(Clouds form overhead)

(lightning strikes)

(Scribbledibble's insane face with her new crimson spikey hair appears with an eery smile and she says...)


(Isaac playing guitar: Duh na nuh! Duh na nuh!)


Aw man aw man aw man... DONT EVER LET ME LEAVE THE SAFETY OF MY OWN HOME AGAIN! I missed everything so much and camp sucked royally (cept I had fun with the guys... girls are so annoying) and I was mad cause I had the worlds awesomest story idea and couldn't write it.

Here is my story-it is not a prequel to anything, in fact, its royally f**ked up! I only left a few things the same from my other stories. (eg Clear's parents) It has nothing to do with death and premonitions and such, it takes place the summer before grade ten and the gang goes on a crazy excursion... ten points to anyone who can guess the outcome...

God, I missed you people.

Notes of stoopassery: all of Chapter One is in journal format. The following characters are mine: Colin, Clear's stepgrandmother, Carter's cousin, and Terry's friend Erica.

Chapter One

Alex Browning

Dumb things I have to do today:

1. Convince Mom and Dad to let me go with the Waggners to their cabin for two weeks instead of going to see Uncle Victor in Connecticut.

2. Prove to them I'm responsible by cleaning my room.

3. Wash my best shirts so I have stuff to wear.

4. Buy Tod and George birthday presents. (Maybe a computer game for Tod and that cool chain I saw at Caveau for Geore.)

5. Mow lawns of neighbores to get some more money so I can actually afford those things.

Articles from the above list I will probably succeed at today:

... uh... help?


Clear Rivers

Yesterday was the most terrible, nausiating, wretched, fucked up day in my whole shitty life.

I don't know why I'm still shocked that Mom married Colin, they were engaged for six months, it's just that even to yesterday something in me was hoping that Mom would get ahold of herself and realize that she can't marry this jerk. Yesterday, my worst nightmare came true. She actually married the world's biggest deadbeat.

The best part of the wedding was when I talked to some boy from Colin's family-his name was Mike. He might have been a distant cousin or something, I'm not sure. All I know was he was sixteen. Anyway, it turned sucky when he said that Colin has some other kids in Michigan that he never contacts, and a trail of ex-wives a mile long.

Then, to top everything off, Aunt Peggy made me sing 'Endless Love' at the reception. Not only do I hate that song, but how could I sing that song when it said the complete opposite of Colin and Mom?

To make things worse, Mom and Step-Daddy-Dearest are going on their honeymoon in the Dominican tomorrow, so, I figure, alright. I'm fifteen (well, I will be in a week), it's just for two weeks. I cook better than anyone I know, so why is it a problem, right?

Well, Mom decided I should stay with Colin's mother. Okay, she's a really sweet lady, but she is nearly 100 (okay... she's in her 70s... but so what?) living on this tiny shack on Iroqouis Lake. I can see it right now. Every morning, waking up in a tiny twin bed, being fed a past of a breakfast by my dear "grandma."

Life is just grand, isn't it?


Carter Horton

I must say, I am a genius. I really am. I use 100% of my brain. I have a mind that truly won't quit. In a matter of one hour, I just pulled together the party of the year. God, Mom didn't know what she was thinking when she told me I could go to Iroquois Lake with cousin Mark. He and I spent an hour on the phone (okay, I know, that's a girl thing, but it was for something important!) discussing how to plan this huge party.

I know he's 22, but we get along awesomely. I always thought that he saw me as some pesky 14-year-old who's never been drunk before, but I guess I was wrong. He told me I can help him plan his big summer party, and even invite a few people. He also told me that I can try a Loaded Soda. I pretended it was no big deal and that I have coolers all the time, even though I never touched anything alcoholic in my life.

So-who sould I invite? All I know is who NOT to invite. Alex Browning (Fag! Fag!) Tod and George Wanker-er, Waggner, Baby Billy Hitchcock, and Crystal Ocean or whatever her name is. You know, that hippy that moved here in winter? Everyone in grade nine is so immature. All I know to ivite are girls. Like Christa Gordon... mmmmm. Yummy!

And guess who I ran into at CD World today? Give up? Terry Chaney! I haven't seen her since she left for vacation at the end of May. I didn't know a person could change so much in a month! To think, the class tub is now a total babe. She must have gotten contact lenses. Colored ones too. Oh, and dyed her hair (it's blonde-the kind I like!) lost a LOT of weight, got rid of her acne... not to mention she totally "upped her cups."

I am the luckiest fucker in the world.


Terry Chaney

I am so mad!

I ran into Carter at CD World today. Gorgeous Carter Horton. He talked to me like I was, er, one of his friends! He kept looking at my stomach and my hair. He must think I look like such a thin, gangly freak now. He can't know that I was at Fat Camp. If he did, I would just die! Maybe that's what I should be doing. I look awfull.

Anyways, he kept talking about this party he and his cousin were planning at Iroquois Lake. Great. That just happens to be where I'm going camping with Erica. He'll probably make fun of me the whole time, making sure his cousin knows what a freak I am.

They'll all get a kick out of me. Terry "skeleton" Chaney. I look like a stick-man.