would that be? They'd go through school being both, or worse we'd have to choose…what if we choose wrong…" He looked unapproachably sad.

"It will all work out Jay, it always does, remember the fear we had when Kasumi was born, and everything turned up roses didn't it?" He asked reasonably.

"Lightening doesn't strike twice…" Jaden said sadly.

"Sure it does, look at our life! You and Rei, me and Serena, hell even Malcolm and Mina…their living together now, I've never seen the big man smile so much in my life!" He glared fire at his brother-in-law. "Hell even your stupid brother and Ami, don't be so defeatist! We are the luckiest men around, look at your daughter Jay! She's so bright, and they thought she'd…"

"Don't say it…" Jay said raising his hand in a sort of shield. "This is different Darien…I might lose Rei…" His voice broke then. "The only person I've ever loved." He looked away abruptly. "How would you feel if you were in my place?" He asked growling.

"I am in your place!" Darien glared right back. "She's my baby sister Jaden!" He looked straight at the other hand. "She is not going to die!"

"How do you know that for sure?" He asked turning fiercely.

"Because, she's a stubborn ox, just north of you and me! She won't let go Jaden, she has to much to live for this time around!" He gave Jaden a pointed look. Jay smiled then weakly.

"God your perceptive, did she tell you about the last time around?" He asked carefully.

"No, but I know my sister, I know when she's giving up." He looked at Jaden then, "You hurt her terribly didn't you?" He said calmly.

"I'd rather not talk about that now." He said clearing his throat. "It's a story that is Rei's place to tell and not my own."

"Oh you would say that, regardless, if you made her cry back then I'll pummel you." He was only half joking. The first few months of their marriage had been tumultuous, Jaden had never known love, and he'd acted as what he'd seen his father do to his mother. But that was all over now, Jaden had learned hard lessons then, lessons he'd never forget.

"I suppose I deserve it for I did to her." He sighed. "But I swear Darien…I didn't know how to be in love." He looked his brother in law in eye. "Poor girl, you were all shook up about Valessa and your father, she had no where to go about what a prick she'd married." He smiled weakly, that wasn't entirely correct. There had been Yaten, whose memory actually sent a swig of pain down his jaw. "You ought to thank Yaten on day; he beat the holy hell out of me once." He smiled at the memory.

"Oh I know, but he wouldn't tell me why." He said scrutinizing his brother in law. "Feel like sharing?" He asked sweetly.

"I made her cry, I'd rather not say what about." He said looking at Darien evenly. "And Yaten came after me, and found my drunken ass at the bar, he tried reasoning with me, and well that didn't work, so I took a swing at him, and he beat the hell out of me." He smirked. "I'll never forget Rei's face when Yaten dragged my hung over ass home." It had been the most horrified face he'd ever seen, she was running around trying to find antiseptic and crying the whole time, asking him where it hurt. There had never been a moment so tender in his life before that.

Darien was spared a response when a chipper doctor walked out, smiles all around.

"She's okay, and your son is doing well as well." She said turning to look at Jaden, whose eyes had widened like saucers.

"My son?" He asked the relief palpable.

"Yes, and what a beautiful little boy he is, dark hair and violet eyes." She smiled easily. "Everything is okay, she lost some blood, but we're confident she'll recover in no time, Congratulations." She said shaking Jaden's relieved hand.

"Can we see her?" Darien asked, because Jaden clearly couldn't.

"Oh yes, she's been asking about her brother though…" She frowned slightly. "Something about a skillet, she's still a little woozy." She said thoughtfully, Darien actually grimaced, he knew he was going to get it when he saw her.

A few minutes later, Jaden, Serena, the girls and Darien who was hiding rather ineffectively behind his wife walked into the Rei's room. She looked exhausted but lovely holding her small baby in her arms.

"Hi…" She said hoarsely looking at everybody who'd come in. "This is Hitomy Jacob Connor" She said softly. "Hitomy, this is everybody." She smiled gently, lovingly at her husband. "I think he wants to meet his Daddy." She smiled ever so gently handing him the bundle. He looked at the little thing in his arms with so much love it was almost painful.

"Hi little guy, I'm your daddy." He smiled the sleeping mass. "God you're beautiful, just like your mommy." He said admiring the little wisps of dark hair looming over his baby's eyes.

