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Hearts' Remedy
Chapter 30

If you love him you have to tell him.

The bare back of Queen Serenity glowed pale in the bright corridor. The white material of her dress, trailing the red-carpeted floor, flowed like misty purified water over her skin. Serena cast her eyes up and down her mother's flawless and beautiful body as she kept up with her mother, matching the queen's strides with her tiny steps. Selene walked beside Serena, steadily keeping up and looking born to her position. Serena wondered if she was anything like the two. Wondering about it, though, only made her feel heady.

A warm, delicate arm laced through Serena's, causing her to glance to her right. She saw Selene's brilliant smile and felt the comfort of her sister's head against hers. "Calm down Serena. You look absolutely stunning. If he doesn't notice you, then he's just being a jerk."

Serena laughed nervously.

The Lunerian Royal family had been reunited and most was well. The queen was strong and walking again. Selene was smiling more often. And, well, a part of Serena was home. Another part, though, was evidently missing.


Kenji, Ikuko, Shingo, and Mika entered Queen Serenity's bed chamber. They walked in and immediately became fidgety, in the presence of the queen sitting upright in her bed. Her two daughters stood side by side behind the bed. Serena gave a little wave to her adopted family and tried not to laugh at the funny looks they gave the three of them.

"Thank you for coming," Queen Serenity spoke moodily.

"Mother…" Serena started. Then, turning to the guests she said, "She's just a little drowsy that's all. Don't mind her. She slept a lot."

"Or maybe her resentment is towards your family, Serena." Selene nudged Serena gently and winked.

"Resentment? You resent us, Your Majesty?" Ikuko immediately seemed astonished by the prospect.

"Of course not! If anything I am grateful! But you can't blame a mother for being a bit firm when she has to compete with the great Ikuko."

"Mama, this is my mother, Queen Serenity of Luneria," Serena introduced. "And Mother, this is Ik—"

Serenity's hand came up in a gesture of silence. "We've met."

Ikuko smiled warmly. "Indeed we have. You were not a stranger, then?"

"I had never felt my youngest so despondent and sick. I needed to see her to know if she was alright. I guess my worry, created an apparition of me which watched over Serena. It eased me some," Serenity murmured, pressing a hand gently over her own heart.

"That's remarkable," Ikuko replied in awe.

"Mother is capable of doing many remarkable things," Serenity corrected her.

"Like mother like daughter."

Serena nodded in agreement with her biological mother and her adopted mother, as she continued to introduce the next guests. "My Papa Kenji, the great father I never had."

"Lovely," Serenity breathed deeply. "My late husband passed away when Serena was still a babe."

"We know about it," Kenji stated with a nod.

"Then, there is Shingo and his wife, Mika."

"How do you do?" The two chorused in unison.

Serenity gave a prim nod of acknowledgment. "How may I reward all of you for everything you have given to my Serena, noble citizens?"

"To have had Serena live with us these past few years is reward enough. There is nothing more important to people, then to finally see Serena home."

Serena's eyes glistened with tears as she looked across the room at her family. They truly were the best people she knew. They were even gracious for tending to her when she had been a stranger and a nuisance in their home. Inside, she knew that she was more in debt to them than her mother.

"Mama Ikuko, Papa Kenji, Shingo, Mika… I'm going to miss all of you."

"Now, look here, Young Lady…" Ikuko started sharply. "Don't you go off and forget about us. We didn't take care of you for so many years to have you just throw us away. When you have time, you come visit us." Shocked at her own outburst of anger, Ikuko turned to Queen Serenity and gave a lengthy apology about how it was not her place to be scolding the queen's daughter and how she was not the real mother and therefore had no authority to speak that way to the young princess…

"Serena, what do you have to say?" Serenity turned tersely to her daughter.

Serena wiped at her eyes with her sleeve. Finally, she looked up and smiled gratefully. "Hey, I didn't mean for it to sound like a good bye forever, Mama, you know that."

