In the memory of Padfoot.
My own guardian and protector!

He's Gone.

He's Gone. forever!
from this world,
from this realm,
from this land,
from this life.
my life!
He's Gone.
because of my foolishness,
because of my naïve nature,
because of my anger,
because of my selfishness.

He's Gone.

to the land of the dead,
to be with my parents once again,
to find peace once more;
when he could not find it here.
I miss him.
his warmth,
his comfort,
his protection from the outside world

the dangers in it;
his mischief,
his laughter,
his wisdom,
his support,
his love and care.
He's Gone.
taken from me by
the enemy,
the evil,
the darkness of the world.
He's Gone.
but the Guilt remains,
the few spare memories remain,
the place in my heart and soul remains
the emptiness remains,
the sorrow and grief remain.
I miss you.
You're gone,
But I still remain.
Until the battle is over,
And one is left standing
I will not know peace
Until the war is over.
You were everything that was missing:
my family,
my father,
my friend,
my brother,

my joy and happiness.
May Fate be kind to me;
so that I may see you again.
so that I may feel your warmth and comfort again
so I may see your wonderful smile again.

maybe one day,
I will see you again
My guardian,
My protector.
My everything!
I hope you have found peace in the heavens, my friend,
I know I will not until I join you and my family once again!