Chapter 1: 1614

The year was 1614 I had been living in a small town for 18 years. Nothing exciting ever happened to me. My parents were simple people who lived out their lives farming for the kingdom; Kingdom of the Goblins. My mother and father were one of the few humans that lived in the city of the Goblins. People would say it was a place to fear, and to hate. But I never believed them. Life was good here. We had food on our plates, and clothes on our backs. It may not have been much but it was something. The days passed quickly here with a blink of an eye. I tried to figure out ways to make it go slower, but it was no use. Until…

January 3, 1614. Today was quiet. There were not many people walking in the streets. I could not blame the people who were inside; I for one was freezing my ass off. I was making my way down the street to go to the bakery for some bread.

"Ah, hello Nicolle how are, you today?"

"I am fine thank you. Very cold but other than that I am good." I was walking around the bakery as I was talking to him. Sniffing the different breads.

"What can I get for you today?" He asked pulling a fresh loaf out of the brick oven.

"Oh you know the usual Jake." I still had not turned my attention to him. Jake was a goblin but a very well mannered one. He was very nice to me and did not mind that I came to his shop to just look at his treats. He was short and fat; my guess from eating the food that he made. His laugh was always the same, two chuckles and then a sigh. He always made me laugh. He was my only true friend.

"Nicolle are, you alright? You do not seem like yourself today."

"I fear that I am not."

"Well what could it be?"

"If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone else." He pulled off his apron and walked over to me. He took a seat on a stool and looked at me to wait for when I would begin to tell him. I sat down beside him and looked closely at him, then sighed.

"Okay…The other day I was walking down the street and I bumped into this man named…well now that I think about it I do not know his name. But anyway I said sorry, and he just looked at me. I store at him for a long while. Then he smiled and leaned towards me. I jerked at first not sure of what was happening. Then he said "till we meet again".

"What do you think he is getting at?"

"I don't know Nicolle. But what did he look like?"

"Well from what I could see, from inside his cloak; he had purple hair and cat eyes…do you think that he is going to do something to me?"

"Well I can't answer that." He said standing up and walking back to his counter. "I would not worry about it."

"Yeah but I can't get it out of my head; and I can't concentrate on my duties for the king. Do you know what he will do if he finds out that I have been slacking?"

"No I don't but maybe you should try to stop thinking about it. And try concentrating on your work."

"Well that's the thing I can't Jake." He shrugged at me and handed me my bread. I thanked him and walked over to the door. Leaving the bakery was very difficult because I did not want to be in the cold again. As I walked down the road, the snow that was falling stung my face. I could see my breath well about two feet in front of me. Then there was something in black that distracted me. And I tripped falling flat on my face. But the black figure was now in front of me and I was staring at its snow covered boots.

The man

"I can't see her. Where did she go?" Said a man at the window; staring out into the snowy sky. He got up from the sill and walked to the other side of the room. He sat down on his seat and rubbed his chin thinking of where the girl had gone. A goblin walked up to him and offered him a piece of fruit, but he said,

"No thank you" The goblin sat down next to him and took a bite of the fruit, making a crunching noise. The man looked to the goblin with a glare. So the goblin stopped with the noise.

"Thank you. That was quite annoying."

"Sorry about that sir."

This man was of a good age. He has been around for quite sometime. He only first laid eyes on the girl, ten years before. And he has been watching her ever since. He loved her long brown hair and her eyes from what he could see of them. He had never been closer then 700 feet away from her. That way she would not notice him. He got up from his seat and went to the fireplace, placing another log in the fire. Then he nestled by it and was shinning his boots. This was something that he took great pride in doing he loved his boots. They always had to look good. He admired them, checking every inch of them to see what he missed. But when he finished they were perfect. Sure you are thinking that this is not important, but it just shows how he cares about things. Everything had to be perfect for him.