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Hungry Eyes

Chapter 2


Giggles were heard throughout the dark night. Notified as Litany aka Lita, and Reilyn aka Rei. The two girls were hovering over the blonde Minasury aka Mina. Why so much laughter heard from the others but the blonde?

"Oh, my goodness, he has got to be gay or something," Lita shouted out. "He's so hot!"

"Yeah, he's attractive alright! Seriously though, what elderly prince carries pictures of his friends? Actually, what prince, who has bazillions of dollars –probably kept at some other castle of his-, carries a wallet?!" questioned Rei.

"Aww, get real guys! I think we all know that his "royal highness" surly isn't gay. Have you ever once heard of him dating another male? And if so, what's wrong with that? And what if the pictures were of his relatives?!" Mina was on a role.

Lita responded, "Sorry, Mina, we didn't mean to offend you; don't fret. We don't have any problems with the prince's sexuality but the girls around here talk –a LOT. They say he doesn't give any girl/princess, maybe even a guy/prince, a chance or a hint of one as a matter-of-fact. They say he seems as if he carries no emotions or personality. He's like a stone or something."

"What's going on?"

Three heads turned towards the opening of the tent.

"Alec, hey, what's up?"

"Uh, that's what I'm asking you."

"Just chic-chat," Mina replied with a giggle and continued, "about the Prince Kunzite."

"She stole his wallet. The dumbass..." Lita said with a smirk. "He didn't even notice."

"You stole his wallet?! Mina, do you know how risk- taking that is," said Alec. 'Wait –he has a wallet?'

"How could he possibly accuse me of the crime? Besides, he has a bazillion-extra money in other places. His wallet only carried a small portion; I think," she retorted with a hint of annoyance.

"You think? Did you not even-" He sighed, "Forget it. Mina, could I have a little private chitchat with you? Please?"

With a nod, Mina and Alec were outside the tent, in the cool night of Rome.

"Mina, sorry if I seemed a little rough on you in the past, what, seconds?" He laughed at how foolish he was earlier, and then his face turned straight. "Mina, what's going to happen once the prince finds out his wallet is missing?"

"Well, firstly, he'd probably search his pockets more and more and—no, wait," she paused. "We're talking about what happens when he find's out his wallet is missing. Okay, he'd probably get frustrated and questions no one in particular, "Where the hell is my wallet?"..."

Alec's head was cocked to side.

"Alec, what's wrong? Did I give you the wrong answer? Oh, I'm sorry. Okay, how about this? Alighty, once-"

Alec placed a finger upon Mina's lips. "No, Mina, I don't need the prince's response. I was asking what he would have done." He removed his finger and continued on. "The prince would build up his suspicions on you Mina; so would the guards. There would be a search for a blonde gypsy. Once the gypsy was captured: death!" Mina's eyes were wide and then Alec played an expression of having his head cut off by running a finger over his neck.

Mina socked him in the arm, "Oh, Alec! Don't play like that! You really had me scared!" Alec chuckled and rapped both arms around Mina, while Mina rested against his body. "The prince, he's so healthy and, but of course, rich! Do you think he would do such a cruel thing to little o me? Could he be as heartless as other say he is? Couldn't he just have me work for him, or locked up? Death just seems too cruel! Besides, I don't think he would have police on my case." She turned in Alec's arms and was face to face with him.

"Mina," -those eyes- "I would never let the prince or anyone lay a finger on you. You got that?"

She nodded with a smile as Alec's head and hers tilted towards each other. Was what Lita and Rei said be true? Did Alec really have an attraction to her? What would become of it? They get married and live happily ever after? But most of all, did she have a secret attraction towards Alec? A bit too late for answers, for their lips had touched in a passionate kiss.

Then, a crash was heard!

"Rei! I told you to stop wobbling!"

"Well I told you that I should be on your shoulders! Not the other way around, missy!"

"And miss out on the juicy hot lovin' that's developing between these two? No way!"

Mina and Alec were extremely red. They just shared their first kiss, and their two best friends had witnessed it.


"How could she have done it so, so swiftly? She must have been slick, or probably mesmerized Kunzite in one of her evil witch spells." This is Zoicite, the Duke of France, handsome as ever.

"I don't think she was slick, but I think Kunz here was just too stupid to realize that his wallet was being stolen by a beautiful, blonde angel sent from heaven who has come to rescue our comrade from being lonely, who needs to get along with his love life and- OW!" Yelled Jadeite, Prince of Venice, cute as ever. He began to rub his arm as he sent mean looks towards the brunette haired general standing next to him.

