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There Is A Reason For Everything
Chapter 7: Moon Madness

Paige looked up, a curious expression was painted on her face. "Does it say how to find the coven?" Paige asked, as she peered over Penny's shoulder, to see the pages.

"Well, sort of. We need to contact the high priestess of the coven." Penny replied, as she scanned the next page.

"How do we do that?" Phoebe asked, as she held her hand to her head.

"Through the moon." Penny replied.

"What?" Prue asked, in confusion.

"The high priestess of the coven is, sort of, psychiclly connected with the moon. They way to contact her is through the moon." Penny answered.

"How?" Paige asked, in a curious tone.

"I'll show you, hold on tight." Penny said, as she stood up and walked into the kitchen, with the Book of Shadows still in hand. Penny carefully pulled a large pot from the counter and then went from cupboard to cupboard, gathering ingrediants. Penny then filled the pot, half full, with water and added a drop of rosemary scent. Penny then dropped the ingrediants into the pot and stirred it until the mixtured turned into a white, liquid. Penny grabbed a small vial from the counter and poured a tiny amount of the potion into the vial. "Very good." Penny said, to herself, as she walked back into the living room. "Whatch and learn, my dears." Penny whispered, as she sprinkled some of the potion over her head. Penny closed her eyes and fell into deep concentration.

Piper watched Penny, with a certain curiosity, sparkling in her brown eyes.

'Maylin. Maylin? Can you hear me? It is Penny Halliwell.' Penny thought.

An old woman with long, whiteish-silver hair walked passed the window. The sun was just starting to set and the moon was very visible. Out of the corner of the window, she saw the moon glow an orage color, for a brief moment. The older woman rushed outside and stared at the moon. Soon she saw Penny Halliwell's face appear in the moon. Thoughts entered the old woman's mind. 'Penny Halliwell? I haven't heard from you in...ages! It's been too, damn long!' The old woman thought, in reply. She watched the moon glow a golden color and then waited for a response.

Penny smiled as she listened to the Maylin's mental response. 'Yes, too damn long!' Penny thought back, then she paused for a moment, only to continue her thoughts. 'Maylin, my granddaughters have come into their powers. One of them, Phoebe, saw a woman who belongs to your coven being killed by a demon who goes by the name of Pyro. He then stole her necklace and flamed out.' Penny thought back. Outside, the moon glowed a soft orange again.

Maylin listened to the thoughts that were filling her mind. 'Oh my goodness! Pyro! Goodness no, if he gets too many of my coven, he and his elemental siblings will become too powerful! What did the woman look like?' Maylin thought, in return. She watched as the moon glowed a golden color again and then waited.

Penny's eyes fluttered open. "Phoebe, we need you to describe what the woman looked like, to Maylin. The high priestess of the coven." Penny said.

"To you?" Phoebe asked, in a bit of a confused tone.

"No, to Maylin. Here, I'll sprinkle you with the potion and then you can tell her." Penny said, as she sprinkled the potion over Phoebe's head.

"How?" Phoebe asked.

"Concentrate on the name, Maylin, and then just mentally tell her what the woman in your premonition looked like." Penny answered.

Phoebe shrugged and closed her eyes. 'Maylin...Maylin...Hi..umm...yeah...This woman she was about average in height with light hair. It was really long hair, too. She looked kinda young. I couldn't make out much more because all I saw in that vision was black and white.' Phoebe thought.

Maylin watched as the moon glowed a light green this time and a young girl's thoughts filled her head. 'Oh no! That's my granddaughter, Luna! She is soon to be the next high priestess when I'm gone! No wonder Pyro wants her dead!' Maylin thought, as a panicked expression crossed her face. The moon glowed a golden color, once more.

Penny's eyes became wide with concern, for her old friend's granddaughter. 'Don't worry, we won't let that happen!' Penny thought back, quickly. The moon glowed an orange glow again.

'Where can we find this, Luna?' Phoebe mentally questioned. The moon glowed a light green color.

Maylin watched the moon and then listened closly too the thoughts she was recieving. 'She should be on her way home from work right now. She usually stops at a small coffee shop on the way home. By a little alley. Starbucks Coffee House, I think.' Maylin mentally answered, then she watched the moon glow once more.

Phoebe's eyes lit up. 'That must be where he attacked her, in the alley by the coffee place!' Phoebe thought back, the moon quickly glowed a light green, and faded back to it's original color.

'Thank you for your help, Maylin, we'll be there and bring your graddaughter home safely.' Penny mentally responded. 'And blessed be, my old friend.' Penny added. The moon did a quick orange glow.

'Blessed be, Penny Halliwell. And good luck to you and your sisters, dear Phoebe.' Maylin thought back. The moon did a final golden glow. Maylin smiled at the moon and then walked back inside.

