Angels Fall without you there

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Summary: takes place in the later part of series five but the series finale didn't happen. P/L (cos they're my favorites.) When the Charmed ones and Leo get 5 visitors from the future the news they carry could be devastating, but so could the changes they make. And what happens when the elders realize they've interfered too much?.

On with the story...

Chapter 1


"Look," cried Melinda desperately "I'm going to do it with or without you guys' help and it'd be a whole lot easier with you. I can't stand it anymore and I know you can't either. They're sad all the time. They barely talk to each other, I just.I just want my parents back" tears threatened to spill over her brown eyes as she made defiant eye contact with each of her siblings in turn, before walking out of the room she shared with her younger sister Charlie. She put out one shaking foot to place on the bottom of the staircase that led up to the attic

"Wait, Mel, wait!" Wyatt, her older brother, shouted and Melinda paused and whipped her head around, her brown ponytail landing on her shoulder. "Wait for us" he continued.

"Yeah, I mean we could hardly let you do this alone could we?" Charlie, Melinda's sister and probably the person who knew her best in the whole world, said. Her head was cocked to one side and her eyebrow was arched making her look the perfect copy of her mother.

Charlie and Wyatt stood with their other two sisters, twins Laura and Grace a smile playing on each of their lips.

" Thanks you guys, I knew you'd come around" Melinda said relief flooding her voice.

"Well then, lets get to it!" Grace said clapping her hands twice in the air and leading the way up the steps.

The five children lit a circle of candles in the middle of the attic floo. They stood in the middle of it and held hands creating a ring.
"Ready?" questioned Wyatt

"ready" echoed each of his sisters in turn. They each then took a breath looked at each other for confirmation and recited the spell

"Take us back
Through time and space
So we can make a difference.
Take us to our chosen place
So we can put a smile
Back on this family's face."

For a fraction of a second nothing happened and then the group was surrounded in gold lights. The lights grew in intensity until they were so bright that the children had disappeared as the spell took affect.