"She will not be staying with us, either, Ikuko." Queen Serenity rose from her bed and stood before the four of them. "She will be closer to you when she finds her true home."

Bewildered, Serena looked at Queen Serenity. Selene also looked to Serenity wistfully.

"Mother?" Serena questioned. "Why? I'm ready to go home."

"Your home is here," Queen Serenity said, glancing back at her daughter. "I am not so old that I have lost my sight…"

"We wish you well," Kenji butted in, "I'm sure what Your Majesty has to say is private."

"Thank you, Kenji."


Queen Serenity watched her guests leave. Afterwards, she turned to her daughters fully, addressing the both of them in the motherly fashion.

"I am not so old that I have lost my sight. And I am not so old that I have become senile-"

"I think we're in trouble," Serena whispered to Selene… "What did we do to burst her bubble?"

"-And what are you two mumbling about? I'm speaking."

"Yes, Mother," the two spoke in unison.

"I'm incredibly worried about the both of you. Selene, how long has it been."

"About six years you have been in bed…"

"Not me, Daughter. I'm talking about the little light you carry in you."

Selene gasped in horror. Her violet eyes morphed to that of hurt and betrayal as they settled on her sister.

"No, Selene. Serena didn't say a word. What kind of a mother do you think I would be not to notice her own daughter gain some…?"

"Weight?" Serena finished.

Queen Serenity glared at Serena, who cringed noticeably.

"I didn't think I was showing, Mother! It's only been about a month! I am sure I don't look that much different."

"Yes, you aren't showing. It still does not concern the way I'm feeling right now. How come…?"

"Mother, I love him! I don't regret any of this!"

"Will you let me finish?" Queen Serenity said calmly. "I know it. I know this love, but it is improper to throw yourself into non-marital… Never mind… My point is you might have made a grave mistake, My Daughter. That is why I am disappointed in you. You threw all rationale out the window just for your little endeavors… But I understand. To tell you that you should not do it again would be stupid. These sorts of mistakes could only be made once, I dare say." Serenity clicked her tongue. "I need the future Queen of Luneria to rule with a clear and fair head. Balance your duties with your desires, My Daughter. Do not disappoint me again."

"I told her, I told her!" Serena chanted.

"And you are nineteen," Queen Serenity spun and steadied her raging violet eyes on her youngest daughter. "Your sister has cut off a marriage that was to the next Crown of Terra for a reason. Never have I ever imagined my daughters to be so senseless!"

"Her breaking the marriage thing has nothing to do with me," Serena replied blandly.

"Liar," Selene mumbled under her breath.

"I know the source of you despondency as well, My Youngest Daughter. I am not so old that I am blind, nor am I so old that I have become senile."

"Yes, Mother."

"You will see Prince Darien tomorrow night at your own welcoming ball. Understand? And you shall settle this, so that I may sleep easy."

Serena dropped to her knees and bowed in obedience.

"Oh, Serena. When will you figure out that this is for you and Darien, not me?" Queen Serenity touched Serena's chin to tip the girl's head back, so that she could get a perfect look into the girl's bright eyes.

"If you love him you have to tell him."


Selene's hand on Serena's elbow, squeezed lightly. "Serena, if it will make you feel better, I can tell you about my prince. You know, I met him the night, you ran away from home." Selene watched Serena's glowing face reflect on something.

"He asked me to dance with him and you know me. I don't fall for guys that only look good, but there was something about him that stole me. He was not like other men, toppling over each other to get my dowry. In fact, he offered me gentlemanly friendship. When other suitors tried to intervene, he did not step in the way of their intervention. Always, stepping aside for me to decide for myself. And I just clung to him because he was just so special."

"So, this prince is the one you gave yourself to… I would love to meet him someday," Serena said cheerfully.

"Luke wants to meet you, too."

"Really? Can you describe him to me right now?"

"Of course. He has fair hair and eyes that outshine the most pure emeralds in the entire world. He is the youngest of King Titan's six sons and the most handsome man in the entire world!" Selene released an emphatic sigh.

