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Fallen Angel

Serenity watched the thriving world below her. The Earth was beautiful. Even from Kami's look out, she could see the beautiful fields and the graceful animals. But most of all, she saw the people she wanted to meet. Sure, Kami had many visitors but she had never met any of them. She knew only two people: Kami and Mr. PoPo. Serenity sighed and turned to the two people that had nurtured her since she was a year old. Kami said that she would be able to see the people of Earth soon but she wasn't too patient these days. He had said that since she could remember. Now she was supposed to hid herself. The warriors of Earth were facing a problem and if they knew about her too soon, they would worry about her instead of the enemy. She was only eight years old but she knew that she wasn't to interfere with what the warriors did.

Kami looked over her shoulder. She was staring at the happenings on Earth. Kami smiled. The old Namik was happy that the little girl was interested in the world below her. But he knew she would never fit in. not when she had a tail and wings. No, he would wait to let her go down...

(Ten years later...)

Serenity stared at the Earth. She always did. She sighed and looked at the Guardian of Earth. The old Guardian had merged with a man named Piccolo. She remembered that Kami had said that they were once one being. Now, Dende and Piccolo was keeping her secret. She was restless now days. Suddenly, a plan formed in her head. Smiling, she looked over to Dende and called out, "Bye Dende! I'm going down to Earth! And don't try to stop me!"

"Serenity! Wait! I-" he yelled but he was too late. Serenity had jumped and now she was falling from Kami's look out. She smiled as the wind made her white hair bellow behind her. She didn't open her wings for a few minutes and just as she felt a draft, she spread her wings and caught it! Serenity giggled. It had been a month since she had last flew. She began flapping her wings and then she dove at the ground which was now becoming ever closer. At the last second, she came out of the nose-dive. She looked below herself and saw a boy about two years older than her staring at her like she were a godess...

Gohan looked up as he trained. There was a huge shadow in front of the sun. He was shocked to see a girl with pearl-white wings flying overhead. As she looked at him he thought, she is an Angel...she must be...

Then, all of a sudden, she looked like she was in pain. He saw immeadeatly that she had been shot. He looked around and saw a man with a shotgun smirking. Angry, Gohan flew into the air and caught the girl and lowered to the ground in front of the man.

"Thank you for catching my new pot of gold-" the man began.

"Listen, this girl is nobody's anything! Got it?" Gohan said with rage. The man glared.

"Now, you listen to me-" the man said as he pulled his shotgun to Gohan's face. Gohan put the girl down carefully and then grabbed the barrel of the man's gun and broke it in half.

"You were saying?" Gohan said with a smirk. The man looked at his broken gun and then at Gohan and then at his gun again and ran off screaming. Gohan smiled and then picked the girl up again. This time he got a really good look at her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She had white hair and he was sure her eyes would have been blue if they had been open. Her wings were both white except for her right one which was covered in blood due to the wound still bleeding and she had a white tail. Thinking quickly, he flew to Bulma's and hoped he would get there in time...

will Gohan arrive at Bulma's in time? What will the Zwarriors think of her? And how will they react when she tells them about where she lives? Find out next time on...

Fallen Angel

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