"I want to see!" Kasumi raged, tugging at her father's pants. He chuckled bending down so she could look at her little brother.

"She's pretty!" Kasumi smiled sweetly.

"She's a He, honey, you have a brother." Jaden told her. She glared fire at him.

"I don't want a brother! You said a sister!" She growled furiously.

"My mommy's having a sister…we can trade!" Ayane offered diplomatically. Serena's heart jumped, Ayane had never called her mommy before.

"Okay!" Kasumi said walking away with disgust at the sight of the brother she clearly didn't want.

"Girls!" Rei said with visible amusement in her voice. "You can't switch siblings, believe me I tried." She glared furiously at Darien. "You have to love what you get." She told them both. Ayane and Kasumi made a face.

"I don't want a brother…" Kasumi whinned.

"Neither did I, but as much as your uncle is slow as the devil, a jerk, and completely to into himself to be normal," Rei said in a plaintive voice. "He's the best big brother in the world, and you know what, your little brother is going to be the best little brother too." She smiled at her daughter who sighed angrily.

"Will he be all big and nice like uncle Darien?" She asked after a minute. "Or all smelly and weird like uncle Zoey?" She asked innocently. Darien had to look away.

"Your uncle Zoey isn't smelly!" Jaden defended.

"Uncle Darien says he is…" She said motioning to the man who had now almost completely hidden behind his petite wife.

"Darien!" Jaden and Rei growled in unison.

"Well he is! He wasn't living with you, smelling up your house." He growled back.

"Whose fault was that?" Rei asked him glaring death at him.

"Mine…" He sighed, Zoey had moved back to Boston after Darien and Serena had got married he couldn't stand being around the happy couple.

"Right you are! And you're a jerk!" Rei raged. "Quit hiding behind Serena! I don't like yelling at her to get at you!" She looked for a minute as if she was going to jump out of her bed and smack him.

"Rei, leave your jerk of a brother alone, you can show up late when we have ours." Serena added smoothly.

"Oh I will, and I'll chase him down the waiting room with a cast iron skillet! And this time I won't miss." She warned darkly.

"Serena! Defend my honor!" He growled at his wife.

"Oh love you know I won't let Rei beat you too badly with that skillet." She grinned at Rei who grinned back. "But I will be giving birth; I'll probably want to beat you with that skillet…" She murmured thoughtfully. He glared at her then.

"Turn coat." He mumbled in sham anger.

"Well if we're all done being cozy, there actually was a reason I called you out here today Dar." She smiled. "Not just cause I wanted my big brother with me either."

"Oh?" Darien asked, sensing that joke time was over.

"Me and Jaden would like for you and Serena to be the god parents of little Hitomy over here," She grinned at the look of awe on her brother's face. "what do you say?" Serena grinned back at the woman that she'd gotten very close with in the last couple of months. And answered for the both of them, an overwhelming yes.

"Well it's funny that should mention that, Darien and I were going through some legal work, and well we want to know if you'll be Ayane's godparents." She smiled back, Rei's eyes were so violet the threatened to burst.

"Oh! Yes! Of course we will!" She announced, grinning widely.

"Aren't we just an amazing family?" She smiled taking her son back from Jaden. "Jerk-face did you want to hold your nephew?" She asked him smiling deeply. Darien came rather reluctantly up to take his nephew in his arms.

"My nephew and god-child." He smiled deeply, loving the baby in his arms. He smiled looking at Serena, his whole world was in this room right now, his entire family.

It use to be just him and Rei, now they had so much love between the both of them that it was humbling. Impulsively he bent down and kissed his sister on the cheek.

"I love you Rei. I wouldn't trade you, stinky husband and all, for anything in this whole world." She cried then hugging her big brother close.

"I love you to Dawwy!" They looked at each other and smiled, all the struggles they'd faced were now just sad memories collecting dust. There were too many good ones left for them to find. Too much happiness to pine over the sadness, too much of all the things that were important.

Vaguely Darien wondered about Zoey and Ami, about Malcolm and Mina and Nathan. Though Malcolm seemed pleased, there was still that hollowness in him. He didn't like to think about that, he cared for his friends so very much, silently he prayed that all of them would have a story book ending like his.

And you know, deep down he knew they probably would.

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