" Darien might be the physical opposite of him, but he is definitely…"

"Devilish with his dark looks?" Selene suggested, wiggling her eyebrows at Serena.

"You know, it's not just what's on the outside that matters. It's also what's on the inside." Serena warily broke away from her sister. "And Darien is wonderful inside and out. I'm going to let him know that. Ever since I met him, he has been the one and only person I…" Serena paused, unable to finish the rest of her thoughts. She felt as if she was pouring out her love on the floor before her sister when she had planned to keep it bottled up for Darien to hear first.

"I understand, Little Sister," Selene whispered, once again looping her arm through Serena's. "You don't think I understand?"

"I know you do. That's why I have nothing more to say, Selene."

And just as she finished speaking, she bumped into the elegant figure in front of them.

"Ow!" Serena cried, holding her forehead.

Serenity felt the jolt and turned slowly to glance back at her daughter. "Come now, Serena, pay attention."

Selene muffled her giggle between her hand and mouth. Serena made a face.

"Your train, Young Princess," Serenity spoke as she now faced the double doors in front of them.

Serena spread her gown underneath her and pretended to be dusting off dust.

"Are you done?" Selene asked, exasperated. "We're going to be out here all night if you don't hurry it along."

Serena made another face at her sister.

"Your tiara, Serena," Serenity spoke, using the same tone as before.

Serena adjusted it.

"Mind you, Young Princess, what I have taught you in your earlier years. Poise, elegance, and grace."

"Watch me fall flat on my face, Mother," Serena muttered.

Serenity turned fully to face her daughters and eye Serena carefully. At first, Serena thought she was going to be scolded again, but then she noticed the corners of Serenity's lips moving up in a small, inconceivable to the public eye, smile. "What a sight to see!" Serenity sighed, looking Serena up and down from head to toe.

"I beg your pardon, Mother. This is the best I can do with my looks."

"You silly child, is that what you think I mean? I mean—look at you! What a woman you've become and what a queen you shall make!"

"If this is some sort of way to ebb away my nervousness, it's not going to work, Mother."

"Then, what can I do?" Serenity asked.

"Majesty, are you ready?" The announcer questioned, hesitant to interrupt them, but he had no choice because he had to do his job.

"Ask my daughter," Serenity said.

"I'm sorry, there. I didn't know you were waiting," Serena bowed her head apologetically.

Then her eyes followed the walls and met two rows of trumpeters lined up on either side of her. They faced inward, so that Serena saw their interested faces hovering in the corners of her vision. Serena blushed naturally. All eyes were on her.

"Ummmm…" Serena was speechless.

"By your command," The announcer spoke, now looking directly at the youngest princess.

"Oh God," She murmured helplessly. "Ummmmm. Proceed with the introductions."

"And commence!" He called, raising his hands over his head. The horns played a crazy noise and Serena flinched.

"What are these trumpets for anyways?" She asked.

"It's a Terran thing… You ready?" Selene asked.

"They've got to go…" Serena whined.

"Announcing the arrival of the Royal Luneria Family—Queen Serenity!"

Serenity stepped through the doors and entered, with a beam. The crowd clapped politely, seeing that the queen looked well and at ease.

"First daughter, Luneria's Crown Princess Selene!"

Selene followed her mother. Once they reached the end of the hall, where the Terran majesties waited, the next princess was announced.

"And the honorable, Second daughter, Princess Serena!"

No applause was heard as everyone held their breaths in anticipation. Then, Serena stepped in, one white slippered foot after the other. Hey, she thought to herself, I'm doing great. Half way down the path she smiled. Polite applause suddenly sounded in the hall. Apparently, they seem pretty proud of me, too.

Serena looked up at the smiling King and Queen of Terra in their thrones. Her mother and her sister were already with their majesties and she was still obviously the center of everyone's attention.

