Chapter 3

Beginning of Revelations

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"Dang blasted, stupid, kami-forsaken, Happosai-wannabes! They call themselves priests?" Ranma muttered to himself as he wandered a forest. "Couldn't keep from hitting me with cold water all the time! Worse, none of them knew anything about spirit energy, besides their sutras. Next time, I use a Shinto priest!"

Ranma continued on in much the same vein for several minutes, until he cam across a small clearing, surrounded by some good sized trees. A quick look around, and Ranma started to set up camp. With his years of experience, it was only a matter of minutes, and he was ready to begin training for the evening, while he still had some light.

"Okay." He muttered to himself. "I just need to focus my energies onto the soles of my feet, and use just enough to keep from falling off, but not so much that the ki of the tree repels mine."

After taking a minute to find a suitable tree, Ranma closed his eyes, and began to concentrate. He slowly lifted his foot, and set it upon the trunk of the tree. Resting it there, and then lifting up his other foot off the ground, and bringing it to rest on the tree.

Before, any climbing he had done had envolved a combination of several different methods, though none of which would have allowed him to simply stand on a wall as if it was a floor.

This is tough. Ranma thought to himself as he took another slow step. In some ways, this training method reminded him of the one-finger stand training from Yu Yu Hakusho. Both training methods were meant to build up control of ones energies, though Genkai's method seemed to focus more on building up endurance, while this focused from on control.

"Now, let's see just how good at this I've become." He muttered to himself, and turned his body so he was looking sideways.

"Mouko Takabisha." He called out, and threw a ki blast at a distant tree, shattering it with ease.

Unfortunately, the ki attack seemed to push him off of the tree, causing him to fall to the ground.


Ranma continued tree climbing for some time, though he decided to hold off on using ki blasts until he was more certain, and tried to figure out another ki technique he could use instead to test his skill. Ranma finally decided to stop when the sun began to set. He then set his hand on top of a pile of wood chips and twigs he had already prepared, and it burst into flames.

Can't generate a fire technique yet, but I can at least use my ki to create enough heat to start fires. Ranma thought to himself.

"I can create cold, and I can create heat, but I can't generate fire or freeze things, so what am I missing?" He asked himself.

Ranma shook his head. The same question had been plaguing him for months, ever since he had started this training. Trying to develop his own techniques based off of anime/manga was proving more difficult than he thought. Some simply required more power than he had at his disposal, or required an entirely different way of thinking.

"Well, no use just sitting here thinking about it, I've got to get to sleep, and get back to training." Ranma muttered to himself.

The next day found Ranma up bright and early, standing ten feet away from one of the larger trees near camp.

Ranma began to breath deeply, his eyes closed in contemplation.

"Katchuu Tenshin Amaguriken revised: Hundred Hand Slap!" He called out, and instantly his hands began moving at insane speeds, leaving dozens of after images behind, making it appear as if he had multiple hands.

"That was easy. Too easy." Ranma muttered, clenching his fists. "Now to kick it up a notch."

Ranma's ki quickly began to build up, his aura growing to the point where small stones, twigs, and leaves began to shudder and be pushed back by it.

"Meteor Punch!" He called out as his eyes snapped open.

For the next few seconds, it was as if Ranma's arms had vanished, leaving behind a faint blur as Ranma tried to push his arms, and his ki, to its utmost limits. The force from the blows was enough to chip and crack the tree in front of him. Still, Ranma frowned, and pushed himself harder.

Suddenly, he stopped, collapsing to his knees, gasping for breath.

Thought I had it that time. Ranma's arms hung by his sides, exhausted. He wasn't sure if he could lift them at that second, and he was too tired to even try for a few minutes.

This is worse than when I fought Ryouga after the Bakusai Tenketsu training. At least then I could still move my arms a bit. Ranma began to make his way back to his camp.

"Better train my legs for the rest of the day. Give my arms a chance to recover."

At the Tendo Dojo, Nabiki slowly went over all of the clues.

"Okay, he's been avoiding the fiancees, except for Akane, but only because they live in the same house. He's apparently joined the Manga and Video Game clubs, even though he doesn't have a video game machine. Akane says he's recovering from Ms Hinako even faster than usual. Plus, he's been off on training trips just about every weekend."

Nabiki's fingers rapidly tapped against her desk.

