Summary: Missing scene. What happened with Alex and Clear after the incident at the train tracks after Billy is killed? For me, this makes up for the deleted extended scene on the beach. You know the original baby subplot they had? Glad they ditched that idea but I wasn't so happy they cut the extended little romance bit on the beach –so that's what I'm making up for it here and keeping far away from that subplot as humanly possible. This is just my take on what we should have seen.

Alex was next. His intervention to save Carter had triggered the sudden change of course in Death's design. It was his time, but Alex stopped it and instead it skipped Carter and went straight for Billy Hitchcock's jugular – literally. Alex was frantic. The cops were coming. He had to run. Question was: would anyone run with him? He had to protect himself. And strangely enough he felt an affinity to protect Clear Rivers. A girl whom, four years ago, didn't even enter his thoughts once. And now she was the potential object of his affections. He felt guilty for what had happened to Billy. His guilt consumed him and it made it harder for him to decide what to do next.

Luckily for him, Clear decided. She suggested he hide at her father's cabin, away from Feds Weine and Shreck while Carter could quickly exit the scene himself. Alex listened to the sirens screeching through the night air. He silently mused over everything. Thinking it all through. Carter startled him out of his reverie:

"Get outta here!"

For the first time in his seventeen years, Carter Horton was finally getting off his ass and showing someone a little gratitude. Even if he felt resentment coursing through his body. Alex has only moments ago saved his life – again. The least Carter could do was return the favour. If not for him, then his family. For Terry. His Terry who was so suddenly snatched away from him.

Alex was still holding on tightly to Clear when Carter ordered them to flee. His eyes darting to Carter then Clear. They ran off into the woods behind them leaving Carter to his own devices. His hands went beseechingly into his hair and he let out an anguished sigh. He watched them go and looked down to his soaked pants. The sirens were getting louder which meant the cops were nearing. Carter dashed into a group of trees and ran off in the opposite direction, leaving behind Billy's headless corpse – along with his bravado.

To Alex, it seemed like he and Clear were forever running through the woods. They seemed to be never ending – just like Death's attempts at trying to kill them. Four down three to go. Clear's father's cabin came into view. It was run-down and almost near dilapidated. Like no one had been in it for years. The windows, among others, were boarded up. With all the faults it had, Death would certainly not have a hard time penetrating those walls.

"I haven't been here since before he died." Clear confirmed as if reading Alex's mind.

What if she could? Alex thought. He was clairvoyant so why couldn't she have some soft of gift? He followed her up the stairs to the door. She pushed it open and motioned for him to go in first. He went in and saw it was bathed in complete darkness. Soon he saw his and Clear's shadows cast along the back wall. He turned to face her; she had just put a flame into an old rusty lantern. The shadows of the flame danced across her face, picking out her features. He wanted to reach out and touch her. Feel how silky her skin was. See if her lips were as soft as they looked. He wanted to thank her for letting him hide out here and that was the only way he could show his true feelings. There was something between them. A spark had ignited and it excited and scared Alex at the same time.

For a brief moment he returned to the thought about their non-existent relationship in their four years at Mt Abraham. He couldn't think why he had almost went through all of high school not knowing her. Now, in this moment, it seemed weird not to.

"Here…" Clear said, putting out a chair for him, as she watched Alex pacing around nervously in front of her. She wondered how someone could think so much. She used to think she was the only one who questioned what life threw at her. Now more than ever, Clear believed that she and Alex were destined to be soulmates. Kindred spirits. They had so much in common including being a little weird. Well Clear more so as she was portrayed to be a loner while Alex the popular student. But since Flight 180, the entire student body couldn't look at Alex in the same way. But as Clear had learned, he was not crazy but simply a tortured soul. As much as she cared for him, Alex would drive her insane with all his pacing.

"You'll drive me dizzy if you keep up this tortured act."

Alex made no sound. He looked shiftily around the cabin, trying to find any obvious hazards that Death could take advantage of.

Above them, a thick, black mist emerged through a broken slack in the tainted roof. It knew the boy was being conscious of his next move. It had to eliminate him as soon as possible. He could see into the future and that was a threat to It's design.

"It's alright," the girl assured him. "There wasn't much here anyway. Like I said, it's been a while."