Darien, who was standing off to the side since the announcement watched the evenly timed and evenly spaced out procession. First his eyes followed the Queen to his parents. Then, they followed the Crown Princess. However, when he heard the next name, he took a sharp intake of breath.

His angel stepped through the doors in a strapless gown, similar to her sister and mother's gowns. On the contrary, hers was different because a peach colored sash strapped most of the loose silk around her waste. The sash met, just below her waste in a loose fluffy bow in the back. Then, there was the familiar gold decorations threaded around her bosom. Oddly enough, but not surprising, her golden hair was done up in the royal hairstyle of her native land. Her long hair was up in buns and two tails stuck out from each one. Between the two buns, a simple tiara twinkled delightfully as she entered, tall and proud. Even as the sound of clapping filled the room half way through, he couldn't stop staring. He wanted to, but he couldn't. Her sensual, elegant, and poised beauty took everyone's breath away.

So this was the famous Lunerian Princess who ran away from home to get away from their prince. She was right under their noses all along and they had overlooked her.

Stopping before the King and Queen of Terra, she settled gracefully on her knees.

"Thank you for coming, Serena," the king spoke. "I have been waiting a long time to meet you, but you seem to be too quick on your feet for anybody to catch."

"Well, that wound in your side doesn't help very much does it?" Serena asked, eyes twinkling.

The crowd laughed in delight.

The King's smile spread wider as he gestured Serena to stand up. "Come here, Serena. Stand before me."

Serena mounted the steps to the thrones and stood before the King.

"I remember you from my dreams," he said in a low, hushed tone so that only she could hear. "Finally, I have seen my son's future wife, hm?"

"Majesty," Serena murmured. She brought his hand up to her lips and kissed his knuckle. "I'm very sorry."

The King leaned back in his throne and Serena began to read the distress in the lines of his face. "Well we all are!" He cried. "But we are also all ready to celebrate a joyous night. The arrival of the Princess Serena, who is ready to save the world, again, has finally graced us with her beauty. And look, cured her mother as well!"

"Your Majesty, I am inclined to ask for you to stop… I would like to find Darien."

"I am sorry to embarrass you. Do intrigue, Child." The King chuckled softly, followed by a solemn nod. Out loud to the crowd he announced for the dancing to start.

Serena smiled up at the king, forgetting her place for a few seconds, but the clearing of Queen Serenity's throat alerted her again. "Yes, thank you, Your Majesty."

The night was going to be long if she was going to spend it all on searching for the hidden prince. The swarms of gentleman were even more agitating. What was a nice way to tell all of them to back off? Exasperated, Serena glanced at each man, not knowing that her smile was truly attracting them. She clenched her teeth and tried to be polite, but when one after the other left feeling dejected, more came along. Simply burned out, Serena frowned at them, speaking, "What are you after?" The demand left them startled.

"Why don't you pursue her?" Serena continued, waving her hand behind her and towards Selene. "Go after her before she is taken. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but you guys are getting me really cranky!"

She walked past them and glanced back at her mother. Certainly she was going to get reprimanded for that. At present, she only saw the arching eyebrow of her Queen Mother, which could mean either good or bad.

In distress now, Serena walked blindly into the crowds. Head cast down in shame, she accidentally walked into someone.

"So, you are the reason why Selene cut it off," A rich, but disgruntled voice spoke to her.

" Darien?"

She looked up at his detached face. His blue eyes were as dark as the night and his jaw was set, almost prepared to fight some verbal battle. With Serena, it was all he could do now.

"Princess," he said respectfully, bowing to her s.

" Darien I…"

He held up his hand to silence her. "You have some nerve bumping into me. I would like to believe it is an accident, but you know, you're hard to trust."

" Darien?" Her eyebrows rose in question.

"Why are you here?"

"To talk to you," she replied, taking his large hand in gently.

"To reclaim some sort of trust and friendship I suppose," Darien said coldly, his eyebrows coming together. "Well you've always had my friendship, Princess. The trust is gone, though."

Serena suddenly glared at him. "Well, that doesn't make sense to me at all; friendship without trust?"