"There's got to be something I'm missing, but what?" She grumbled to herself. "I've even asked the nerds, but they don't seem to have any information either."

Nabiki glanced out the window, and tried to surpress a shiver that ran down her spine.

"It's been too quiet recently." She muttered to herself. "With Ranma away, things have calmed down, slightly. It's like the calm before the storm."

Ranma continued training in the forest for the rest of the day. Running at top speed, while carrying the heaviest stones he could find. Leaping from tree to tree, branch to branch, using the tree climbing skill. Full speed training, wearing weighted clothing was enough to drain even Ranma's reserves, but that night, when he finally pulled himself back to camp, Ranma wasn't quite ready to finish for the day, so he decided to begin an aspect of the training that he had so far been putting off.

"Just hope I don't blind myself doing this." Ranma told himself, as he closed his eyes.

Slowly, Ranma built up his energies, though it was difficult after the intensive training he had put himself through. Then, he carefully channeled those energies into his eyes, much like how he had channeled his energies into the soles of his feet, for the tree climbing exercise.

On the surface, the technique should be much like using ki to enhance one's strength, speed, or toughness. However, seeing was much different than moving limbs.

The moment of truth. Ranma thought to himself, and slowly opened his eyes, and stared straight ahead.

It was a bright and sunny day as Ranma and Akane were walking to school. Ranma had only yesterday come back from his latest 'training trip' and Akane kept glancing at him, as he walked on the fence beside her.

The two had just reached the gates to Furinkan, when they were treated to lovely voice of the Blue Thunder.

"So, the Black Mage Saotome once again seeks to defile these hallowed halls with his necromancy! Hold foul villianous fiend, I shall once again drive you from this sacred ground, and free my beloveds from your demonic grasp, for I am the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" Kuno proclaimed to the world.

Ranma closed his eyes, and then, opened them again, staring at Kuno, who suddenly froze, just as he made motion to attack Ranma. Kuno's eyes widened, bulging out, and he began to make noises, almost as if he was choking.

Ranma guided Akane around the frozen Kuno, who suddenly collapsed.

"Wonder what happened?" Akane said curiously. Honestly, she didn't really care about Kuno, but it was strange for a person to just freeze like that. Anyway, either Sasuke or Nabiki would just drag him to the nurses office, like always.

"Maybe he suddenly realised how much of an idiot he was, and it shocked him unconcious." Ranma said with a shrug. "Don't really care. Come on, let's get to class before we're late."

It was later that day, at a Manga Club meeting, when the newest member, Ranma, told his new friends about what had happened.

"And no one realised what you had done?" Koji , the club treasurer asked, laughing.

"Some of them might have guessed I had something to do with it, but they'll just shrug it off." Ranma smirked. "Too bad that kind of trick doesn't work on someone just as strong as you are. It'd help when dealing with Ryouga or Happi."

"Well, it looks like you mastered the Shinowippo." Sakura, one of the few female members of the club said. "That, or you've learned the Glare pokemon attack." She chuckled.

Ranma groaned.

"Just because 'some' martial arts techniques are based off of animals, doesn't mean I'm going to base any on those things." Ranma rolled his eyes. "Don't really know what you see in them anyway."

"They're cute." Sakura shrugged.

Everyone, including Sakura, laughed at that.

"Oh, here's your Naruto books back." Ranma passed another member several manga. "Those techniques in there are great."

"Yeah." Kobiashi, Ranma's Naruto source said. "Do you want the next ones?"

"Nah." Ranma shook his head. "I'm going to look at a bit more of the others. See if I can get some good training methods out of them."

"Speaking of training, how's it working out?" Koji asked.

Ranma grinned. "Well, I've got to say that it's a whole lot better than Pop's stupid ideas about training. Of course, that's not saying much."

"Okay, now to get this meeting started." Koji said.

The rest of the meeting was spent talking about various anime and manga, and what they were going to watch. Afterwards, many of the members handed Ranma notes filled with ideas about techniques and what they did. Some of the ideas, Ranma noted, were actually pretty good.

It was the next day, while he was sparring with his father, that Ranma noticed something.

It began much like any other day, with the two of them staring at each other from across the small pool, and leaped at each other.



One blow, one blow is all it took for Ranma to take down his father.

