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One Shot


Create the world you dream of with every choice you make.


"You think it'll really work?"

"Please, I've been friends with her for a *long* time. She'll be heartbroken, and I'll be right next to her. Thus, she'll turn to me immediately for comfort, and it'll go my way from then on."

"...But why do *I* have to do it?"

"Oh, you can't hide anything from me. I know you have the hots for him."


"You are *so* hopeless..."


"Anyhow, the plan will be executed tomorrow, alright?"


"I'll take that as an 'okay.' G'night, Felix."

"Goodnight, Jenna..."

Felix sighed as he ran a hand through his messy brown hair. How did his sister manage to ensnare him in this devious plot of hers? And it was all for HER benefit! He didn't like him... not at all... Nope. Not one bit.

...Stupid conscious.


"Wake up, Felix! It's the day we - "

"Yeah, yeah, give me a few more minutes..." He cut in, stuffing a pillow over his head. He could hear Jenna blow him a raspberry and slam his door shut. Felix didn't *want* to do this crazy plan... He didn't like Picard... No, not at all...

He sat up and threw the pillow across the room, growling at his teasing conscious.

/You know you like him,/ It giggled. /You want to touch his oh-so-sexy body, kiss his lips, run your hands through that beautiful hair.../

"SHUT UP!" He roared, flopping back onto his side, clutching his head.

"What was that, Felix?" Jenna asked, her red head appearing in his open doorway once more.

"Nothing..." He muttered dismally.


Felix trudged through the snow, glaring at the whiteness so hard it would be a wonder if it didn't melt and evaporate on the spot. Jenna was humming, and skipping beside him, occasionally reaching up to pick a little snowflake out of the sky with one of her gloved hands. It was amazing that she was in a good mood, considering the turmoil her brother's was in.

Once they reached a fork in the path, Jenna bid him goodbye and good luck, and headed toward Mia's home in reasonably good spirits. Felix, with a roll of the eyes, adjusted the scarf around his neck, and went onwards to Picard's.

It wasn't long before Picard's small home was in sight, and Felix, his teeth chattering and his hands numb, ran to the door in hopes of a warm hearth waiting behind it. He knocked, and knocked again, and in desperation pounded on the door, but alas, Picard was out. With a grumble he turned around, knowing he would have to search for the Lemurian despite his hatred towards this crazy plan of his sister's.


A snowball met him face as he was stepping off the porch. With a quick swipe of his coat sleeve, he brushed the iciness off, then looked around for the perpetrator. Hm, no one in sight...

Another snowball met - much to his embarassment and horror - his backside. Glaring at the snowy environment, he demanded silently of the skeletal trees around him to give up the offender without a fight. Glancing around the area one more time, he caught a flash of blue amidst the pure white -

Felix ducked as a snowball whizzed at his head, scooping up some snow as he began running towards the tree it had been shot from. He narrowed his eyes as the blue flash sped off towards the nearby forest.

You aren't getting off with hitting my rear, Picard! Felix thought, a wicked grin spreading on his face.


Meanwhile, Picard was running for his dear life as a very angry Felix chased after him, shooting snowball after snowball at his retreating form. He turned sharply to the right, then crouched behind the trees, molding a snowball in his hands. This would buy him some time.

He could hear the snow crunching underfoot as Felix drew near. Inching backwards to gain a slight advantage, Picard hid the hand holding the snowball behind his back, his legs as terse as an arrow strung in a bow.

"Ha, I've got you now..." Felix said, panting, as he turned the corner and stood before Picard.

"Oh, so you have..." Picard pouted. "...Not!" He flung the snowball as hard as he could at the Venus adept. Cackling wildly, he ran off once more.


Oh, that jerk...

/Yes, the sexy jerk.../

Yeah, that sexy jerk. I'll make him pay!


Felix was in mid-run when he noticed this conversation-of-sorts finally sunk it. Whatever, though, he still had a Mercury adept to catch.

As he ran, he came to a portion of the woods that had paths leading in three separate directions from where he stood. His eyesight would do no good here. He closed his eyes and listened. He could hear the river, its soft gurgle echoing throughout the trees. A bird chirped up above. Distantly, he could hear loud talking.

Felix, however, wasn't disturbed by any of that. Tuning out the louder noises, he heard a very soft, but very distinct snap. A twig crushed by a shoe. He turned towards the left, moving very slowly, seeming to stare straight ahead, but he was actually relying more on his peripheral vision. Trees, trees, a deer perhaps... Ah, blue. He walked a bit further than necessary, as though stopping to think about his choice of paths.

Felix took one more step. He could hear a quiet exhale of breath. Ha, don't feel confident now.

