Chapter 5 : Dealing with the Dursleys and OWLs Results

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Harry concentrated hard, imagining himself without wings, tail, nor pointed ears or canine. He let his hair and his eyes unmasked however, as he found them quite cool. It would help him to threaten the Dursleys into letting him alone, too, as his eyes could be spooky if he wanted them to. Then, he went to the closet and processed to get dressed for the day. That done, Harry breathed deeply one time, to brass himself before confronting his relatives, if you could call those bastard that.

When he arrived in the kitchen, his aunt had his back on him, she was setting the table. His uncle, however, saw him, put down his newspaper and rose from his seat. He was already quite purple in the face as he bellowed : « Boy ! You're late ! Do you think I'll let you stay here for free ? You're a burden to us and I won't put up with your arrogance ! If you believe you'll be able to sleep in, while Dudley is starving, you have another thing coming ! »

« I don't think so, you pighead ! You'll listen to me and do everything as Itell you if you value your pathetic life. Indeed, you see, I received my Inheritence today and am now considered of age in the magical world. This means, in case you didn't realise, that I'm allowed to use magic whenever I want. And I won't put up with your abuse anymore, so shut up ! I'll make a deal with you : you don't bother me, or even better, you ignore me, doing as if I wasn't here and I'll try and stay out of your way, well except for meals where I expect to receive a portion of food as large as yours and with no restictions on what I'll be allowed to eat. Understood ?» said Harry coldly, his eyes glowing eerily with anger and power.

The look on his nefew's face told Vernon he better agree or he would be suffering dearly for this mistake. Petunia had turned around during the exchange and she was looking horrified at Harry. She was so afraid of him at this moment that she had to sit down as her legs suddenly felt weak. She could only nod her agreement to Harry's terms, like her husband.

Then, as if nothing serious had happend, Harry walked to fridge and took out a bottle of orange juice and some bacon he put in a pan to fry. He prepared quickly his breakfast and ate it calmly, without another word.

After a while, Petunia and Vernon stopped loking at him warily and proceded to do as was agreed upon, going about their daily task while ignoring him.

When he had finished, Harry put his plate in the sink and went back to his room, again not uttering a word. This set the pace for the rest of Harry's stay at the Dursleys for the summer. He only went out of his room to eat or to go to the bathroom but never spoke to the Dursleys. Dudley was informed by his parents of the deal and was convinced by the fear he saw in his father's eyes that it was best to leave Harry alone, as he requested.

As Harry returned to his room that day, he remembered the presents and letters he received for his birthday and decided to check them as he hadn't had the time yet. He received, curiously, a book on Veelas from Hagrid, but thought it could be interesting. From Hermione, he received a broom service kit, which he was thankful for. Ron sent him, surprisingly, a book « The Basic Spells Used in Duelling ». Mrs Weasley joined a cake to Ron's present. Fred and George Weasley provided him with an asortiment of joke supplys they invented. They had opened a small joke shop in Diagon Alley thanks to Harry's Triwizard Tournament's winnings and buseness was blooming for them.

Over all, Harry was quite pleased with his presents. But he still had one letter which bore the seal of Hogwarts to open. His hands trembling in anticipation, Harry opened the letter which he knew contained his OWL's results. It read :

Dear Mister Potter,

Here are your OWL's results :

Herbology : EE

Transfiguration :O

Potion : O

D.A.D.A : O+

History : P

Charms : O

Astronomy : P

Divination : A

Care of Magical Creature : O

O : outstanding : 2 OWLS (pass)

EE : Exceed Expectation : 1OWL (pass)

A : Acceptable : 1 OWL (pass)

P : Poor (fail)

D : Dreadful (fail)

You have achieved : 12 OWL's

Congratulation on your results !

Also, you've received the highest grade in D.A.D.A. since Albus Dumbledore, which is quite a feat. We at the Ministry of Magic are looking forward to seeing how you'll do on your NEWTS.

The head of the Education Departement,

Amos Reagan

Harry couldn't believe it ! Twelve OWLS ! And he managed an O in potion, too ! He had to tell Ron and Hermione. So he wrote them thank-you letters, telling them his results and asking for theirs.

For the rest of the summer, Harry spent his time doing his schoolwork, rereading the books from his fomer year and studying the books Merlin and Salazar left him, testing his new powers and searching for their bondaries. He of course didn't forget to write a letter to the Order every three day. And corresponded weekly with Ron and Hermione.


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