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Pairings: Nagi+Tot, Ken+Yuriko, Schu+Omi, Farfarello+Yohji, Crawford+Ran

Beautiful moments are few and far between in this world, at least, in my experience they are. Because of this it is imperative that we relish those truly lovely ones that appear before us.

The look on our erstwhile employers face when we told him our contract had been terminated was one such moment. The delicious fear, the impotent rage, the quiet seething hatred and gasping disbelief . . . it was like a banquet of shock, a symphony of negativity.

Schuldig was nearly orgasmic, his hatred for that man quite possibly exceeds even Abyssinians.

Though he will not tell me why.

From what I can tell there were more than a few revelations made that day, but not a one of them changed his opinion of the man, in fact, I think they may have even intensified the pre-existing feelings.

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, I really do wish I knew why he had us stop long enough to spit on Schuichi Takatoris corpse before we left.

I know that the onetime police commissioner was giving our kittens their orders but that alone does not explain such an action. In the end I suppose it really is trivial, and I am certain that he will tell us when his is ready.

Schuldig always finds a way to use everything to his advantage.

He just needs time to plan. And once he has completed his plan he will discuss it with us.

As we were finally making our way into the chaos of the night we distinctly heard the dying scream of one would-be tyrant.

Reiji Takatori is dead.

Abyssinian has had his revenge and we are all free, at least for now. From what we can tell they have taken their newfound freedom more seriously than we have, and scattered across Japan.

Oddly enough, I never would have thought that they would go so far as to separate. After all that they have been through together it just seems very strange.

Nagi tells me that their actions were most likely caused by the uproar of the past few days. It will take some time for people to forget that the faces of those popular florists were on wanted posters all over town.

He halts, staggering slightly and leaning against the wall.

-Sirens, cold air, the still form of a dark-haired girl-

-Crumbling walls, icy water, the flash of a familiar sword-

-Cries of betrayal, familiar wrinkled faces, despair-

All color drains from the already pale face as amber eyes widen.

The elders have returned, I must warn the others.

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