Disclaimer: I do not own TITANIC the movie. No one owns the real TITANIC, and the recognizable characters belong to James Cameron. And unfamiliar characters belong to me. Enjoy, I know it's sappy, I know it's kinda sad. But hey, wasn't the movie also?


A young girl covered in tattoos and piercings sat dreamily before a television set. She was on a tour bus. You see she was in a punk-rock band named Dilemma. She loved her life. It was full. She had her band mates who were her true friends. She had her music. She played the drums. She had fame and fortune. But there was one thing she didn't have. That was love. Not the crush, on again-off again kind. But true undying love.

She never thought much about any of this. What was love to a sixteen year old girl anyway? But it did plague her mind, even though she didn't want it to.

"What the hell are you watching?" Amber, the lead singer of Dilemma, said entering the sitting area of the bus. "Zipper," She sighed the young girl's stage name. "You have to stop watching this shit. It's ruining your image."

Amber sat down beside Zipper. She stared at her hard. Her gray eyes flashing. "Look, Titanic happened almost a hundred years ago. Get over it. And that movie" She motioned to the DVD player.

"Look, don't tell me what I can and can't enjoy. Titanic was such a tragedy. I could have saved it. Had I been there and known then what I know now." Zipper replied.

"Yes, we all could have. But it's time you got over this obsession of yours. Come on we hit the stage in ten minutes." Amber stood and left the room.

Zipper stood from her chair. Running her hands over her spiked, blue-dyed hair. It was in long spikes. Her hair would be to her shoulders if she didn't do this to it.

She gazed at her model Titanic sitting on the table. The closest she could get to seeing the real Titanic. Sure, she had seen photos of the passengers, the crew, the captain. But oh how she longed to be there. To save the doomed ocean liner.

She looked at a picture on the wall. Billy Zane, a great actor. Dressed in a fine tuxedo, sipping champagne from a crystal glass. He played Caledon Hockley in the movie, that Zipper had just been watching.

She had a secret fascination with his character. Even when all others claimed to hate him. Not to mention there were few people left liking the movie now. The year was 2003 and the film had been released in 1997.

She looked around at all her memorabilia. Which she never left home without. She even had a mini-scale wall clock. Identical to the one found at the Grand Staircase. She sighed as she realized that stair case now rested, rotted away by the years, at the bottom of the Atlantic.

People labeled her insane. Stupid. Filled with ridiculous fantasies. But she couldn't keep the legends of Titanic out of her mind. And not just the movie, mind you. The actual thing. The event that claimed nearly two-thousand lives.

Zipper grabbed up a leather and silver spiked choker from her dresser. Wrapping it tightly around her neck, she reluctantly left her shrine of Titanic.

"Zipper, hurry up!" The band manager, Suzan called.

"Yeah, yeah, mom. I'm coming." She looked angrily at her mother, and band manager.

"Here." She thrusted a coffin-shaped case of drumsticks at her daughter. Zipper snatched them from her hands, and headed out the bus-door.

"This way, Zip!" A muscular body guard grabbed her arm, and led her towards the arena.

A fan pressed past the guard. "Please, can I have an autograph?" He pleaded. The guard began to drag the young boy away.

"Wait." Zipper spat at the guard. She took the pen and paper from the boy. And signed her usual autograph. "Thanks for helping me to 'make it count'. ~Zip"

The fan stepped back. Satisfied that he had his favorite drummer's autograph. She signed every autograph that way. Quoting another great character in the movie, Jack Dawson.

Her mind fell back to Titanic again. Even her obsession with Colonel Gracie and Fifth Officer Lowe. No one knew of these obsessions. But after looking at actual photos of them, and reading their real stories. She fell for them a bit.

Amber and the other three band members joined her in the hall.

"Still doing the Titanic, gimmick, I see." Razor, the lead guitarist said. As he inspected the long white glove pulled up to her elbow. It had a couple holes cut in to it's silk fabric. And she had written things like "Good Charlotte rox!" and "Simple Plan 4-life" in black permanent marker on it. To fit in with her punk attire.

"Yeah, I guess." She shrugged. Looking at the single glove herself. It was her way of giving tribute to the first-class people that died. She knew more third-class passengers had perished. She did things for them as well. Hence, her old run down shoes. When she could afford any new ones she desired.

Her mother and manager handed her a brandy. Another tribute. Which she drank down quickly. Then followed her friends and band mates out to the stage.

She was met by screams of thousands of fans. She placed her headset on, she also sang a few back-up vocals. She noticed the same boy, from earlier. Now in the front row. He held up a sign with a picture of Titanic drawn. And the words "Zip- They'll never be forgotten because of you!"

