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Chapter 1

"It's almost time boys." A soothing, low voice echoed throughout the black room swirling with colors.

"How are we going?" A man with ice blue eyes and greenish white hair spoke up. The tall, slender figure who had spoken first gave a small smile that barely tugged at the corner of her lips.

"I cannot tell you Lord Kunzite, for you would not approve." She said in almost a mocking voice. Kunzite straitened his tall, muscular body and eyed the Guardian of Time thoughtfully.

"We would not approve? How so?" Asked another man with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

"I cannot tell you." Was all she said. There was a sigh from her left. Her eyes shifted slightly to the other two figures that stood in the shadows.

"How much longer?" One of them asked anxiously stepping out into the dim light reveling deep blue eyes and long shiny brown hair.

"Soon Nephrite. Soon." She promised in her most soothing voice. She knew that they all suppressed their frustration at her words, but she stood tall, unfazed by all four of them.

"Will they know us when we arrive?" The last figure to speak stepped out of the shadows as well, his green eyes a little wary, but excited at the same time. He fingered a wavy strand of his light brown hair, twisting it around his slender finger.

There was a long silence, and then she finally spoke. "Yes." She said in a vague tone and turned back to the swirling colors waiting for the right one to appear. She saw it in the far distance and raised her rod. The four men huddled together. She gave them a rare smile and the light caught a hold of her rod. She aimed the time magic at them and in a flash of green light, they were taken away. She lowered her rod slowly, frowning a little.

"Did they go?" A soft velvety voice asked. Sailor Pluto, the guardian of the time gate turned to the sound and gave one nod.

"Yes Queen Serenity, they have gone." She said. The spirit Queen nodded.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Serena didn't know what Darien's problem was. Every time he saw her he began the mindless teasing, sending her into a tissy. The dumb jerk, calling me Meatball head. She almost growled as she rounded another corner, on her way to the temple. And why did I decide to help Raye with her temple chores? She groaned miserably. Because she had no life that's why! School was out for the summer and she had nothing to do but help Raye with her chores. Lita had one of her karate classes she just HAD to go to, Ami was studying for summer school, and Mina was out shopping without her! When she arrived at the temple, she gazed up the gazillion stairs. Why don't they put in an elevator or something? I mean, ALL these steps are killers! She hiked up them anyway, grumbling about having buff calves when she was done getting up them. Breathless, she collapsed on her knees dramatically.

"Finally." She heard Raye's annoyed voice. Serena looked up at her friend in a pleading manner.

"Water!" She panted. Raye rolled her eyes and went to get her some water.

"Where were you?" Raye asked, extending a helping hand to her overdramatic friend as soon as she chugged down the glass she handed her. She saw Serena's face fill with rage and Raye knew in an instant what kept her. She braced her self.

"That devil spawned jerk that's what! I was just innocently talking to Andrew and he had the nerve to pull one of my ponytails! That had the audacity to tell me that I had SPLIT ENDS!" Serena howled. "I never have split ends Raye! And I told him so! And then he tweaked one of my buns."

"Which ones?" Raye asked with a wink. Serena stared open mouth at her friend.

"RAYE!" She shrieked, aghast that Raye would ever tease her about something like that! Raye chuckled and said a quick apology and told her to continue. Serena did so in a rush.

"Then he started another insult duel. By the time I finished with that, it was already getting dark." She finished in a pout.

Raye sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward. "Alright, that's a valid excuse. Come on." She said and pulled Serena to a supply cabinet and gave her a broom.

~ ~ ~ ~

After two torturous hours of sweeping the gazillion stairs at the shrine, Serena sulked home. Why is it so quiet? Where are all the yomens at? Where was Zoicite at? Not that she wanted to get into another battle, but things were suspiciously quiet. Luna was on special alert tonight. Unconsciously, she walked to the city park. She blinked. Oops, I didn't mean to go here. But after looking around the vacant park, she decided to stay a little. Besides, a little alone time couldn't hurt her. She wandered to the swings and dropped her book bag in the sand. What was up with her? She asked herself as she sat in a rubber seat, grasping the cold chains of the swing. Why was she in this pathetic mood? This was so unlike her...maybe I'm starting to get boring. She thought horrified...

Naw, she relaxed a bit. She would always be interesting, she thought in almost a gloat. Maybe she was just tired. After all, she just did manual work and drowsiness was a common side affect to sweeping a gajillion steps. She looked up at dark sky. The moon was bright tonight, she thought absently and closed her eyes. The moon always soothed her when she was having one of her depressing bouts. Suddenly, she felt another presence beside her and her eyes snapped open. She stared at a strong chest, a familiar chest that she constantly ran into. A chest belonging to an annoying jerk that just ruined her quiet time. She scowled.

