Sirius's story – fairly extreme case

Author: alternativelyspliced (SESA on other storyboards)

Disclaimer: obviously not mine. I'd be honored if you thought so, but I'd also think you should be locked up in St. Mungo's. Ideas from OotP, then blown up in my mind.

A/N: Please review this. The first few chapters fly by a large span of time. I know there are gaping holes, but I do not have time right now to fill them in. I have more detail later on. Anyway, you'll see when you read it. Tell me what you think, please!

Chapter 1: Innocence of youth

"Bye!" shouted a six year old boy to his cousin who was leaving after spending the weekend with his family. "Mother, when can Bella come again?"

"I'm not sure, Sirius. Next time your aunt and uncle are in the area. I'll tell you when I know."

"Ok, can I go outside and play?"

"Yes, if you stay in our yard. I don't want any muggle contamination in here."

"Yes, mother," said the six year old Sirius Black.

Outside, he could hear laughing all around him. He knew the muggle kids in the neighborhood were having fun. "I wish I could play with muggles. They don't look too bad, but there must be something very wrong with them. If Bella comes to visit again, then I'll have someone to play with!" Sirius talked to himself often, as he had few friends. He was only allowed to play with the kids his parents picked. These were usually his cousins or other children of well-to-do pureblood wizarding families. Young Sirius didn't really understand the difference between families, but he had to listen to his parents or he would be punished. Less than a year ago, he had thrown a muggle ball back to the muggle children it had escaped from. This earned him a full month in his room with at least ten hand washings a day, usually until they were raw or even bleeding. These were accompanied by lectures of how the Blacks and a few other wizarding families were above such people as muggles and mudbloods. Since then, Sirius has followed his parents rules as to with whom he could interact.

The house elf, Scamper, came out to get him for dinner. The old elf had worn the same ragged tea towel as long as Sirius could remember. He asked his mother and father once if she could have some of his old clothes to wear instead. He'd gotten a lecture on house elves and soon understood that he could never give them any clothes. However, when he stated that he felt sorry for them, his father magically whipped him until Sirius agreed that a house elf's place and purpose was to serve their wizard masters. He still felt sorry for the house elves' lot in life, but didn't say anything out loud.