A/N: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe are living with Penny (Grams). They are teens/pre-teens, their powers are bound, and they live pretty normal lives. Prue is dating Andy and they're in a very serious relationship. Paige lives at the church where she was given up at birth with Sister Agnus; she was never adopted by the Matthews.

Penny (Grams) - 56

Prudence (Prue) - 16

Andy - 16

Piper - 14

Phoebe - 11

Paige - 10

There Is A Reason For Everything
Chapter 1: The Morning After

The sun poked through the window of Andy Trudeau's bedroom window. Andy slowly opened his eyes and then squinted from the brightness. Andy placed his hand over his forhead to shield his eyes from the bright, yellow sunlight. He rubbed his eyes with his other hand and then looked at the clock. It was 5 minutes to 5:00 A.M. Andy yawned and then looked over at the sleeping form next to him. "Prue." Andy whispered. Prue continued to sleep. Her raven black hair hung over her shoulders. She looked so innocent, so peaceful. Prue had hair that went down to her mid back, it was thick black color, and ever so wavy. She had a slight tan; she wasn't pale but she wasn't really dark either. Andy wished he could just stare at her all day, but he knew that if his parents or Prue's grandmother found out about this, they'd probably be forbidden to see each other. "Prue.." Andy whispered. Andy reached over and slightly shook Prue. Prue's deep blue eyes opened. Andy stared into Prue's eyes, they were mesmerizing. "Prue, it's..." Andy began and then turned and looked at the clock again. It now read 4:59 A.M. He had spent 4 minutes just looking at her. "On minute to five." Andy whispered. "Damn!" Prue cursed, in a hushed tone. Prue quickly reached over the side of the bed and grabbed her silver and navy blue cheerleading outfit. Prue yanked the covers over her head and moments later slid out of Andy's warm bed. "Where are my shoes?" Prue whispered. Andy pointed to a the corner of the room. Prue's silver and blue high heels and her blue backpack sat there. Prue rushed over to corner of the room and slid on her shoes and then threw her backpack on. Prue walked into Andy's bathroom and grabbed his hair brush and quickly ran the brush through her hair about 4 times. "I hope I get home before Grams wakes up. Or I'll never live it down. I can't believe I got caught up in the moment last night...I didn't even mean to." Prue whispered to herself. Prue walked out of the bathroom and then walked to Andy's window. Luckily his room was on the bottom floor of his house. Andy, who was now dress in black jeans and a bright red t-shirt, walked over to her. Prue lifted the window open and jumped out into icy, morning air. Prue shivered for a moment and then turned to Andy. "Umm, guess I gotta go." Prue mumbled. "Yeah..." Andy replied, quietly. Andy leaned over and kissed Prue and then she smiled, a little. "I love you." Andy whispered. "I...love you too." Prue whispered back. She then turned and ran off in the other direction. Andy closed the window and sighed. "Maybe...maybe last night was a mistake?" Andy asked himself. Andy shook his head. Then he walked into his bathroom and picked up the brush Prue used. "How the hell am I supposed to know?" He asked himself. Andy set the brush down and walked back to his bed. Andy sat down and then felt something cold under his hand. Andy moved his hand and saw a golden, heart shaped locket that was connected to a golden chain. On the front, center of the locket it had a small blue diamond. Andy had given this neckless to Prue for her 16th birthday. About a month ago. "Shoot, she forgot it." Andy said. Andy put the neckless into his pocket and then walked back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Prue shivered as she rushed down the streets. She finally tured the final street and ended up on Prescott. Prue slowed down now and then finally walked up the driveway to the Halliwell Manor. She quietly pulled her house key from her pocket and then as quietly as she could, she opened the Manor door. Prue held her breath, expecting Penny to come running into the room and yell at her, but nothing. Prue let out a small breath of relief. She quietly shut the door and quietly walked up the stairs to her room. As Prue reached the top step she heard a loud, angry voice. "Prudence Halliwell!" Penny Halliwell yelled. Her voice echoed through the house. Prue's heart nearly skipped a beat. Prue spun around. "You've been with him, haven't you?!" Penny yelled. "Grams, leave me alone. I want to go to bed." Prue said, then she began to turn back around. "Don't you walk away from me, young lady! I think you've already been to bed! Prudence, get down here right now. I want to talk to you!" Penny demanded. "No, it's none of your business!" Prue yelled out. Penny's eyes became wide. "How dare you! Of course what my granddaughter does is my business! And if she's sixteen and sleeping with some boy, that is also my business!" Penny yelled back. Prue felt herself clench the stair railing. 'Why should Grams be able to know what I do?! It's my life, not her's!' Prue thought. Anger was filling her body. "No, it's my life! I can do what I please!" Prue yelled back. Her face was turning slightly red from yelling. "I said get down here this instant!" Penny yelled back. "No! Grams stop it! Stop it!" Prue yelled. Prue felt a pounding in her head. Prue placed both hands on her head as the pounding grew. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" Prue screamed. Without warning a huge burst of flames shot up, on the stairs. Penny gasped. "Oh my God!" Penny shrieked. Penny ran to the kitchen and grabbed a pan from the sink. She quickly filled the pan with cold water and ran back to the stairs. Tears were rolling down Prue's face now and the pain her in head was growing. The fire was rapidly growing. Penny held the handle of the pan and threw the water at the fire. She squinted her eyes and telekinetically moved the water out so it would cover all of the fire. Most of the fire was put out. But as Prue rocked back and fourth the pounding in her head combined her anger grew and the fire started again. Suddenly the realization hit Penny, like a ton of bricks, Prue was causing the fire! TO BE CONTINUED...

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