She held her arms up in the air. As if she felt like she owned the world. She held her hand out towards the boy. Her middle and ring fingers curled down, the others extended. As all rock stars displayed. "ROCK ON!" She shouted into the mic. Still looking at the boy. Then she turned away from the audience, and took her place behind everyone at the drums.

She spotted her boyfriend, off to the side of the stage. He gave her a thumbs up. She only rolled her eyes. And started the rhythmic beat for the first song.

She didn't love Levi, she knew that. He was kind of a convenience. He too, was in a punk band. It was good publicity. Or so her mother kept telling her.

She threw in a few beats of "My Heart Will Go On". Just to piss off the others. Which of course it did. Amber turned to her and gave her the death stare. She knew to stop then.

She wanted to get back to the bus. She had plans to watch "A Night To Remember" that night. It was also a Titanic film. But the concert seemed to last forever.

Then Razor answered the fans when they called for an encore. So she was forced to play through another song. Could the fans see her boredom? She loved them. She always made that clear. But she was beginning to feel like this was no longer what she wanted.

Finally the show was over. There was no meet-and-greet this time. It was straight back to the bus. They were due to start filming their new music video, in less than four days on April 13th, back in the U.S. They were now in England. It was already after midnight on the ninth.

Zipper was first to race into the bus. She went to her bunk. And turned on the little portable television and VCR. She put in "A Night to Remember" and laid back to enjoy another night of Titanic.

Suddenly, her bunk's curtain was pulled back. Startled she turned to see the intruder.

"Levi, can't you knock?" She asked her boyfriend. She pressed the power button to the TV, not wanting to, and turned to him.

"There's something I have to ask you. I know I'm so much older, and you're only sixteen and everything…" He trailed off.

"Yes? Well spit it out!" She said blatantly.

"Okay, look, I've already asked your mom. She's going to sign and everything. But-" Again Levi broke off. He bit at his lip-ring. "But will you marry me?"

His words shook her as if she had been in an earthquake. She didn't love him. Sure, they had dated for a long while. But this wasn't what she wanted. He loved her. Or so he claimed. But love it two-sided. That's what Zip always said. And she felt nothing, but a possible friendship for this man.

She thought about it for the longest time. The pros and cons of marrying him. When the awful realization hit her, that this may be her only chance to have a family. She had only been with him, and him alone. Levi was of her world. And to everyone else it was the perfect match.

Slowly she nodded her head. "Yes." She managed to answer his dreadful question.

"You will?" He asked, lifting his eyebrows in hope.

"Yes, I will, Levi." She leaned over the side of the bunk and kissed him deeply. Their lip-rings clanked together.

He crawled inside the bunk with her. Not breaking the kiss. Closing the velvet curtain behind him. It was a small space, no doubt there. But he laid atop her. Their kiss was of passion, lust. Not love. Of that Zipper was certain.

That night they again made love, which they had on numerous occasions. But now it was different. It was so strange, for Zipper. This was her fiancé she held close to her now. Not her boyfriend, not a fleeting crush. But a future husband. She was now tied down, and her freedom stripped from her.

Suddenly she felt like Rose DeWitt Bukater, from the movie. Now she knew how she must have felt. Only, Rose loved another man. Zipper knew no other, besides Levi. She hated it. The idea of it sickened her.

She slowly slid from beneath his arms. As he slept on. She glanced at the empty condom packet. Thankful they had used protection again. She did not want to be pregnant. She just lost her freedom in one sense, she definitely didn't want to have his child yet.

She wanted to wait, until a love blossomed. If it could. She jumped down from her bunk quietly. Hers was on the second row. Amber's was right next to hers.

She crept towards the entertainment area of the tour bus. Everyone was asleep. Except of course for the driver, Mark. There were two drivers. Because Dilemma had so much touring this year. They could travel day and night.

Zipper picked up her portable headset, and CD case. She picked the Titanic soundtrack "Back to Titanic" to listen to. It always helped her think. And that's all she needed then, really, was to think.

"Oh, Zip. I heard the news congrats." Mark called from behind the wheel.

'Damnit', she thought to herself. She hadn't wanted him to know she was awake. "Yeah, thanks." She called back anyway. She slumped down onto the plush red and black sofa, and placed the ear pieces in her ears. Sounds of the movie streamed through the wires. She closed her eyes and sighed. She wasn't going to sleep. It was already ten in the morning. She just needed to think. And was grateful that everyone slept till noon or later.

As the tracks played on, she started to feel strange. Her stomach began to feel tight. A numbness covered her arms. Then the Titanic music faded away, to that of talking and laughter.

Confused, she slowly opened her eyes. The first thing out of her mouth was a scream.