Part One:

It was the summer after the gundam fights, and Domon was relieved that the Dark Gundam was finally gone. Domon was also happy to have his big brother and his father back. Well, he still can't believe he was fooled by those stories he was told. And, to think. his own brother would've created something destructive, killed their mom, and criagenically froze their own dad. Well, he finally found out the truth-and he found out that Ilubei killed his mom, but also criagenically froze his dad.

He also found out that the Dark Gundam was at first not destructive, but when it hit earth.. it turned destructive. It was designed to protect civilization. "Hello, Domon!" Kioji said, disturbing Domon from his thoughts. "Huh? What is it?" Kioji stared at him for a bit. "You have a visitor waiting for you at the door." So, Domon got up and answered the door.

When he answered the door, Rain was standing there. "Hello there, Domon. I was wondering when you'd invite me in." Domon blushed a bit, but managed to keep cool. "Yeah. Well, c'mon in." Rain was relieved that the gundam fights were over as well, so that she wouldn't have to worry about danger and the dark gundam being out there. For one, Domon had to save her, basically which she didn't mind.. And, she thinks that Domon has a crush on her. Well, we'll find out later on, won't we.?

"Drinks you two?" Kioji asked, holding drinks in his hand. "Sure, why not?" Rain said, smiling. Domon trailed back into thought again, and wondered when he'd see his friends again. Well, basically-he'll probably see them sometime soon when the gundam fights start back up again. I guess he missed the good fights they gave him, or the way they helped him destroy the Dark Gundam. "Domon? Domon?" Kioji asked. "Huh? What?" Kioji looked at him, and wondered what was going on in his head. "Would you like your drink?" Domon thought for a moment and replied, "Sure, I'll take it." So, his big brother handed him his drink. "What's wrong, Domon?"

He glanced over at Rain, and replied, "Thinking about my old friends." Rain thought for a moment, and replied, "Oh, the gundam pilots! They're probably training for the gundam fights that start up at the beginning of winter." He thought about the gundam fights that were coming up, and decided to think about entering.. "So, Domon-are you going to enter?" Kioji asked. "I'm thinking about it. But, everytime I do.. someone resurrects the Dark Gundam. and either comes after me.. or destroys the city."

"Say WHAT?! Resurrects the Dark Gundam!?" Kioji asked. I say, we still have to wonder who this someone is. It usually is Ilubei, but mostly all in all, could it be Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East? "Master Asia.. mostly always resurrects the Dark Gundam." Rain looked shocked. "Him.? Why, him Domon..?" Domon sighed, and replied, "Because he decided to serve the Dark Gundam."

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