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*~CHAPTER 12~*


"Tally, what the hell did you think you were doing!?" Tally had been orbed, just as she had suspected, through time by her mother. Her furious mother. The exact same mom that was now marching back and forth on the floor of the house the 2 shared, along with Tally's father. It was the house next to Piper and Leo's house (the manor). It was Dan's old home.

"Tally, I'm waiting for an answer"

Paige had stopped walking and stood in front of her daughter now, arms folded across her chest and waiting expectantly for a response.

"I went to see Melinda and those guys." Tally replied innocently, as if time travel was an everyday occurrence for her.

"Don't give me the innocent act Tally. You know exactly what I mean. Where are you cousins and what do you think you were doing going of to see them without telling anyone. Piper and Leo are frantic with worry and you know where their children are but you won't say. Why?"

"Because I promised!...wait a sec, Uncle Leo is worried?" confusion and excitement reigned in Tally's tone.

"Yes of course he is! His kids are missing." Paige too was confused as to why her daughter would ask such a question.

"You mean he isn't just sitting on his bed and staring at nothing?"

"Why would he? What has gotten in to you today?!"

" at all." And a huge grin slowly stretched across the girl's face.


It was late when Piper and Leo got back. The black sky was punctured by only a few stars. Because there were so few of them, those stars that did shine seemed all the more spectacular.

Inside the manor, everyone was still up. Tiredness had passed them by, gone unnoticed. Everyone was anxious about what would happen next. Wyatt had explained that future Paige had probably orbed Tally to her in demand of an explanation. He also explained that this aspect of his aunt's powers only worked on her daughter, meaning Paige wouldn't be able to orb himself and his sisters through time.

Darryl had dropped baby Wyatt of a few hours ago and the child was now asleep in the nursery, oblivious to the fact that his older self was sitting downstairs.

However, although all seemed calm; tension roamed the manor. Everyone wanted to know if the plan had worked, if their futures had improved and if their pasts hadn't been ruined in the process.

Upon Leo and piper's return, the question that played on everyone's minds was raised.
"So, I guess we should go back now. To our own time." Melinda, the initiator of the plan was now the one who voiced it's end.

"Yeah, I guess you should. I mean, if I know myself I'll be pretty worried seeing as you all disappeared." Piper stated.

"Pretty worried? That's a bit of an understatement!" Phoebe tried to lighten the air that had suddenly taken on a sad feel, and received a playful hit in her upper arm in return. She still felt quite sad at seeing her nieces and nephew go, though she knew it wouldn't be long (5years max.) until she saw them again.

The group all walked up to the attic and exchanged hugs. When Piper embraced her children she whispered her thanks in their ears.

The children then formed a ring like before and recited the spell.
"We went back
Through time and space
We hope we made a difference
So take us forward
To our rightful place."

Bright gold lights surrounded the children and grew in intensity until the 5 had disappeared.


The children reappeared in the attic and exchanged glances before excitedly flinging open the attic door and thundering down the stairs.

They searched every room in the house on their quest and stopped on the stairs that led to the sitting room. The 5 of them sat on the stairs and watched their parents. Leo definitely looked better but he still sat on the chair and was staring. It reminded the kids of his most harrowing times and they couldn't believe that their plan hadn't worked. Or had it?

Piper walked into the sitting room. Worry was plastered on her face and she didn't even attempt to mask it. But despite this, a light shone in her eyes that her children hadn't seen in their own time for so long.

She sat across from her husband, facing him on the settee. Immediately he got up from his seat, sat down next to his wife and placed an arm around her shoulder. She lay her head on his shoulder and the two sat. Immediately, the kids knew it had worked. Their parents hadn't been this close in a long while. Huge grins spread across each of their faces and they stormed the rest of the way down the stairs. Shouting as they went.

"Mom! Dad! We're back!"

Piper and Leo got up of their seats and ran to their children. The 7 hugged and then the front door opened.

The noise had alerted Paige and Tally from next door and Phoebe, Lucy and Sam had been coming over anyway.

At the site of her cousins, tally raced over to them and engulfed Melinda in a fiercely strong hug.

"We did it. We actually did it!"

Melinda's whispered words hung in the air as the family sprawled on the settees and chairs. Together for the first time in what seemed like forever.


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