"Hey Meatball head, like what you see? I work out pretty regularly. Go ahead, feel the strong pecs on me." He purred seductively, she ALMOST did what he said. Uhhhh, how can he do this to me? She clenched her fists together. Why do I always have to run into him? How can he make me blush? The jerk!

"What do you want Chiba?" She grounded out through clenched teeth, her eyes jerking to his face. A very handsome face, with beautiful dark blue eyes...WHAT? What did I just think? Her expression turned appalled for a second, but she hid it quickly. Jeeze, I MUST be tired, thinking of Darien that way, I need a long nap...

He shrugged his broad shoulders, sending Serena's mind spiraling into another bout of confusion. What was wrong with her! STOP! She scolded her self firmly. "Just thought I'd say hi. We don't talk much." He said and sat in the swing next to her.

"We don't talk?" She asked a bit miffed. "We talk everyday!"

"No we argue every day." He told her like he was speaking to a child.

"Go away. I'm in no mood for you and your delightful antics Devil Spawn." Serena bit out and folded her arms in front of her, glaring at the sand.

"Delightful are they?" He mocked. Serena gritted her teeth to keep herself from lashing out at him. She was silent, refusing to speak to him. "Ahh, the silent treatment is it?" He drawled in a sigh. "It really doesn't work for you. It's just so unnatural that your mouth is closed for so long." Every word he said only fueled her anger more. She clenched her fists. "You know Serena I..." She didn't let him finish his remark. With a growl, she jumped on him, knocking him backward in the swing. He hit the sand hard with a loud 'oomf'. Her hands wanted to ring his neck.

At first, she saw surprise in his eyes, but it quickly turned to amusement as he grabbed her arms to keep them from his neck. He rolled her in the sand until he was on top. Serena wrapped a leg around his waist and rolled him back, until she was on top. They wrestled together, neither side bowing in defeat. Panting hard, trying to gain more ground to his neck, Serena didn't hear the frantic beeping from her bag.

Darien laughed and rolled her again, on top of her. He felt her strength give a little and he managed to pin one of her hands into the sand. She let out a cry of outrage, bucking her body to get him off of her. Unbeknown to her that the movement made his eyes darken with a sudden attack of desire. He held her down, suddenly aware that her blue skirt had hiked up her thighs, giving him a glimpse of her pink underwear. Shit! What was she doing to him? She wiggled again, and he bit back a tortured groan. After more wrestling, he managed to pin both her hand in the sand.

Serena blinked in surprise as he hovered over her with a triumphant grin. Her chest rose and fell with her labored breathing. She struggled again, but it was in vain. Ahhhh, damn this annoying man! She wanted to kick her legs in rage.

Darien looked down at her dirt smudged face and livid blue eyes. Small grains of sand were on her cheek. She looked an absolute mess. But absolutely cute. Before he knew it, he leaned down and took her lips with a heated kiss. He heard her gasp out, and still, but soon, he felt her kiss him back. Her mouth opened and he slipped his tongue in her moist mouth. Her tongue met his own with skilled movements that surprised him. So Serena isn't as innocent as she looks.

All logical thoughts escaped her mind as she kissed her enemy. He tasted like spices, she thought and felt heat pool into her stomach. But an annoying beeping sound made a little of her senses come back. The faint beeping grew louder as she gradually came back down to Earth.

"Sailor Moon! HELLO! Anyone there? SERENA! Get your damn communicator!" She recognized Raye's sharp voice. "SAILOR MOON!" She screamed. Serena let out a little cry of shock and broke away from her kiss. She pushed Darien off of her and scrambled away. Oh god oh god oh god, he didn't hear her call me Sailor Moon did he? She picked herself up and dashed to her bag where Raye continued to scream at her. "SAILOR MOOOOOOOOON!" She put a hand over the speaker, trying to quiet Raye's demands for her to pick up her communicator. Suddenly, a hand shot out of nowhere and snatched her pick communicator away from her. "SERENA-OH- DARIEN!" She heard Raye screech in surprise.

"Give it back Darien!" Serena made a mad dash for it but he jerked away and looked at Sailor Mars's image.

"Raye?" He asked incredulously staring at Serena's raven haired friend. Serena grabbed his arm and tricky hands snatched her communicator back. She grabbed her bag and dashed off.