"That is the way it's always been," Darien stated, now pulling his hand away.

A tear rolled down her cheek. "I guess I deserve that."

Darien's heart ached, but he restrained from gathering her up in his embrace. If things were different, he might have just done it, but his own pride fastened his arms to his sides. He only watched as Serena swiped at the tear.

"Well, Friend," Serena spoke, shakily, "would you at least dance my first dance with me. I really rather prefer you, Highness, over any other man."

"Think that over," he said, finally wrenching his eyes away from her. "I prefer to idle alone, Princess. Good night to you."

Serena's heart shattered as he turned and walked away. Somehow, she wasn't surprised when he rejected her. Backing away into the shadows of a corner, Serena placed herself between her confused mind and reality. She was neither ready to accept the state of her mind or the truth because of the pain that ran through her body like ice.

Raye and Selene suddenly appeared on either side of her.

"Hey," Selene said softly. "Guess what I found?"

Serena shook her head keeping her eyes transfixed to the floor.

"Serena, its cake! You get the first slice! And more if you want!" Selene exclaimed cheerily.

"Yeah, maybe Darien will want you if you're plump and juicy," Raye added jokingly.

Serena did not react at all.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, Fatty." Raye hated being ignored.

"It shouldn't be this way," Selene murmured, "this is all wrong! It's supposed to be okay by now!"

"Hey, it's my idiot brother you're talking about," Raye commented. "As long as his stubborn ass exists, he's not going to budge and nothing will be okay."

"Princess Raye! Watch your language," Selene chided, waving her finger.

"I'm pregnant and tired!" Raye huffed in defense. Turning to Serena, she caught the girl's face in a rough touch. "Now, listen and listen carefully. You're letting a man grip you in a vise. He's turning the wheels in this ride, not you. There is no reason why you should mope for that idiot."

Selene gasped. "Raye, I thought you wanted to help them!"

"I am," she whispered to Selene with a wink.

"Defend your own pride and step out of this corner! Go find another man. Drive my brother crazy. Keep trying until he notices you. Once he does, he'll listen. When he puts his heart into it, the idiot knows how to listen unlike some men." Raye started muttering incoherent things after that.

And Serena suddenly brought her head up to stare at the both of them. "You're right."

"Of course I am!" Raye cried, stopping her mutterings.

"You're at least right about one thing. I know I have to keep trying."

With that she walked back out into the lighted hall and took a deep and easy breath. She almost wanted to laugh as she thought about what to say to Darien.

Raye and Selene were watching her. Raye hooted, "If he hurts you again, he'll surely pay. No one's going to hurt my new sister."

"Shush, Raye," Selene looked to the younger princess in disapproval. "Keep at it and my mother will think I might be the cause of such provocation."

Raye smiled sheepishly. "To love," she murmured raising her glass to the room and all the occupants. Then, she took the drink down in one gulp.

"Raye! Hold yourself!"

"This better work," Raye mumbled to her self, swatting Selene's helping hand away. "Oh, the baby is fine! He likes it!" Raye retorted out loud.

Serena followed her heart out into the gardens of the palace. Some peace and quiet would be nice for her aching heart. Darien had probably retired already. He had sounded sleepy when he disappeared. This would give her some time to figure out what she had to say to the man in a second confrontation. Deep in her thoughts, she did not realize she had reached a familiar dead-end. It was the magical hedge that led to the secret garden.

She almost cheered in glee, truly wanting to get a perfect view of the moon. The night air was nice, but the vision of the moon was always the only thing that comforted her in hard times. She brushed her fingers between the bushes, smiling and reveling at a memory of when she and Darien were in the secret garden. It had seemed so magical to her then, and now it may remain only a memory never to be relived again.

"What are you doing here?" Darien demanded harshly.

Serena spun around in shock. " Darien? I thought you were…"

"Don't make me ask again."

