I left the castle just as The King had ordered, just before Sun fall. And I went back to the cottage in the middle of the woods. Steph and Shido came along with me of course and watched after me. I will never forget my life in the castle and all the things that happened there. I thought I loved him once, and maybe I did, but he knew, that I never could, and would only fight to break free from his hold on me. And as I soon found out, the only reason why The King truly wanted me to leave was because, he was afraid I was going to change his ways, and thought that perhaps I would try and take over, and rule him. When I heard this I laughed, at how stupid he was to think that. After all I am just the servant he stole and beat up. Used to his advantage, doing what he wanted to me. So just when all hope of him ever being my hero, he changed it all in a blink of an eye.

And that is my story, of how dreams can not come true, they can only tease you and make your reality a living hell.

Steph closed the book, setting it on the table, a tear falling from her cheek.

"Mother, why are you crying?" A little voice asked.

"Oh Tao, it's nothing."

"So you really were her friend mother." The child's eyes lit up.

"Yes Tao, I was."

"what happened to her mother?"

"Why, she passed away, this book that she wrote is the only thing left to remind all of her existing."

And she thought she was going to live ALMOST FOREVER!

Steph smiled at her daughter, who was seated on Shido.

"We will never forget you." Steph said, placing a rose on the cover of the book.

The End