"You're both half-right and half-wrong," replied Nephrite, the manly type.

"Nephrite, couldn't you have just said Zoi and I were partially right and wrong instead of HITTING me?"

"Jade, shut up."

Jadeite gasped and wagged his index finger, "Uh-uh, no-no, not nice."

They stared at him.

"Zoicite, you're right about her being slick, but I'm sure she doesn't have witch powers. And, Jadeite-"

"Yeah, right! Have you not heard of the rumors about these three new gypsy's, who now have begun to roam around the street's of Rome, stolen goods from innocent people-"

"Someone notify me once Jade has decided to stop rambling," said Zoicite.

"He's done." Nephrite popped Jadeite on the head. Jadeite rubbed the sore spot of his head. "Now before we go off subject," Nephrite sent a warning sign to Jadeite that said 'If you say one more thing, I would make a note that you get hit in the head randomly every time you speak'. "Jadeite, this gypsy is slick and Kunzite isn't stupid but maybe was mesmerized by the gypsy, for I heard of these three new gypsies are quite lovely."

"I never get distracted from anything, Nephrite," was a voice from the far end of the room. "I think that what Zoicite said speaks more of the truth than you and Jadeite," said Kunzite. "Nice to see all of you here. How was the traveling, Zoicite?"

"Oh, sure, don't have any concern on our traveling." Jadeite muttered to Nephrite.

"Awww, is Jeddy feeling jealous?" Nephrite chuckled. "Well Zoicite is his closest friend, they're like brothers, and he does live farther than the both of us." Nephrite responded.

"I'd met someone." Jadeite and Nephrite turned towards the other two princes.

"Really, Zoicite? What was she like?"

"Well, she didn't steal anything from me, that's for sure. But, uh, along with taking my breath away, I think she stole my heart."

"SO, who is this heart snatcher of yours, Zoicite? Hmm? And, what's her name" Jadeite questioned.

"She's French. She's a young waitress at this small restaurant. Goes by the name of Ami. A beautiful and unique creature, indeed," said the mesmerized Zoicite. He then shook his head. "So, Kunzite, what are you going to do about your gypsy? You know, the one who had stolen that wallet of yours from you? What are you going to do about that?"

"I want her to be found; I want my wallet," replied Kunzite. 'I have something important in it.'

"I think you want something more than that, Kunzite, ha- ha- ha."

"Shut up, Jadeite."

"Why is it that every time a few harmless words come out of my mouth, someone either hits me or tells me to 'shut up'?"

"Because, Jadeite, you-"

Kunzite closed his eyes while thinking back the moment Minasury was dancing all about him.

"I'm Minasury..."

"I'm Kunzite, Prince of all Rome, Italy." Hands rubbed harder against his waist. Suspicion grew. "What are you doing?"

A petite laugh escaped from her lips. "Are you feeling uncomfortable at the moment, sire? I promise I will do nothing to you."

Other things occurred and she was gone with her other gypsy friends.

Those eyes...


The night was beautiful, relaxing, starry, and shimmering with the newborn stars. The full moon also shined brightly. It was as if it were an extra special night for Cupid and Aphrodite. It was absolutely breath taking!

Minasury, sitting outside, was fiddling with her long, silky hair. Thinking and wondering about what to do with the stolen wallet. Should she keep it? Should she return it? Of course she wouldn't return it! The idea is just foolish!

She reached for the wallet and bounced it in her hand. She gazed at the moon and the stars around it. The little dipper, she found. She looked back at the wallet. It was just a simple wallet... with a piece of paper hanging out?


"Kunzite... Kunzite... KUNZITE!" Nephrite called out to the mesmerized Kunzite.

"Huh? Oh, sorry," apologized Kunzite.

"You okay, Kunz? You seemed... deep in thought," said Zoicite.

"That's because I was, Zoicite."

"What were you thinking about?" questioned Jadeite.

"It doesn't matter. It's been a long day. I-I'm tired."

"Me too," Jadeite stretched.

"Really? It's only quarter till 8," said Zoicite.

"So, your point?"

"Never mind."

"I'm sorry, Zoicite. It's been a long day for me."

"It's alright; I understand."

"Yeah, well! Before we get all sentimental on each other," Jadeite started, "What are we going to do tomorrow?"

"We'll make plans tomorrow morning at breakfast when I'm fully energized."


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