Truth, heritage, power and love.

Chapter one : strange dream and a revelation.

Harry was hurting everywhere. Indeed he hadn't managed to finish the chores the Dursley had asigned upon him so to punish him his uncle had beat him till uncnsciousness. At the begining of the summer, the Order member had threatened the Dursleys, telling them that they were to treat Harry nicely, or else ! But, unfortunately, this only served to anger Vernon more, and the Dursleys were even harsher in their punishment this year. Harry was to send word to the order every three day, to tell them if he was right or in the case something was amiss, but Harry felt too ashamed that he couldn't defend himself against his relatives to complain to the Order. Also, he felt like he deserved the abuse a he felt guilty for Cedric and Sirius's death.

Now he would probably still sleeping if it were not for the owls which tapped on the window. With a groan of pain Harry made slowly his way to the window to let the owls in, nearly creeping because his legs couldn't carry him properly. Seeing his feeble state, all the owls deposited their letters and package beside him and left, exept for Hedwig. Even Pig, before the seriousness of the situation behaved like a proper owl ! Smilling softly despite his injuries - he had a couple of broken ribs- Harry wanted to oppen his presents but then he felt dizzy. The last thing he heard before slipping into unconsciousness was the bell of Little Whinning's church ringing for it was midnight. Harry's last thought was « Happy Birthday to me ! ».

« Harry , Harry ! Wake up Harry ! » Harry opened slowly his eyes. and freaked out ! There were 2 people standing at his bedside and moreover he wasn't in his room anymore !

« So, I see you're awake, now » said a white-haired, long-bearded man. He seemed quite old, older than even Dumbledor, and his blue eyes were shining with wisdom and amusement.

« The understatement of the day ! » sighed sarcastically the other dark- haired, green-eyed, middle-aged man.

Ignoring him, the older man added : « I guess you must be very confused and you certainly have a lot of question to ask, Harry, but I must ask you to keep quite and listen to our explanations first »

Harry stared suspiciously at him 'How did this man knew his name ?' but nodded in agreement.

« So, were do I begin . » wondered the white-bearded man.

« I think introducing ourselves would be a good start, wouldn't it ? » replied the dark-haired man.

« I believe you're quite right, Salazar. Now Harry, my name's Merlin, so I expect you to know a least a little about me like the fact I'm the creator of the modern magic and such things. And this man over here is Salazar Slytherin who I'm sure you have heard of. Yes I know we're dead and no, we aren't joking. We can speak with you because we're in another realm than earth, the dream plane. »

« Does it mean I'm dreaming ? » asked Harry.

« Yes and no. » said Salazar Slytherin mysteriously.

« The reason we were able to contact you Harry is because we have some things to tell you about your family and yourself. Unfortunately, we haven't got much time so, if you'd listen to us it would be great. »

« Okay »

« Harry today is your birthday and you'll be sixteen. Do you know what it means in the wizarding world ? »

« Ummm . No idea »

« Well, continued Merlin, when a wizard reach his sixteenth birthday it used to mean he was an adult. But this number was chosen because for the most powerful wizards it usually was the day of his coming of age in power, the time when he could at least access to his full power. This fact remain today, despite the changes in the society. You must know too, that when a wizard has powerfull ancestors, he tends to be powerfull too but not always. However when an ancestor decides one of its blood heir is worthy enough he can choose to give all, and I mean all, his power to his heir. Indeed a wizard always gives a part of his power to his descendant, but never all. Now, what I was hinted at with this explanation is that I, Merlin, and Salazar Slytherin are your ancestor. I through your mother and him through your father. And we both judged you worthy of our heritage and are offering you our whole power the night of your coming-of-age. »

Harry was stunned, it was too much for him to take in one time. He knew he was special, but to be the heir of Merlin and Slytherin at the same time !

One thing bothered him, though : « You said Salazar Slytherin was my ancestor through my father. I don't understand. Everybody always told me he was Gryfindor's heir ! »

« I can't believe it, Merlin, we forgot to tell him the most important thing about himself ! »

« OOOOps ! yeah, I have to erase that mistake, now, don't I ? Harry, the most delicate thing we have to tell you tonight is your father isn't who you think he is. »

« Then who is he ? »

« It will be hard to accept for you, but your biological father is Tom Riddle »

« What ! No way ! You're pulling my leg. I can't be this monster's son. Besides, if I were his son then why would he want to kill me since my birth ? And if James Potter isn't my father then why do I look so much like him ? »