Hand placed neatly in front of her, she smiled, ignoring his tone of voice with her. "Weeeeell… It was getting stuffy inside, so I decided to come out for a walk. Surprisingly, fate brought me here."

Darien crossed his arms. "It's chilly. You better go back inside."

"Not until I see the moon."

"The only reason why you can't see the moon out here is because of all the lamps. In the private gardens only the moonlight shines," Darien explained.

"I would like to witness it again," she said stepping closer to him, almost hesitant. She was afraid if she got too close he would vanish again.

"Very well. Whatever the princess needs." He found the lever and pulled it out. The portal appeared in front of Serena and she smiled widely. "There," Darien grunted and turned to go. "Remember to close the hedge once you're done."

"You promised me that no matter what happens you will be there for me. I really need you right now because I am in need of comfort," Serena said, fists suddenly pressed against her beating heart.

Darien turned to her in wonder, speechless, and without a cruel rhetorical question or sharp word falling from his mouth.

Serena straightened her self. "Isn't a promise still a promise? Any honorable man would keep to his word."

Darien walked up to her, his eyes warning her that she was stepping over bounds that would destroy her. If she had any sense at all, she should back out because he did not want to be a part of her pain.

"That's right," Darien spoke after finding her summer blue gaze of defiance.

He stepped through the opening and waited on the other side for Serena to get in. Fate again played a cruel game, Darien thought, as Serena got stuck halfway through the passage, where her dress got caught in the branches. Sighing, Darien bent down to free her.

"Don't want to ruin the perfect image of you," he said good-humoredly, rising to his full length again.

"That's sweet." The reply knocked him back to his senses and he realized just how close they were. He stepped away from her, and settled by the fountain edge, taking back what he just said. He did not offer her a seat beside her, so Serena just stood off to the side, gazing at the flowers.

"When you're unhappy I'm unhappy," she said quietly.

"I'm fine," Darien lied, looking back at her with his intense eyes.

"Really? I don't feel it." She glanced back at him.

At the same time, Darien looked away from her. " Darien," her voice cracked, "please look at me."

"I'm afraid, I can't."

So, Serena stomped up to him and dropped to the grass in front of him. Her dress spread out underneath her. She rose on her knees and lent to take his face in her hands. Her warm touch made him shiver and he had to hold back the powerful urge to take her into his arms. Her body was so close he just needed to lean a centimeter forward to touch her abdomen.

"I guess I'm going to have to force you to," she whispered fiercely, her glittering blue eyes lighting up in annoyance. "It's the only way I know you're listening."

He gripped her tiny wrists and pulled them down. "You have my attention. Now, I prefer to have my personal space back."

"I'm more comfortable near you," she said, crossing her arms stubbornly. "I'm staying."

"You can't have everything you want," Darien stated crossly.

"I know that! I'll make do with what I have now. You've really complicated things this time. You're the only person who can make me so enraged and happy at the same time. How do you do this to me?"

A smirk crossed his face, Darien shrugged. "I do that to women all the time."

Serena nodded in understanding. "A woman killer… Well, listen here, buster, I'm not like other woman, so just listen up."

"You have my undivided attention, Princess."

Serena pursed her lips and Darien knew that his previous words hit home. She was probably feeling confused and hurt about his maybe sudden interest in other ladies.

"You're the first man I have ever accepted," she said, chin up. "And not a minute since we've been apart have I regretted it." Her head dropped, the gloating vanished as quickly as it came. "I've thought about it a lot. You're honest, true, and… Wonderful. Your deeds, I'm sure, outshine mine tenfold. You balance me and I'd love it if I could be close to you forever."

"I promised. We are friends," Darien said gently, saddening at the sight of her dimming eyes. When her eyes did that, it meant she was distressed and confused.

