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Hearts' Remedy

Chapter 1

"I don't even know why I'm here, Mother's got you. What use am I?" complained a twelve year old princess.

"Don't let mother hear you say that, Serena. We are royalty. This is our duty."

"Selene, what is the point? You and mother never include me in anything, so why all of a sudden-"

"It's your thirteenth birthday in a week," Selene interrupted, "Turning thirteen is a huge step in life. It is the coming of age for a young woman. I remember when I turned thirteen Mother turned over a lot of responsibilities to me. I believe she's trying to do the same for you."

"I know, I know..." Serena stuck out her tongue at nothing in particular.

"Serena, that is not lady-like."

Serena heaved an exasperated sigh and fell back in her armchair slouching. Selene stood in front of her in a silky white dress with gold lace embroidered on the bodice. Serena had always thought that her sister was beautiful. She was the precise mirror image of their mother, Queen Serenity. Since she was a small child, Serena always wondered if she would ever grow up to be like Serenity or Selene. They both had silver hair that cascaded down their backs, nicely blending in with their dresses. Selene had also inherited her mother's violet eyes, which held unlimited wisdom in them. On the other hand, Serena took on much more of her father's physical traits. Her messy golden hair pulled back in the royal hairstyle (two buns just like her sister and mother) was nothing compared to Selene's hair. However, she was pleased to have crystal blue eyes that glowed with mirth and exuberance, so unlike the wisdom filled eyes of her mother and sister. Still the young princess wondered if she would ever grow out of her mere childish beauty.

"Serena, don't sit like that. It is very un-princess-like."

"You're beginning to sound like mother."

Selene frowned. It was said that the youngest daughter of Serenity was very much like her father. Serena had heard stories about him from her mother. Never had Serena acknowledged the fact that Serenity sometimes wished she was a little less like her father, the former king. The king was a jovial man, who took his work seriously. (Now, how is Serena anything like that?) The king, however, was better known for his courage and strength, which led to his shrewd personality. Serena wasn't even born yet when her father passed away. And Selene was too young to remember him.

"I'll have you know that Mother only wants to raise us properly."

"Properly? Locking us up in this cage you call a castle proper? Sitting around picking dresses, dancing, learning manners every single day is practical? Seeing suitors and going to meetings when you're still a child: Do you call that proper too? What about being a child? Are we all suppose to give that up because we're royalty?" Serena's voice gradually grew higher. Her sister tried to calm her unsuccessfully. People, a mile a way now heard her cries in the great hall.

"No, I won't shut up! It's not fair that I have to put up with this. It's not fair for you either."

Suddenly the queen burst into the hall with all her ministers following suit. "What is the meaning of this?" Queen Serenity questioned.

Selene twirled around to face her mother. "Mother! Forgive us." A pink blush crept up Selene's face as she bowed her head to hide it. Still enflamed with anger Serena nodded.

"Well, I hope never to hear your voices so loud the next time I walk in. Especially yours young princess."

"Yes, mother," the sisters barely murmured above a whisper.

The meeting was so boring for Serena. She tried her hardest not to fall asleep. All the elder members of the queen's council droned on and on about horrible conditions in town, spread of famine and disease, and raising taxes. Serena looked over at her sister who seemed to be listening intently over the conversation. Selene's lovely face was twisted in a frown that grew deeper. Serena reverted her attention back to the meeting with annoyance. Though, it only lasted an hour it seemed forever. One by one each man left the hall. Only the queen and her two silent daughters were still there.

"It is embarrassing," the queen spoke gently, "to have to hear two princesses bickering like a bunch of school girls. You are my daughters, and you should not act an anyway like that."

The girls left the hall with that on their minds.

"Well, that wasn't too bad was it?" Serena said.

"Actually it's horrible. The conditions are getting so much worse..."

"Selene, I'm talking about mother."


"What's so important about a bunch of old men talking anyway?"

"You're still young. I was like you when I first went to a meeting. I also found it an official bore."

"Really? I can't imagine you rolling your eyes and resisting sleep during a conference."

Selene laughed. "No, I was much more reserved. I kept everything inside. You should try it sometime, Serena."

Serena flopped on to her soft bed. How I would give up this bed just to be out in the real world, she thought. She closed her eyes to lose her surroundings. Suddenly there was a light bouncing on the bed. Still with her eyes closed she spoke as she felt a tongue licking her cheek, "Luna, I'd give anything to give up this life for something better."

"You always say that, princess."

"No, this time I'm serious."

The cat remained silent as she blinked up at the princess who was trying to sit up. Luna was a black talking cat that advised the royal family. She sometimes sat with the queen, during meetings with the council, but not a single minister of the court knew of Luna's special ability to talk and listen.

"What will Mother and Selene feel if I'm gone?"

"Devastated and heartbroken," the cat said quickly.

"Are you sure? They both seem to find me troublesome..."

"Because you don't listen," Luna spoke in a low hiss.

Serena opened her mouth to retaliate with words, but nothing came out. Serena admitted to herself that no matter how hard she tried she will always be that same childish Serena. There was no point in her staying around to find out what a poor queen she would make for some foreign prince. Serena got up from her bed and began to pace. Luna slowly licked her paws, paying no attention to the princess. Serena balked, to watch her cat clean herself. Luna felt her stare and stopped to look up at her. Luna sighed and hopped off the bed landing softly on all fours. She crossed over to Serena and twined herself between her legs. Serena paid no attention. Then Luna began to purr sending a shiver up Serena's legs. Serena finally looked down at her cat.

As she bent down to pet the cat she said, "I hope it does not get any worse than this."