Death's attention reverted back to finding a way to eliminate the psychic. The girl seemed certain the cabin was hazard proof. It seemed to be, but Death had other ideas.

Alex sat down, taking off his jacket and rested his head in his hands, letting out an exasperated, defeated sigh. So many things were racing through his head: the premonitions; the cryptic chat with the Mortician Bludworth; finding Val Lewton impaled with the kitchen knives; the image of Billy's headless body slumping to the ground not to mention these new feelings he was radiating towards Clear…the list went on. He didn't even hear Clear pulling a chair up beside him. Alex only realised it when he felt her hand on his knee. She gave him the most reassuring squeeze possible.

"What's going on Alex? Tell me what's inside that head of yours. Do you know what's going to happen next?"

"Death." He whispered almost inaudible that Clear wasn't sure she heard anything.

"That's what's going to happen."

"No, it's not."

"Someone is going to die tonight. Whether it's you, Carter or me. We can't keep avoiding it. It will get us."

"So you're just going to give up? Boy, I thought there was more to you, Alex. I thought you had hidden depths."

Alex knew giving up wasn't the most favourable option. He wanted to save himself. Save Clear. Carter as well, even if he was such a stubborn asshole. But considering what they were up against, giving up seemed the inevitable.

"What else is there to do Clear? I don't have the answers. If I did, do you really think I'd be hiding her like some scared little boy? I don't know how I'm going to stop Death – if I stop it."

"What happened to the Alex from five minutes ago?" Clear demanded. "The one who held me and reassured me that he wouldn't let anything happen to me? Where did he go, hmm? Did he just vanish all because you felt a sudden attack of guilt? You're a coward."

Alex flinched at her words, knowing they were true. He was being cowardly. Sighing, he got to his feet, making his way to the window. He gazed out into the darkness, looking up at the stars, thinking about what Clear had said about their Flight 180 friends still being in the sky. They shouldn't be. They should be down on Earth. Living.

"That's it isn't it? You feel guilty. Guilty for starting this. Having that vision. Not being able to save Ms Lewton."

Clear stood too, several feet from Alex's turned back.

"You don't have to feel guilty. You saved Carter. You didn't know your intervention would lead to Billy's demise."

Alex was about to agree; it was true but somehow he didn't feel it. What he did feel was a threatening chill. A ominous presence. He was trying to pin point where it was and to do that he had to blank out all distractions. Clear's voice became a distant sound in his head and was drowned out by a sinister hissing. Like an evil, victorious laugh but not quite. He clamped his eyes shut, squeezing them until they hurt. An image entered the fray:

Glinting edge.

Cable snapping.

Wooden splinters.

"Are you even listening to me? Alex!"

Alex's eyes snapped open upon hearing Clear's heated cry. Suddenly he knew what that vision meant. He spun around, eyes going straight above Clear's head. And there, as he half-expected, was a ceiling fan completely surrounded by a thick, black, omniscient mist.

"So, what now you're not even looking at me?" Clear demanded, getting more and more frustrated with Alex's negligence.

"Great way to score plus points with me…"

Clear was cut off by Alex as he jumped across the distance between them, crashing into her and tackling her to the ground just as the cables on the fan snapped and came crashing down. Clear barely had any time to get herself together as the next thing she knew Alex had instinctively manoeuvred his body over hers, shielding her face from the falling blades. One broke off from the base of the fan and crashed into the wooden floor only several inches away from their heads.

In an angered fury, the mist quickly dissipated and escaped through the slats in the roof. It will get the boy next time. But it had to take care of the girl. Once she was out of the picture it would only be a matter of time before it got the boy. And it would be so easy as he would be nursing a broken heart…

When Alex was sure it was safe he turned to look down at Clear.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I think so. From the way you tackled me I'd say I was slightly concussed."

Alex put his hand to the side of her face, checking for any apparent cuts, bruises or any other kind of injury.

"I'm sorry, I just …"

"So I see." Clear craned her head to look at the blade making a large splinter out of the wooden floor. "You did it again."

"Did what?"

"You saved me. You're like my own guardian angel. Always there at the right time. Why do you do it?"

"Save you?"


"Because…Well, I…it's…"

Clear narrowed her eyes at him.

"Are we sure it's me who's concussed?"

"I don't know."

Damn, why did I say that!

"You don't know?"