Phoebe looked at Penny. "How do we get to the alley in time?" Phoebe asked, as she stared at Penny.

Penny smiled. "Marissa! Marissa!" Penny called, as she looked at the ceiling. There was a small pause.

Marissa orbed in, in a center of the room. "Yes, Penny?" Marissa asked.

"Have you ever been the the small Starbucks Coffee House downtown?" Penny asked.

"Why yes, I love it there!" Marissa replied and then gave Penny a funny look. "You called me...for that?" Marissa asked, in confusion.

"No, we need you to orb us to the alley, next the place. It's a matter of life and death." Penny replied.

Marissa nodded and held out her hands. The 6 women joined hands and then Marissa orbed them out, in a swirl of blue and white orbs.

Moments later there was another flurry of blue and white orbs; Marissa, Penny, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige appeared.

"Piper, go! You can freeze things, hurry!" Penny urged, as a loud scream was heard from around the corner.

Piper bolted in front of her sisters and took off down the alley.

Prue, Phoebe, and Paige followed close behind.

Penny and Marissa were at their heels.

Piper flew around the corner, her hair whipped her face as she did so, and she skidded to an abrupt stop.

Small flames were flaring from the Luna's clothes, but they were growing rapidly. "Help me!" Luna screamed.

Piper gasped in horror and raised her hands. She knew that only her power could help this woman right now. Piper flicked her wrists and nothing happened. "Come on, damnit!" Piper quietly cursed, to herself. Piper waved her hands again, still, nothing. "Come on!" Piper yelled, she saw the flames grow, and she waved her hand again. As before, nothing.

"Piper, she's gonna die!" Phoebe screamed.

"No! She won't!" Piper yelled back. This time Piper held out her hands, closed her eyes, and concentrated. 'Fourth time's a charm!' Piper thought, as she waved her hands. She slowly opened her eyes to see the flames and Luna were frozen.

Prue glared at Pyro. "You don't hurt innocent people!" Prue hissed. She locked eyes with Pyro and suddenly he went flying backwards, into the dumpsters.

Pyro stood up. "You pathetic little whimps again! I'll get you yet!" Pyro roared, then he flamed out.

"Hurry! Water!" Penny instructed. "Luna will unfreeze soon!" Penny said.

Phoebe and Paige rushed down the alley and into the coffee shop.

Paige walked over to a water cooler and poured a small glass of water. "Pheebs, over here!" Paige called, as she filled another glass of water.

Phoebe nodded and rushed over to Paige. Phoebe immediatly filled two glasses herself. "Come on!" Phoebe said, as she bolted out the door.

Paige quickly followed her, trying her best, not to spill the water.

Phoebe and Paige walked up to frozen Luna and threw the water over the flames. The flames immediatly disappeared, leaving burns on Luna.

Luna unfroze and cried out in pain. "Oh God, it hurts so much!" Luna cried, as she slumped to the ground.

"Marissa, heal her." Penny insisted.

Marissa nodded, knowing that they couldn't wait for Luna's whitelighter to arrive. Marissa walked over to Luna and placed her hands over Luna's burns. A golden light glowed from Marissa's hands and then the burns on Luna's body, slowly disappeared. Marissa helped Luna from the ground.

"Thank you. Thank all of you." Luna said, in a greatful tone. "I need to get back to my grandmother, I need to make sure nobody went after her, too." Luna said.

Marissa nodded. "We should come too. It might not be safe, if anyone is planning on attacking her." Marissa replied.

Penny nodded. "Yes, plus, it will do me good to see Maylin, in person, again." Penny replied.

"Where is your grandmother?" Marissa asked.

"Goldenburge Apartments, room four-zero-two." Luna answered.

Marissa nodded. "I think I have a charge who lives in the Goldenburge Apartments." Marissa said. Marissa held out her hands and the group joined into a circle. Marissa instantly orbed them out.

There was a swirl of blue and white lights, then the women appeared.

Prue gasped. An old woman was on the floor in a puddle of blood. Prue looked up to see Pyro cackling.

"Too late this time, my pretties!" Pyro cackled.

Prue's anger burst. "You evil bastard!" Prue screamed. A ring of fire burst up around Pyro.

"Fire, eh?" Pyro questioned. "That isn't going to hurt me!" Pyro laughed.

"But this is!" Penny yelled, as she held out her hand, and sent Pyro hurling into the wall. There was a loud crash.

"My work here is done!" Pyro smirked. "For now, anyway." Pyro added, as he flamed out.

Marissa rushed to Maylin's side and knelt down. Marissa placed her hands over Maylin's body and nothing happened. She concentrated and still, nothing happened. Marissa looked up sadly. "I..I'm so sorry...But I can't heal the dead..." Marissa whispered. TO BE CONTINUED...