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love can be a blessing, love can be a sin

take your emotions, hold it all within

betrayal by one, from the other love

please tell me friend who you are dreaming of

is it in her eyes to forgive your wrong

is it in her eyes where you can belong

forget the past and forget your heart

all along she was there doing her part

love can be a blessing, love can be a sin

take all your emotions, hold it all within


"Oh, Inuyasha. When will you ever learn?"

Kagome stalked off into the woods. She was visibly flustered and the rest of the group stared at her retreating back.

Miroku glared at Inuyasha.

"What? I didn't do anything..." Inuyasha trailed off. Had he really upset her that much?

"Inuyasha, you really disturbed Kagome. How can you do that to her?" Sango put in.

"Look, it's none of your business," Inuyasha stated stubbornly. He turned his head away from the place Kagome disappeared into the woods and closed his eyes, pretending that all his problems would just go away. What did it matter anyway? But he remembered Kagome's cold stare after he got back from being with... Kikyo. It was only for a few minutes, and nothing happened, so what's she so bugged about? Keh.


"I see where I stand, Inuyasha. And I know I told you that I wasn't going to try and make you forget her. Still... Don't I mean anything to you at all? Am I really just a jewel shard detector? That's all it really is, isn't it? You really don't care about me or my feelings at all."


Inuyasha winced at the remembrance of Kagome's cold words. But he could hear the sadness in her voice as well. 'I don't know what to do...'


"Why does he do this to me? Honestly, why can't he forget her? She's dead... I am alive, I am living, breathing flesh and I have so much to offer. But still he chooses a memory of bones and clay over me." Tears began to fall down Kagome's cheek. "He can't go back to where they used to be. She has changed so much. She hates him, and still he is willing to go to hell with her. I really am not that important to him..." This realization brought a new flood of tears.

As she was stumbling along, trying to shake lose the image of the two in the woods, she came upon a hot spring.

"Oooh, this is exactly what I need! My head is spinning and I can't get a grip on anything."

Kagome quickly looked around to make sure that no one was peeping. Last thing she needed was Miroku spying on her from behind a bush. But as she slipped into the hot water, she began to calm down.

"Ah, I can think much more rationally now... " Kagome stared at her reflection in the rippling water. "I really don't look anything like Kikyo. Why does everyone say I do? I know Inuyasha thinks I do. I see him gazing at me sometimes at night when he thinks I'm asleep. His eyes look so pained. I know that he suffers greatly inside, but he never shows it. Maybe I'm just a constant reminder of Kikyo to him. Is that why he never treats me with respect? No, because he does respect Kikyo. I just can't figure him out."

Kagome turned her eyes from the water and folded her arms across a rock.

"And what do I feel? I knew that I loved him... But I can't have him. Why should I feel like this for him? He's always so rude to me, he's distasteful, he's always picking fights, and he's still hung up on her. But at the same time, he is actually so much more intelligent than anyone gives him credit for. Well, he's intelligent until it comes to women... " Kagome smirked. "But he's always the first to figure out where Naraku is and sees through his traps, and he's saved us all in battle one time or another. Oh Inuyasha, what am I going to do with you?"

Kagome's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a slight rustle in the woods. She jerked her head up and looked around. She suddenly had an odd feeling; like she was being watched. She stood up, folding her arms across her chest.

"Miroku, is that you? If it is, you better get out of here now or I'll slap you into next week..." But Kagome stopped. She felt the presence of shikon shards. A lot of shikon shards.

"Is it... Naraku?" Kagome trembled. She was afraid. Alone and naked in a hot spring without her bow and arrows, she was completely defenseless. She considered calling out for Inuyasha, but was afraid that he wouldn't come anyway. He was still mad at her. Kagome turned and looked about. Something wasn't right. She was about to get out when she heard a swooping noise from behind. Instantly pain shocked her entire body but was centered on her back right shoulder. Kagome fell upon a rock on the spring's bank. Her vision was blurred and she could hardly move. She barely realized that the dark red liquid that stained the rocks and water was her own blood before she passed out.


Inuyasha sat in stony silence just outside the camp circle with the rest of the group. He didn't want to admit that he was feeling bad about hurting Kagome. But he was so confused. Kikyo... what was it about her that still drew him to her? She was the first one to-

Inuyasha's thoughts were interrupted as he snapped his head up.


He took off like lightening and didn't bother to answer Miroku's exclamation of "What happened?"

He knew she was in serious trouble. He could smell it. Kagome's blood. And a damned lot of it had been spilled.


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