"Where?" Serena asked Raye. Damn, oh DAMN! Why me? She hollered to herself.

"Park, where else do they come?" Raye growled, and then winced. "We're in deep trouble now aren't we?" She asked. Serena looked over her shoulder to see Darien right in her tail.

"Yes. He's following me!" She hissed and sped up.

"Transform, then run like hell! Gotta go, Jupiter needs help. Mars out."

Damn, damn, damn, he still right behind me. Gods, what have I done? I kissed my mortal enemy and now he knows I'm Sailor Moon. Could this day get any worse? She looked back again, and saw that she had just enough time to transform. With Sailor Moon's ability, she managed to shake him off. She looked back again. Her eyes widened as she saw Darien in the midst of transforming into Tuxedo Mask. This can't be happening! Her step faltered. She watched in horror as he caught up with her. Soon, she was jerked into his arms and sailing across buildings.

"Gods, this can't be real." She moaned, tightly closing her eyes and willing herself to wake up from her dreams. He said nothing and she was glad. They reached the battle place just as Mercury and Venus were recovering from getting hit. Tuxedo Mask sent one of his roses flying and he pushed her forward when the monster halted. With a quick toss of her tiara, the monster was dusted in no time. She freed her arm from Tuxedo Mask's death grip and bolted away from his to the safety of her friends.

"Are you guys alright?" she asked. She and Mars shared a look.

"Hey what's going on?" Jupiter looked all around them. Serena noticed that everything was turning green for a reason. She looked up at the sky and saw the brilliant moon flash green. Two beams shot down and one aimed right for her. Serena stood still, unable to move. Her muscles felt heavy for some reason. The green beam hit her stomach and knocked her back. The air rushed out of her lungs. It didn't hurt really, but she moaned anyway. She landed on the cold cement sidewalk with a loud thump. Faintly, she heard the scouts cry out in concern and she felt them rushing to her side.

*Gods, is she hurt? Please Serena, be alright* She heard Raye.

*What the hell was that?* Lita asked.

*What is she suffered massive brain damage? Gods, Serena, please be okay*

*Oh no oh no oh no* Mina chanted.

"Jeeze, I'm fine." Serena grumbled and smacked away their fussy hands. "And no, Mercury, I don't think I suffered any massive brain damage." She shot her friend a glare.

*Could have fooled me.* She heard Darien mutter. Serena stood up.

"Shut up prick! I don't need your teasing right now." She snapped, rubbing her stomach.

She saw the scouts exchange glances. "Who's a prick?" Venus asked.

* Didn't they hear what he said? Dumb Darien, thinks he's all that just because he's Tuxedo Mask. Man! Why did this all have to happen today?* Serena winced.

"Darien is Tuxedo Mask?" The girls, minus Mars cried out looking at the dark figure rubbing his stomach as well.

Serena stopped rubbing her stomach. "Hey, I didn't say that out loud." What the...

"But we heard you." Jupiter spoke out with a confused look on her face.

Serena blinked in confusion. *Could they read my mind or something?* There were gasps.

"I did just now! I read your mind!" Venus cried out, her blue eyes glittering with excitement.

*How the hell did that happen?* Darien growled.

"How am I to know Prick?" Serena cried out to him in frustration.

"Er, Serena, Darien didn't say anything." Mercury murmured and pulled her little computer out of her subspace pocket.

"He said it in my mind." The jerk. Didn't the others hear him?

*Apparently not meatball head. You're the only one that can hear my sultry voice.* He purred in her thoughts. She sent him a glare.

*Shut up Devil spawn, and quit talking to me.*

"Humm, strange, it seems were all linked telepathically for some reason." Mercury muttered.

*Duh Ami* Mina rolled her eyes. Mercury sent her a glare.

*I was just making sure Mina.* She replied in an annoyed huff.

"But how come Serena is linked to Darien and we're not?" Raye asked, eyeing the pair who were glaring at one another.

This never would have happened if I hadn't kissed him. Damn distractions. Why did he have to be MY bloody distraction? Serena sighed.

"You kissed him?" The girls cried out. Serena lost her frown and blushed.

"That's none of your business! Stay out of my mind!" She cried out and put her hands to her head, trying to block their probing. Nosey Scouts.

"It was a good kiss." Darien said with a smirk. Serena fumed.

"It was a mistake Prick, it won't happen again." She snapped and flipped one of her pony tails behind her back. The nerve of the guy, always talking about himself like he was god of all or something. He's so conceited.

"I can't believe you kissed him!" Lita cried out.