"Geeze, Pop, you've really let yourself go if I can take you down that easily." Ranma said as he heaved his pandafied father out of the water and onto the ground.

'Damn it.' Ranma thought to himself. 'I must be improving more than I realised, if I can take out Pop with one hit.'

Ranma sighed.

'It's been like this for a couple of weeks now, and unless he pulls out the Theif stuff, he can't hold his own against me.'

Ranma paused for a moment.

Actually, now that I think about it, I've improved so much I think I could take him even 'if' he used the Yamasenken and Umisenken. He shook his head. Damn, I've gotten so good that the only ones who can take even give me a good fight, even holding back, are the Freak, the Ghoul, Rouge and Taro in their cursed forms, and Herb. Or Saffron.

Ranma shuddered.

Unfortunately, Taro and Rouge can't be counted on to give me a good fight whenever I need it. Herb's back in China, and I ain't going back there for a looong time.

Ranma went in to eat breakfast, leaving his rotund father on the ground. He was surprised to see Happosai sitting at the table with the others as Kasumi and his mother, Nodoka, set down the dishes.

"Speak of the Devil." Ranma muttered as he took his place. Happosai just glanced at Ranma, while the others simply ignored his comment.

The meal went like most others at the Tendo household, once Genma had pulled himself in. That is, until just after everyone had finished, and before Ranma or Genma could leave.

"Ranma my boy," Happosai said. "Starting tomorrow, I will be the one you will be sparring with in the mornings."

Everyone froze in shock.

"Okay, what's the catch?" Ranma finally asked. "You've got something planned, I know it."

"Really need to work on your people reading skills." Happosai said, filling up his pipe. "I have nothing planned, except to do a bit of sparring with my heir." And with that, Happosai went upstairs to his room.

Once in his sanctuary, Happosai relaxed.

"That boy has improved too fast." Happosai muttered to himself as he absentmindedly played with his lingere collection. "Someone has been training him, and I want to know who it is."

Happosai then began to rummage around, and finally pulled out a few scrolls, remembering the burst of kill ki he had sensed the day before.

He had been on one of his usual pan... missions of liberation... when he happened to be passing by Furinkan. Hoping to cop a quick feel off of Ranma, Ukyou, Akane, or Nabiki, he had jumped into a tree, when he saw Ranma walk up to the Kuno boy.

"Why doesn't he give up?" Happosai muttered to himself as Kuno challenged Ranma. "That samurai-wannabe has as much chance against Ranma as... "

Happosai was in shock, and in a slight bit of fear, as Ranma's aura suddenly exploded. It wasn't the size of the aura that scared him, but rather what it was made of...

Kill Ki.

Kill ki was, on the surface, much like any other ki generated by a mind frame or emotion. However, Kill ki was generated by the will or intent to kill. Only someone who had knowingly killed another living person could generate that type of ki, and Ranma was channeling this ki against the Kuno boy. Ranma was using it to attack the boy's ki directly, somewhat like what Happosai himself did when he used his giant battle aura to scare an opponent into submission. However, the method Ranma was using, was much more powerful, and dangerous.

With Happosai's giant battle aura, if the opponent was in reasonable health, the most that would happen would that they would become paralysed in fear for a few seconds. However, if Ranma's version was too strong, or held for too long, it could cause permanent damage to one's ki. Possibly even... death.

None of the other students in the yard had noticed much about was going on beyond Kuno freezing up.

"Ranma seems to be channeling his aura quite well." Happosai whispered to himself. "Focusing it through the eyes to directly attack his opponent. Ingenious."

Happosai had then returned to the Tendo home to contemplate what he had seen.

After several hours, Happosai had determined that, since Ranma seemed to be keeping mum about what he had been doing during his 'training trips' Happosai would be forced to find some other means of discovering what was going on. That meant, pushing Ranma to his limits, until he was forced to begin drawing on his new skills. This would allow Happosai to get a much better idea on who was meddling in his afairs.

Happosai shook himself free from the memory, and began to make plans for his sparring match the next day.


I'm looking for some priests or psychics who might be able to teach Ranma how to use Spirit Energy. They have to be able to use their spiritual powers, must have the ability to teach Ranma their skills, and must not be from any anime/manga that Ranma is copying things from. This leaves out characters from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, Street Fighters, YYH, and maybe Dark City.

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