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/ Thoughts \

The Lightning Siax stopped short of a medium sized town, called Sandy city. Irvine wrapped his arms around Raven and hopped out of his zoid. The first thing he did when he entered the city was to find a motel. He settled with a small comfortable one, just on the edge of the city. He walked inside and asked the receptionist if they had a spear room. Receiving a yes, he collected the keys and left for the room, with Raven in tow.

Upon entry he saw a bar and grill a few meters from the motel room the room they were going to stay at. Opening door number 17 he walked over one of the beds and placed Raven on it. After looking Raven over, he decided that he would be fine by himself for a while, and left for the bar and grill.

" At least I can still get drunk off my gorde." He said while walking into the bar section of the resturaunt.

Once he spotted the bartender, he walked over and sat in front of him in a stool at the bar.

" What'll it be? " Asked the bartender.

" Um, one beer will do me, please." Said Irvine, thinking that it may not be best to get drunk after all. If he was going to take care of Raven, he should be sober.

/ Besides if I get drunk and pass out he might try and kill me. \ Thought Irvine while handing the bartender what was due, and chugged down his beer.


Raven opened his eyes and sat bolt upright.

/ Where the hell am I? Last I checked, I was in the middle of the damned desert. \

After looking around Raven finally relaxed. He was in a motel room. Someone must have brought him here.

/ Shit! My Zoid! \

" Your finally awake." Closing the door behind him Irvine took a seat in a chair that was between the beds. Startled from his thoughts, Raven looked up at him.

" Where am I? " Asked Raven. A bit rudley too.

" You are in a motel, just on the edge of Sandy City. " Stated Irvine. Raven was about to ask another question, but before he could open his mouth he was cut off by Irvine.

" I called and had your zoid brought into the nearest repair shop. The man there said that it wouldn't be fixed until tomarrow afternoon. "

" What's wrong with it? " Asked Raven. Looking at Irvine like he would freak if he didn't find out right away.

" The guy said their was to much sand in the filters. In lamens terms. It couldn't breath. " Irvine said, chuckling a little at the death glare he had received from Raven.

" How did you know where my zoid was? " Asked Raven. Still glareing at Irvine willing his head to burst into flames. No such luck.

" I came acrossed it in the desert and noticed you weren't anywhere in sight. Then I saw your footprints in the sand leading in one direction, so I followed them. Well, went in the same direction your footprints pointed. There really wasn't anything to follow because the wind swept the rest of your footprints away. Anyways, I came upon you passed out on a rock."

" Did you bring me here then? "

" What do you think? "

" Right, stupid question. " Said Raven.

" You look tired why don't you rest some more i'm going to get some food it'll probably take a half hour or so. That should be enough time for a short nap. " Said Irvine, looking Raven over. " I forgot to ask you before, are you feeling ok? "

Raven looked up at him strangely. " Yes i'm fine, just tired. " Then he glared at him until he left.

/ Odd, it was as if a actually cared? \ Thought Raven as he lay down and ready himself for a nap. Soon he was fast asleep. Happy to be in a bed and having the a/c on, to keep him cool.


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