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Author: Yayy! This is the first Dilbert fanfic. Guess what? I was the one who suggested having a Dilbert category! I would be very ashamed if anyone was to put up bad Dilbert stories under the category that I suggested. Anyway, hope you enjoy this collection of ideas for Dilbert comic strips. Review and put me on your favorite authors list! Yeah!

Comic 1: Dogbert is at a desk with a sign behind him saying "Dogbert's Job Agency". A man is standing in front of him.

Dogbert: Yes, this is Dogbert's Job Agency. Dogbert: We find the best jobs for the best people! Man: What's your system for finding the best people? Dogbert: They pay me the best! (Dogbert's tail is wagging.)

Comic 2: Dilbert's pointy-haired boss is giving an announcement to the staff.

PHB: We have recently found a bug in our software. It is causing major problems and will cost millions of dollars to fix. If we don't fix it, we could be sued for much more. Due to the high cost of repairing the problem, we need to have massive layoffs and pay cuts. Since our employees are paid based on an industry average, our only fully paid and non-laid-off employees are two gorillas and a few engineers with seemingly no brains. Dilbert: How can a handful of idiots save our entire company by solving a giant problem that really needs more engineers? PHB: I'm adding your name to the list of possible layoffs. (later that day)Carl(an idiot): Haha, you morons! I kept my job with full pay! And I didn't even bother going to that stupid announcement!

Sorry, that's all I can think of for now. You can give me more ideas in reviews. So review me and put me on your fav. Author's list! (I'm only on three people's lists! One of them is myself, and another is part of my immediate family! Help!)