Harry Potter and the Knights of the Roundtable

Author: Potterfreak1

Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters and events created by JK Rowling in her Harry Potter Series, as well as several old legends regarding King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. This story was written primarily for fun and I am not making any money off it.

Author's Note: Chrononlogically, this story begins just after the end of Order of the Phoenix. It has been revised from the original version I had posted, based on a large amount of feedback concerning those intial chapters. Please note, that although I have followed cannon Harry Potter information as much as possible, the nature of this story requires me to make some selective revisons of Harry Potter history. I will attempt to identify these events when necessary and explain why.


Salsbury Plain, Great Britain, 6th Century

Salsbury Plain, normally the most beautiful of areas within the Kingdom of Britain, was red with blood. All over the field lay the dead and dying warriors of the two great armies; one of light, one of darkness. It had been a brutal battle and many on both sides fell. In the end however, the great war general had succeeded in defeating his enemy.

Among the mass of bodies lay two warriors unlike the rest around them. One was dressed in a long, black cloak, with skulls on his shoulders. He had been stabbed through the stomach, and his head had been separated from his body. This was Morden, the Dark Lord and and traitorous cousin to Arthur, the great war general of the Britons. The other body was dressed in white clothes, bearing the symbol of the Knights of the Round Table (a roundtable, a red dragon, and a cross). His cloak was lined in gold, and he wore upon his head a crown. This man had been stabbed in the leg, as well as the stomach. This was Arthur, the great war general of the Britons.

An aged wizard, accompanied by a beautiful young woman and several mage knights all wearing the symbol of the Knights of the Roundtable, approached the pair of bodies. Upon seeing Arthur, the young woman began to cry.

"What do we do without him, Merlin?" One of the knights, known as Lancelot asked. Merline surveyed the assembled group.

"We carry on." Merlin said. "Arthur has completed his mission here. But let none fear. For it is written that the spirit of Arthur shall return, in the form of an heir not related by birth, at the time when his people most need him. He will once again battle the darkness and prevail."

Great Hall of Camelot, Great Britain, Present Day

Merlin let out a loud sigh. He had been monitoring the events of the wizarding world for the last 1500 years. In that time he had seen much darkness and despair, but nothing that seemed to relate to the great prophecy. Until now.

"I believe he is the one." Merlin said to the man sitting next to him.

"Are you certain, Merlin?" Arthur asked.

"Yes. It all fits. His lineage. The Trewlany prophecy, everything. Harry Potter is the heir."