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I am worried about them; most people would never believe that I am even capable of the compassion that it takes to experience worry. But then, most people never get close enough to know anything about me. I do pull off the stone cold bastard look incredibly well, after all.

But if the truth is to be known, those three mean more to me than my supervisors can ever know. If the higher ups were to find out they would undoubtedly attempt to 'remove the distraction.' In other words, my teammates would soon be dead in an alley somewhere. With the exception of Nagi, him they would retrain. Death would be kinder.

The reason for my worry is the same reason Schuldig would be killed instead of 'merely' brainwashed. He is slipping. The control that he has fought to maintain for so long is finally faltering, and I find myself growing desperate. The German may be unspeakably annoying, but he is one of my best friends and the sight of him huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth and weeping at the pain in his mind breaks my heart.

Telepaths are naturally inclined to instability, the stronger they are the quicker they fall. Some are lucky enough to have natural shields, barriers strong enough to keep them in and others out. Allowing them to maintain their identities and not lose themselves to their gifts. Schuldig was one of those lucky few, once upon a time. He would have been safe, had Estet not broken his shielding in an effort to make him stronger. I barely got him out in time to salvage what remained of his sanity.

We have been searching for something, anything, that can balance him. Some trick, some….magic that can bring him peace. Yet we find ourselves doubting that this being, this creature, this thing even exists. And so we watch, helpless, as he loses the battle. His strength of will failing him. The voices coming ever closer to stealing away the fiery personality we have all come to love.

-Screams; Gunfire; Confusion-

The tall dark-haired man freezes, staring blankly into nothingness.

-Shining silver wire; Dead brown eyes; A young male voice raised in pain-

His knuckles stand out stark white as he grips the back of a chair.

-Familiar cries of anguish; Worlds spinning out of control-

What do those pests have to do with Schuldig?

Why is it so important that they survive?

Why did I not see this before?

I suppose it does not really matter, I have to warn them.

There he is, the brown-eyed one, Siberian. He is the most trusting, he will listen. And if he does not then I will find a way to make him. My team is depending on him, I will not let them down.

"Be careful tonight Weiss, your targets are expecting you."

I smiles as I walk away. That look of complete and utter disbelief is absolutely priceless. I could almost come to like that one. If he weren't so very determined to kill me.

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