*How was it?* Mina sneaked in. Serena blushed even more.

"I said it was a mistake you two, get over it." She replied stubbornly. Like I would ever give them details.

"So that's why you were so late." Ami got in on it too. Et tu Ami?

Serena wanted to scream. This all has to be a dream, please let this be a dream she prayed.

*Its pretty real meatball head. Get use to it.* Darien snickered. She ignored him. What was with that light? Why did the moon turn green? Who got hit by the other beam? Was it the cause of all of this?

Mercury scanned the area. Clouds over head hid the moon from them for a time. Serena watched as they parted and let the light shine through. It always looked magical to her ever since she was little.

*Beautiful sight.* Darien murmured coming up beside her.

*Yes, beautiful.* Her heart pounded fiercely in her chest. Her nerves came alive, and senses sharpened for an instant. It was because she was so close to him. She jerked her head to see him. She HAD to see him, she just had to. His scent, it was making her dizzy.

*Just one touch* she reached up and touched his cheek. Electric currents shocked her, but she didn't pull back her fingers. What was happening to me? She wanted to kiss him so much, her lips were actually aching.

*Just one* He whispered and their faces inched closer. Her warm breaths caressed his cheek. Her eyes were dark with lust. It hurt to want her so much, he had to have her now.

*So much hunger* She thought drowsily and grabbed his head and kissed him with her new pent up hunger. Stars exploded behind her eyes when their lips met in a bruising kiss. Her hands hungrily roamed his body, feeling hard muscled through out his chest and around to his back. She wanted to touch all of him. To memorize his body. She HAD to, it hurt so much. So much need to feel, to be touched. Her grabbed one of her legs and wrapped it securely around his trim waist, anchoring her to him. She absently began grinding her hips into his. She felt his desire there, swelling for her. She rocked harder, wanting their clothes to disappear. She wanted him so bad. Their kisses were becoming more aggressive. So hot, she was so hot with desire, her head swam. She needed... needed him so much.

~ ~ ~ ~

Red exploded around them in an instant. Mina's eyes widened. The aura around them was so red she never seen such a vibrant color before.

"What are they doing?" Lita gaped at the two, locked in a very passionate kiss, hands going everywhere.

"Ami, what's going on with these two?" Raye demanded. She and Lita went to pry them apart.

There were beeping sounds, as Ami scanned them. "Their hormone level is off the charts!" She gasped. Their body temperatures were growing hotter by the moment.

Raye and Lita teamed together and with all their might, wretched them apart. Serena struggled in Raye's arm.

*So much need. Endy!* Her arms flailed out as she tried desperately to get a hold of him. Raye frowned. What was Endy? Did the others hear her? She looked at each on of them, but they didn't pay much attention to what she was thinking. They were more concerned for Serena and Darien. Lita had to trip and pin Darien to the ground. Raye could tell that she was having a hard time keeping him down. "Ami, what is it? What's wrong with them?" Raye demanded. Serena and Darien managed to get free, and were wrapped tightly together again. Damn that girl was strong. Raye halted Lita. What's the harm in letting them suck face for a while? She watched them closely, noticing that their touched were getting bolder by the minute.

"I-I don't know, these readings are so jumpy." She typed furiously on her computer. They were shadowed again as another cloud passed in front of the moon. Raye watched their movements slow, and then still all of the sudden. They held their breaths as tension filled the surroundings.

*What the...* "Darien! Were you just kissing me?" Serena screeched and scrambled away from him. She sought protection behind Lita.

"Hey, you were kissing me!" He protested.

"I did not! You kissed me first!" She snapped back. Her lips were still on fire, and her body throbbed for his hands again.

*My hands can fulfill you again Sweetheart* Darien drawled. Damn mind reading.

*Oh really? And my breast will just fit right back into your hands right?*

"What did he say?" Raye demanded, catching Serena's sharp reply to Darien.

*Tell her Serena. Tell her how your body is still on fire. Tell her you want me to kiss you again* Darien taunted.

*And, I'll tell her how bad you need a cold shower right now. I'll tell them that you want me to call out your name in ecstasy as you make my come. I'll tell them...*

"STOP!" Ami screeched. She didn't want to hear all the details about things like that. Her face was so hot right now with a blush she refused to look at her friends.

"Jeeze Darien, I didn't know how much you lusted after Serena." Mina gave him a cheeky smile and a wink. He scowled. Lita just grinned and gave them both thumbs up.