"Well, my bestest friend in the whole wide world…" she murmured as she took one of his hands again and stood. She bent down and kissed his brow softly. "I love you. And I'm sorry, but it isn't the love that two friends share. It's the kind of love that someone has for one true soul in their world, their only love." Tears were rising at the brim of her eyes. "It isn't fair, is it? Asking you to accept this apology when I was the one who pushed you away. I'm selfish like you said. But, you know what, Darien? It's okay. I'll be okay from now on. As long as you know my love, I'm satisfied. You don't have to worry about me."

She released his hand and blinked. "Well, thanks for listening. Your presence has been a great comfort. I know I can always count on you. I'm alright now." She spun in a rush on her heels to get away. She didn't want Darien to sympathize for her if he saw the tears that suddenly burst from her eyes. It hurt even more to have him comforting her just to keep his promise to her. Because she was in her condition, she was instantly stunned when something caught her hand and yanked her backwards. She fell into Darien's lap, and gave a yelp before Darien's mouth clashed with hers.

His mouth smoldered hers with adamant outrage. Passion exploded between them as Darien trapped her. He held the back of her head to keep them connected, afraid that she would just slip away again. At last he broke away from her and stared into her wet eyes.

"You little liar. If you are alright, why are you crying?" He said in a hoarse whisper.

"I'm trying not to," she whispered back, as she held back and tried to catch her breath. Her hands gripped his shoulders, gently pushing him to move back.

"Don't push me away and eat all those words you just said to me, Serena or I'm going to be really angry with you," he growled as he crushed her again. Serena moaned as his mouth and tongue invaded hers. Both she and he wanted the moment to last forever, but both needed to breathe. Mouth still lingering on hers, he pulled her up and against him, pressing her as close as possible.

Serena pulled back. " Darien? Darien what are you doing to me?"

"I'm keeping you close to me," he said, pulling her into a tight hug. "I'll be close to you forever from now on."


"You're not going to just leave after giving me a couple of sweet words and only a kiss on the brow... I love you, Serena."

Serena clamped her mouth shut in surprise. "I thought…"

"And when I said you were selfish, I said it out of rage. You're the least selfish person I know."


Darien cut her off with a kiss on her chin. Then, he showered kiss after kiss down her throat. Serena giggled. "That's ticklish, Darien."

"Get used to it. I don't think I'm ever going to get enough of your honey sweet taste," he groaned.

"Hey, Darien what does this mean?"

"It means I need you and I need to know if you still want me…"

"Of course I do," she exclaimed, perking up. "I always will because I love you with all my heart."

They shared a few more kisses until Serena reluctantly told him to stop. Hands still tangled in the tips of his hair at the back of his head, she sighed. "You better set me back down on my feet, Darien."

"I don't want to," he pouted, a mischievous smile on his glowing face.

" Darien, you're parents might walk in on us. What would we have to say if they caught us like this?"

"You just have to ruin things at the heat of the moment don't you? Very well," he sighed, letting her slip out of his hungry grip.

"You know how it is… It's really wrong to have them see us like…" her voice died as she started tugging at her gown and smoothing out the wrinkles.

He helped her with her crown. She smiled and worked to flatten his hair. She noticed his belt had loosened, so she reached down to fix it.

Darien stopped her hand as she touched his belt. "Um, Serena, don't do it. You're making it hard for me to control myself."

Serena's cheeks glowed pink as more blood came up to her face. "Sorry."

Darien unbelted and re-belted his belt as Serena watched him quietly, intrigued by how his hard, tanned hands worked.

"Serena." Her name sounded so perfect coming from him. The way he said it washed her in love and hope. He went down on one knee and scooped up her small hand. "Will you be with me 'til death do us part? Will you stand by my side in court and sleep by my side at night? Will you do the honor of being my wife and future queen, balancing the Kingdom of Terra between us?"

"It would be my will and honor, Sweet Prince."

He kissed her hand and rose to his feet again. "Now dance with me. I do owe you the first dance, Princess," he said, bowing to her. He waved an arm out to her as if he was offering a whole new world to her that included him and her. When she placed her hand in his, it meant that she accepted his world and she would be with him always.

"Dance for you or with you?" she teased, holding back a laugh.


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