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It was happening. The change for the moon cycle. It was the new moon that was causing the change. Inuyasha turned human and everyone knew that. That's why they-Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Inuyasha, and Kagome- where at Kaede's hut. It seems that everyone was asleep unless you count one person up.

It's that time again. How I hate this time of the month.

Kagome slowly got up from her sleeping bag but laid back down quickly when she noticed Inuyasha sneak out of the hut. Where is he going in the middle of the night? Kagome thought. When Inuyasha was away, she got back up from where she was laying and started for the door.

"Okaa-san? What are you doing up?"

She turned around. Her son, Shippo, had awakened from her movements.

"It's the new moon. I'll be changing soon. I was going to wake you anyway."

He had known of her transformation. Since she was his mother, he was the only one who knew. Nobody else had known that every new moon, they would go out and practice their powers and maybe find more jewel shards. They walked outside and Kagome stood under the dark sky. A blue light surrounded her. When the light disappeared, she was now a Kitsune. Instead of her fuku, Kagome had an outfit similar to Shippo's except that her shirt was lime green and instead of pants, she had a long dark green skirt. Her eyes were amethyst and her hair-bow was turquoise blue.

"Shippo, Inuyasha has sunk off and we're going to see where to. We're going to have to be extra quiet though so he cant hear us."


They set off towards Inuyasha's scent. About five minutes later, Kagome and Shippo found Inuyasha by the river with his back to them. What is he doing? She twitched her ears to hear if he was saying any thing. She then widened her eyes. Inuyasha was with none other than Kikyo! What is he doing with that bitch? Shippo could feel the radiation of anger coming off of his okaa-san. It must be Kikyo. She only feels this way when she's around. Shippo thought while he stared in the same direction.

"So you did come."

"I had to. I needed to see you."

"What of the shoujo?"

"That ningen means nothing to me at all. I'm just using her so I can get the shikon no tama and use it to restore you."


"Ai shiteru."

They kissed full of love and then started to mate right there. They didn't know that two pairs of eyes and ears had seen and heard the whole thing.

Kagome watched in shock. He...he was using me? So he's never cared at all?

"Shippo come on. Let's get back to the hut."

"Okaa-san? Daijoubu?" he looked very worried.

"Iie. I'm not ok." she hid her eyes in her bangs.

They made it back to the hut with silence the whole way. What should I do? What's the point of staying? I'm clearly not needed by him. They walked in the hut, and Kagome went over to where Kaede was resting.

"Kaede-san? Could you wake up please?"

"What is it child? Why have ye woken me up in the still night?"

"I need you to teach me how I can keep my demon side up."

"Demon side? What on earth are ye talking about?"

Her eyes widened when Shippo lighted the fire. The light from it reflected on Kagome. What she saw was not the gakkou-gakkousei in the short fuku. What she saw was a kitsune with bright eyes shining from the light of the fire.

"What has happened to ye child? I do not quite understand this."

"We would all like an answer Kagome. You look completely different."

Miroku and Sango were now also up. They had heard some voices one sounding like Kaede's and the others Kagome's. She had her back to them but they could see her black tail and turquoise blue bow. Kagome sighed and turned around so her other companions could see her change. Sango gasped but Miroku's eyes just widened.

"This is going to be a long story so you all better get comfy." Kagome had a half-hearted smile on.

Everyone gathered close to the fire and was ready to listen in on the Kitsune-miko's tale.

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