"No, no, no. I have no idea why I said that, Clear. If you want the truth…"

Just say it you fool!

"It's because I care too much about you."

There. He said it. What reaction would she give him? Would she laugh? Say he was just fooling himself?

"I don't think I could stand anything happening to you. I feel enough guilt as it is."

"I told you, you shouldn't have to feel guilty Alex."

"But I can't help it. I can't help but feel guilt. If I'm so special, if I can see into the future, possess this gift to save others…then why are all my attempts falling short?"

"They're not falling short. You saved me just there. Again. Twice with Carter, twice with me. Do you think you'll be third time lucky?"

Alex smiled. The first smile he had smiled in a long time.

"Three times the charm."

He was still absent-mindedly stroking her face. Maybe it was so slow that she couldn't feel it. Or maybe she was concussed.

"You saved us on that plane, Alex. If I hadn't felt what you felt and stepped off that plane then I would be buried six feet under. You are the reason I am getting a second chance in this life."

Alex gazed into Clear's eyes and saw determination in those brown eyes. There was beauty in those brown eyes. The expression was beautiful. She was beautiful.

"A second chance at love."

"Love?" Alex breathed.

"It's radiating from you. Don't you feel it?"

Alex couldn't believe his ears. Did he really feel love for this girl? Or was it just a convenience to love her? Because she understood him in so many ways that others didn't? And to say no one in this life has a gift. She did. She felt what he felt. And that reasoned his next move. He put both his hands to her face and explored her features in the dark. He felt he should have at least let her stand up, seeing as he had all his weight pinned on her for the past five minutes. But he couldn't move his body. Wouldn't move his body. The feeling of lying on top of her was just right. And she hadn't said anything on the subject either which made him feel more at ease. Maybe she liked it too.

He traced his fingers across the width of her face; letting his fingers dance freely from one cheek to the other. He tilted her chin up as she tried to shy away. Fade away like she always had the knack of doing in school. Away from all the problems that plagued her life. But not this time.

"Alex…you don't have to…"


Alex closed the gap that remained between them, all the while tilting her chin further until her lips met his. It was soft contact at first. Clear's lips were as soft as he had imagined. Now no more imagining as it was real and happening. He had answered his own question. Their kiss intensified as Clear wrapped her arms around Alex's neck, clinging on to him for dear life.

He felt her desperation and yearning but this was neither the time nor place for anything beyond harmless kissing. Reluctantly, he did pull away, albeit very slowly, savouring her taste.

"You should go." He said simply. It wasn't a mean, "I-can't-do-this" type of comment. He wasn't trying to rid of her because he couldn't give in to the temptation that they would inevitably explore. It was because he was the one who had to hide. Not Clear. She had to stay as far away from him as possible. He was next on Death's little list and he couldn't take any chances of having it skip him and kill the only person who seemed to making his life bearable. Someone who he knew he could love, if given the chance. And he has his chance. If he wants to keep it alive she will go home.


"No arguments. You're going home. Away from me being as safe as possible. Please, Clear. Go. For me."

Clear bit her bottom lip and studied Alex's face. She traced his face like had done so with hers earlier. She didn't want to leave him on his own but she knew he had to figure things out. And if she stayed it could only piss Death off more than it already was. Sighing, she nodded. Alex smiled a soft smile at her. He sat himself up and helped Clear up as well. He stood and offered his hand down to her. She took it and he helped her to her feet.

She walked reluctantly over to the cabin door, slightly in a daze from standing up too fast. Alex came up behind her and pushed the door open slightly for her. A cold breeze blew Clear's hair and she turned to face Alex who was so very close to her she could almost feel his heartbeat.

"I will be okay. Trust me." He said huskily.

"With my life." She replied earnestly.

She leaned up to him slowly and put her lips to his, resisting the temptation to make it something more.

"Goodnight." She whispered opening her eyes slowly to see Alex smiling at her. He nodded.

"Please don't worry Clear."

She smiled a sad smile at him and walked down the steps. She turned to look at him one last time over her left shoulder. Alex raised his hand in a solemn gesture as if waving goodbye. For all Alex knew, it could be goodbye. He didn't know what Death had in store for him. But one thing was for sure: he wouldn't give in without a fight. And he would not see out his life without Clear by his side. His soul mate.