"You're mine!" He yelled as he pivoted suddenly and leaped for the hidden water adept. Picard yelped as Felix tackled him to the cold ground.

The Venus adept smirked down at his captured prey. He was straddling Picard's waist, and his hands pinned the Lemurian's shoulders down. It didn't occur to him that he was in a rather... *Compromising* position.

"Now..." Felix whispered, lowering his head to brush his lips against Picard's ear. "What shall I do with my prey...?"

He could feel the shivers that racked Picard's body once he had done that. The Lemurian didn't meet his gaze as he normally would have when confronted, and that bothered Felix slightly. Lifting his head, he pressed a light kiss to Picard's jaw, and when he didn't respond, Felix kissed his chapped lips, soothing the small tears in the delicate flesh with his tongue. That action finally got some *reaction* from Picard. Felix, in fact, was very much surprised with what he did.

Picard threw Felix off of him.

Picard, of course, took off running. Felix lay slouched against the tree he had (Most unfortunately) the opportunity to meet during his flight. With a groan, he rubbed his sore head and lurched to his feet. And it was going so *well*...


Picard was shaken. Very badly shaken. He didn't know Felix was *capable* of doing something like that! Nor did he know Felix was the type to make the first move...

He then decided that, should he ever be in a relationship, he would never be the submissive one.

Picard sat down inside a ring of trees that created a sort of semi-circle around him. He had never been truly sure of his mess of feelings for Felix. Sure, the brunet was cute, was good at the sword, and as he had recently found out, was certainly capable of being naughty. But still, his true feelings? They went unspoken.

The Lemurian tensed as the sound of crunching snow met his ears. Already, that psycho Venus adept had found him? Felix stood several feet before his hiding spot, peering around at the trees and adjusting his scarf while doing so. Completely unaware... Or so Picard thought. The last time, he thought he had gotten off, but Felix had just been acting.

He stood. Felix was apparently unaware, as he had not moved from his spot, but was not listening particularly for anything. Being a Mercury adept made it easy for him to move swiflty and silently in the snow, and, soon enough, Felix squeaked as a pair of arms wrapped around his torso.

Picard rested his chin on Felix's shoulder, breathing in the scent of the Venus adept mingled with snow. Felix moved his head, trying to meet his eyes, but it was futile, as Picard's eyes were closed.

"Picard..." Felix murmured, wiggling in Picard's tight grasp. The Lemurian's arms slackened slightly, enough for Felix to turn around and face him. "Let me kiss you..."

The golden eyes opened, and a small smile graced Picard's lips. Felix reached upwards, cupping his face in his gloved hands. After a slight, awkward pause, Felix leaned forward to press his lips forcefully against Picard's own. All of their hesitancy and embarassment from before melted away as soon as their mouths contacted. Felix's hands wandered downwards to Picard's shoulders, massaging them momentarily, then they crawled back up to settle around his neck. Picard's hands combed through Felix's dark, loose locks, marveling at the soft silkiness they possessed.

And throughout this entire time, their lips had never stopped ravaging the other's.

That is, until a shriek pierced the air and the moment was broken.

Picard pressed Felix's smaller form against him protectively, although they were both completely aware of the fact Felix could take down any terrors on his own. There, up the path, stood Jenna and Mia. Mia was sobbing into Jenna's shoulder, and the Mars adept was patting her hair comfortingly. Momentarily, though, Jenna looked up from the Mercury adept she held to - very discreetly - wink at Felix, who winked back at her. Picard blinked and looked down at Felix, who had his face buried in the Lemurian's chest.

...Was there something going on he had no knowledge of?


"See, it wasn't so bad. We both won in the end, in fact!" Jenna smiled, stirring her tea. Felix rolled his eyes.

"Picard was demanding to know what was going on, but since I didn't want to be brutally murdered because it was all a setup, I had to throw another snowball at him and be chased down all over again." He took a deep swallow of the hot tea. "It wasn't fun, to say in the least."

"Yeah, but we both got who we wanted, right?"

Felix blushed hotly as Jenna giggled at him from across the small table.

"I... It was all an act, you know." He said defensively, glowering at his tea.

"Oh, it's alright, Felix! I understand." She grinned like the proverbial cat that had eaten the canary. "You're just too embarassed to admit that you've secretly harbored feelings for our lovely Picard all this time, aren't you?"

"T-t-that's not the case!"

"Your stammering proves everything, dear brother of mine. And, the way you were kissing him back there - that couldn't have been an act."


The red-head laughed at him gleefully.

"Yes, I love you too, Felix. 'Night!"

Felix growled as she deposited her cup in the sink and headed upstairs.

He had to love that crazy sister of his, though he hated to admit it.


E n d e


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