*Yeah, go ahead, use you mind link with your friends to your advantage.* He snickered. Serena stuck out her tongue at him, just as the clouds parted once more and moonlight streamed down on them again. The insatiable hunger to have him built up once more, stronger that before and she launched herself into his arms to keep her body from turning into a quivering mass of raw nerves. Their lips locked again.

"It's the moonlight! Quick, take them inside before they strip each other bare in front of us." Ami said and she and the others, herded Serena and Darien into an old abounded shop off to the corner. As soon as they were out of the moonlight, they broke apart once more.

"Damn you." Serena hissed at him, still cuddled in his arms. Darien pushed her away from him. She stumbled back and glared at him.

"Damn you! You and your friends are doing something to me!" He accused.

"Yeah, they're making us kiss!" Serena said sarcastically and touched her broach, to de-transform.

Darien sucked in a harsh breath when she did. He caught a sight of her nude body and tried to blink away the image. Damn that girl! She knew what she was doing when she did that!

"I did not!" Serena screeched in outrage. Her delicate face flushed.

*I guess it's true that all guys think of is sex* She grumbled.

"Close your eyes." Lita growled at him. "We need to de-transform as well."

*Damn women.* He obediently turned around. There was another flash.

"Okay you can look." Mina said happily. Darien found himself looking at Serena's batch of friends.

"I should have known." He muttered and de-transformed as well. What a day!

"You can think that again." Serena mumbled and sank down against the wall.

"First things first. Serena, Darien, you can't go out into the moonlight for any reason." Ami said bluntly. "Every time you do, your hormones shoot up and that's why your having your...ah...kissing bouts. I need to find out why this is happening to you. It's going to take sometime, but for now, you two need to stay apart." She said awkwardly. Done and done. Did Ami think she had to threaten her to stay out of the moonlight? She never wanted him touching her again!

*Right Serena, like you can ever forget about me. I can still read your mind, and you still want me* Darien thought wickedly. Serena snorted even though she knew it was the truth.

*And you forget dearest, that I can read you mind as well, and there is now way you can make me do any of those sexual positions you so clearly thought up. You still want me bad baby.* She shot at him cockily, folding her arms. All she heard was chuckling form him as a response and the scouts' gasp of the new information they just heard.

"Do you know what that strange green light was?" Serena asked anxiously, ignoring the images Darien shot into her head. Horny jerk.

Ami shook her head. "I couldn't really get any readings on it. Every time I did they would just get jumbled again." She said mournfully.

"But those beams, they entered me and Darien. You saw that didn't you?" She looked around the room at her friends. They all bobbed their heads.

"So what? We're supposed to stay here until the moonlight dies away?" Darien bit out, drumming his fingers on the wall. Why me? Of all the people to be fatally attracted to, they pick the meatball head?

"Quit calling me that!" Serena yelled at him.

"Quit reading my mind then." He sneered.

"I didn't. It came to me crystal clear." He mumbled something under his breath that she couldn't hear, but she was sure it was something bad about her.

They sat in silence, waiting for rays of sunlight to filter through the dawn sky. Serena's eyes drooped.

"Go to sleep Serena. The sun won't come up for about an hour or so." Ami patted her friend on the shoulder.

"Thanks Ames." She mumbled and her head drooped to her chest. Darien searched her mind, but all he got was silence. Ah, so the bond goes away when we sleep. This is good to know.

"So Darien, why do you and Serena have sand in your hair?" Mina asked casually stretching out on a wooden crate against a bare wall.

"We were wrestling earlier at the park." He muttered, not sure why he told them in the first place.

"Who won?" Lita asked settling Serena's head comfortably on her shoulder.

"I did of course." He scoffed.

"What were you wrestling about?" Raye asked warily still standing up, with her arms folded. He shrugged and opened his mouth to give them an answer, but the surroundings turned green again. Ami immediately pulled out her computer and did scans on him and Serena, then around them.

"What was that Ames?" Lita asked, standing up, letting Serena slump against the wall.

"I don't know. I have something on my scanner. We should go check it out." Darien stood to go with them, but Ami halted him with her hand. "The moonlight is still out. You had better stay inside." She advised, and then she and the other girls ran out leaving him almost pouting in his place.

Ami followed the computer's directions to a blinking spot on the screen. It led them to the park, near an old tree. Cautiously, she and the others approached it. There was a huge basket by it.

*We better transform. It might be dangerous* Ami advised. The scouts nodded and transformed. Slowly, warily, they peered into the basket and gasped. There were four confused infants staring up at them in wonder. They all had matching blue outfits on with their names engraved clearly on each individual baby's shirt.





~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~